I’m with you. Here I was thinking that Vadik was going to be the new ur-villain, but… well, he’s dead already. So unless they come up with some really satisfying “he’s just the tip of the iceberg” type narrative, I’m feeling a bit eh about it myself.

On top of which — how totally transparent is this whole set-up with the Nadia thing? How hard would it have been for Sydney to say, at the burial site, “okay, look; Mom was bad, and she tried to have me killed. And while your dad is good on the surface but bad underneath, mine is bad on the surface but good underneath. So he had her killed. But remember, she was BAD.” Instead, she gives a half-sister who she’s never really known before, and whose feelings she shouldn’t be terribly interested in protecting, and who, oh by the way, is also a butt-kicking super-spy, the totally transparent gentle lie. As if she’s not going to figure it out. And then turn evil once she figures out she’s been lied to. Duh. I’m no super-spy, but even I could figure that one out.