Of course this is precisely the type of conversation I have been waiting for to join the discussion at Kathleen’s website (okay that, and I was waiting for a new computer at home to allow me to even get to her website in the first place). I completely disagree with mariah’s addition of Fanny Price. She *does* stand up to Sir Bertram in that memorable scene in which she says no to his selection of a husband for her. Now that takes some doing given her societal standing, that she was practically an orphan Bertram took in, and that she was a woman.

But, to my additions: without a doubt, Tom Sawyer needs to be on this list! He is such an ass, especially in comparison to Huck. What a despicable kid, though I wonder, re mariah’s comment about deliberate literary annoyers, if Twain meant for Tom to be as annoying as he is.

Also, I would like to add Amy March of Little Women. The littlest woman is the most annoying, and I simply never forgave her for marrying Laurie –Jo was supposed to marry him (and no, I don’t care a jot that Laurie asked Jo to marry him and she refused; Alcott was wrong in this aspect of her plot –I believed it when I was a young girl and I believe it now).