I’ll probably put up a post in the next day or two responding in more depth, but I did want to note that we’re doing on a small scale with CCC what you call for in the section on trackbacks. I’m no programmer either, but a little modding of the MT interface made it pretty easy to accomplish, and a restrictive whitelist keeps the junk from clogging it up. Right now, it’s only possible to see when CCC articles are cited by other CCC articles, but as/if other journals become pingable, we’re hoping to grow our network beyond the one journal.

If there’s anyone interested in taking a look at what we’re doing and how we’re doing it , just ask. We’re more than happy to share. I did a quick writeup about it for IHE a couple of months ago: http://insidehighered.com/views/2005/10/11/brooke