Another One Bites the Dust; or Why I’m a Marketing Pro Advocating for Less Social Media

This is why I am not a great advocate of social media. I sincerely attempted to engage in a real conversation and in fact, did spent a few hours reading this blog and your other writings several months ago. I even shared your information with a few colleagues and my niece who is a librarian for a state university.

As background, I have a small marketing firm and so on occasion researching and understanding my firm’s SERP results and key word ratings is relatively important.

So, tonight with dread, I found that my “brand”, rather name, is bolded under the search engine result entitled: “Annals of Comment Spam”. Great! Thanks a lot. I say blogging is planned to become obsolete. There is just too much risk involved. Unlike Vegas, what happens on Google, is indelible, good, bad or misunderstood. The good actors will gradually stay away leaving bloggers with nothing more than their original, small, trusted, real-world community alongside the next generation of super spammers. Have at it and good luck — Best — Mary