Yeah, actually, if I have any complaints about Bikram, that’s it: it is a set sequence of 26 postures, and there are so many other poses that I remember from my Iyengar classes that I’d like to spend some time with. Like inversions! I miss inversions! What I’m imagining is that at some point I’ll start interspersing some other classes in amongst the Bikram, to get a bit more variety.

There are other issues with Bikram, as you note, most of which have to do with his… well, I’ll just say his pronounced desire to control the distribution of “his” style of yoga. What irks me more than his attempts to claim copyright over the particular sequence — annoying enough — is his reported attempts to prevent Bikram studios from teaching other methods as well. I want to keep doing Bikram, but I’d like to get some Iyengar (or even Ashtanga!) in there, too, and it bugs me that I’d have to go to multiple studios to do so.