What I’ve Accomplished This Weekend

After long struggle, with numerous setbacks, I have at last gotten myself entirely caught up on Lost.

That is all.

(No, seriously: that is all. That and making a big pot of red beans. It has been a lovely, lazy, non-traveling weekend. And now I’m working really hard on not panicking about the week ahead. Off to do some reading.)

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Accomplished This Weekend

  1. I recently caught up too. Addiction in Lost form is so very fun — in fact I think I’m even addicted to the addiction. That’s how sweet it can be. Plus I love how there’s such a culture to it — as evidenced in Scott’s (very cool) wiki.

  2. That first season is so very good … I just hope JJ Abrams doesn’t tank this like he did that other show with such a strong first year.

    I’m still up in the air about this season, though I missed last week’s episode.

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