MediaCommons Update

Incidentally, one thing that I can write about is MediaCommons, which is making fabulous progress. We’ve migrated the site to a new, much more flexible platform (multi-user WordPress), we’ve got In Media Res going full-bore, with new posts every weekday, and we’ve just announced the founding members of our editorial board. The new ed board members will be blogging there with us in the coming days. Stop by and welcome them — and stay tuned for more ways to get involved…

2 thoughts on “MediaCommons Update

  1. Actually, I’m happy that we’re going with WordPress rather than Movable Type. You know (or maybe you don’t!) that I’m a big open source gal.

  2. I had high hopes for MU WordPress, but ended up rejecting it as an option when I discovered that there was no way for individual users to customize their own templates/stylesheets. It’s great for a centrally-run group where you want consistency, but not so great for things like class blogs where you want people to be able to have some control over their individual implementations.

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