Twitterings on 14 August 2008

  • Off plane in Houston. How utterly bizarre it is to be surrounded by people speaking English. #
  • I liked being able to tune out most of the chatter around me. My French is good enough for eavesdropping but not for passive bombardment. #
  • @bighandsome: I thought it was a bit crowded in here… #
  • The upside is a return to unlimited iPhone data usage. Yes, I’m looking for anything. #

Twitterings on 8 August 2008

  • Why is it that having researched and written something on the order of 70 pages of new prose this summer feels like not having done enough? #
  • Stop the presses! Edwards admits having affair! World obviously such otherwise perfect place that this warrants news cycles! #
  • Honestly, my first thought was that the haircut would be going to waste if he weren’t. But maybe that’s just me. #