while taking the Grovernater on his morning walk around the church across the street sunday morning, I vaguely thought about going to mass. Just an idle thought that gained no traction.

Just as well, as I probably would have had the same experience as you. The last few times I’ve attended mass have been with my parents in Little Rock, mostly as a gesture of goodwill towards them (and because a restaurant generally follows after). Since I end up having to attempt periodic astral projections to escape sudden ideologic subtexts way too often, I’ve pretty much abandoned the whole thing.

And my tolerance level for the subtext isn’t at all helped by the fact that my good catholic parents–who unabashedly expressed their concerns and suspicions over france’s non to the war in iraq–have never, ever even slightly acknowledged my pointing out that the pope was openly and verbally opposed to the US invasion. Nope, that just sort of didn’t count/doesn’t exist.

That last paragraph doesn’t sound too bitter, does it ?