Although I also think that Mia did a great job, I can’t really accept the easiest conclusion that “non-American-centric also tended to be youth-centric” because, as Kathleen mentioned (thank you very much for bring that up) we don’t really have in common the “youth”. I don’t want to argue that our panel was “marginalized”, but I personally felt that we, as the “international” scholars that want to participate more in the association, missed an opportunity. And also that “mainstream American academics” also missed an opportunity to put their work in a global perspective. Finally, we read American books, we try to communicate in English and we try to participate in the current discussions, what about American scholars? Are they reading in Spanish, Hebrew, Arab and Czech? (I have to thank specially David Silver for his warm participation in our panel and for his sensibility and kindness with us and of course Kathleen for brought this subject and for been there).