Good Lord

I don’t think I know anyone at Virginia Tech. But if any of you are there, I hope you and your colleagues and loved ones are okay.

We actually had a psycho-on-campus drill earlier this semester, and though we all went along, no one I know here took it terribly seriously. That we live in a world that’s always happy to provide us evidence of why we should take such things seriously just breaks my heart.

3 thoughts on “Good Lord

  1. Oh… i bet you know several people, though I’m not on campus this year, i’m still with VT. It is a global community and we all have friends and friends of friends that are sharing in this horrible tragedy.

  2. Oh, god, Jeremy — I completely forgot you were there. I’m glad to know that you’re okay, and hope that your colleagues in Blacksburg are all safe.

  3. I was thinking about these preparation drills today. I don’t think I’ve ever been compelled to participate in one in over ten years of teaching, and I know it would have been hard to take it terribly seriously.

    But today’s events tragically illustrate why we should. I’m sad beyond belief for everyone in the VT and Blacksburg community.

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