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Academic Social Software Wish List

Hey, could I persuade somebody to build this application for me? What I want is something that combines the functionality of something like Library Thing with the functionality of a bibliographic software package like EndNote — a web-based application that would let me keep track of the books and articles that I use in my work, that would allow for note-taking (and perhaps even both independent and collaborative note-taking, so it might combine a personal-database type function with a more wiki-like function), and that would export in various formats that would allow for the insertion of proper citations in a range of styles in the standard word processing packages.

Or does something like this already exist? Could it just be done with a wiki? If there’s a better way, and it’s not out there yet, I beg you: Go build this and make yourself a small fortune. All I ask is that you name it after me.


No mentions yet.