Total shout out. Whoa.

Also, I just want to make clear that I was saying “Called it” in a celebratory and somewhat self-congratulatory way, but not in a “Nanner nanner, I was right you were wrong” kind of way. Because I think a lot of people, pro-LSU and not, thought Duke would be too much.

Re: Texas–Yeah, I really don’t know either. The Tigers could play inspired, or they could come out terribly flat–a completely unknown thing for them to do, I know. Also, Texas has already won the National Championships in baseball and football since last June, so there may be some sort of trifecta in play. But I’m just glad they beat Duke. I hate Duke.

One other thing–the game is Saturday, not Sunday, at 4:40 EST/1:40 pacific. Catch all the action on your CBS station. Don’t miss it.