Absolute Madness, I’m Sure

You know what’s crossing my mind these days? Attempting to migrate this here blog over to WordPress. WP is both faster and lighter, and is much more integrated with a number of other services (like Technorati, for instance) than my current blogging engine. There are at least a couple of problems that immediately spring to mind, however:

1. I don’t want to break every incoming link I’ve got, so I’d have to find a way to get WP to use the permalink structure that I’ve already got in place.

2. WP has no documented system for importing from my engine, so I’d have to do a generic RSS import, which seems risky to me.

And then there’s the fact that it’s bound to be a big pain in the rear. But I keep finding myself thinking about it, nonetheless…

4 thoughts on “Absolute Madness, I’m Sure

  1. KF: You might poke around on the WP forums, or, more nerdily, the WP IRC channel (which in my experience is much more helpful). WP allows all kinds of customization of the permalink structure, so that might not be a problem.

  2. Hmmm. I’m actually realizing that the permalink thing may not be that much of a problem, with a little help from mod_rewrite. But the importing thing may be a bigger problem than I thought. I’m getting pretty irritated with this system, though, and it may turn out to be worth some tinkering…

  3. Okay, the more I screw around with this, the angrier I get. EE has no export function, and because of the nature of their tags and templates, it’s nigh unto impossible (i.e., I haven’t been able to make it work yet) to build an RSS feed that includes comments and trackbacks along with entries. Without access to either a full export or a full feed, I can’t get my bloody data out of this engine in a state that might be readable by another engine. And that mere fact — that I can’t — makes me want to even more. I despise the proprietary. As soon as I can find a way, I’m likely to begin migrating.

  4. KF: I asked on the IRC channel for you and apparently there’s just no way. Looks like RSS import is the way to go. I know how you feel. I ran one iteration of my blog on pMachine and lost everything when I switched to MT (and kept everything when I switched to WP).

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