First, I’d like to say that I think Mia did a pretty decent job of grouping papers by topic. Is it not perhaps possible that the work that is non-American-centric also tended to be youth-centric? I could plow through the program, but I suspect that may have been the reason for these papers appearing where they did, rather than some intention to marginalize global or non-US work.

Perhaps it is the empiricist in me, but I will look forward to the final tally of where people came from. Clearly, in North America, we are going to get more North Americans. One of the reasons we situated the conference in Canada, besides a very nice proposal from SFU, was that it would permit easier travel for non-Americans.

I suspect we are at least as international as organizations like the *International* Communication Association. But I think the best road forward is to find models that have worked in diversifying the participation in other conferences. Our standard answer (propose a panel!) is obviously not a good prescription in this case.