2010 01 01 tweets

WANT. RT @nowviskie: Pretty jazzed about design concepts for the XO-3 \(future tablet version of One Laptop Per Child\): http://is.gd/5IWCT

Fri Jan 01 18:44:37 +0000 2010

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

Huge, no? Everything from scribbled journal notes to early roughs to more polished drafts. Don't know how complete, but wow!

Fri Jan 01 23:47:05 +0000 2010

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

He didn't, but I'd be happy to ask him about it.

Sat Jan 02 01:10:57 +0000 2010

@nowviskie On the GCal sharing thing: do you have one core calendar that you share? Or can your embed include multiple cals?

Sat Jan 02 17:08:18 +0000 2010

@nowviskie Will confess that I miss the one calendar/multiple categories mode of organization.

Sat Jan 02 17:09:00 +0000 2010

Replying to @nowviskie

Aha. I'm Mac, too, and w/Exchange, so using an Exch cal in iCal, which then syncs to GCal! So prob. 1 calendar would be best.

Sat Jan 02 17:26:05 +0000 2010

Replying to @nowviskie

Makes sense. Had focused cals around areas of responsibility \(teaching/research/admin\) but "availability" is key issue.

Sat Jan 02 17:39:50 +0000 2010

@nowviskie I liked the visual clue about the kind of work I was doing at any point in the day, but hell, it's all work.

Sat Jan 02 17:40:37 +0000 2010

Replying to @mattthomas

I've been using BusySync to manage the iCal > gCal sync, but am not yet a fan of BusyCal, which strikes me as too, well, busy.

Sat Jan 02 17:55:44 +0000 2010

Replying to @billiehara and @mattthomas

What I'm hoping is to embed a version of my gCal in my main faculty webpage, so my students can see my availability.

Sat Jan 02 18:42:55 +0000 2010

Replying to @billiehara and @mattthomas

Or, more to the point, the lack thereof. @nowviskie has this working on her site, which was my initial inspiration.

Sat Jan 02 18:43:45 +0000 2010

Replying to @Kylewarneck

Hey, is this *our* reunion? Because I'll make sure there's a reception if you'll make sure to come to it.

Sun Jan 03 02:58:04 +0000 2010

Replying to @ryancordell

So completely annoying. Had a long interview w/reporter in which I gave her a way to combat that, but obvs didn't make the cut.

Mon Jan 04 15:32:49 +0000 2010

The shorter me: none of us do all our scholarship in 140char or less - but we do draw our community's attention to impt arguments elsewhere.

Mon Jan 04 15:37:54 +0000 2010

Also on writing in public: until we get over fears of talking w/the broader culture, we'll never convince them that what we do is important.

Mon Jan 04 15:40:39 +0000 2010

So scholarly use of Twitter isn't just cool internally; it has potential to demonstrate what we do and why the culture should care. #MLA09

Mon Jan 04 15:43:58 +0000 2010

Replying to @mkgold

YAY! Please keep me posted, and let me know if I can be of help, informally or in my Prog Cte hat. #MLA11

Mon Jan 04 15:44:42 +0000 2010

Replying to @GeorgeOnline

I'm in. Annoyance will drive me to commit to more work! #MLA

Mon Jan 04 15:46:42 +0000 2010

Replying to @profsyn

Yes! Belittling Twitter in that sense is not unlike dismissing poetry for failing to contain fleshed-out narratives. Genre, people.

Mon Jan 04 15:49:07 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni

Exactly. I have a better sense of what folks in my field are reading and arguing about now than ever before.

Mon Jan 04 15:50:06 +0000 2010

Replying to @eetempleton

I guessed that in mid-interview; could hear mad typing. She said of the public-outreach thing, though... [1/2]

Mon Jan 04 15:53:03 +0000 2010

Replying to @eetempleton

...that it helped her make a point she hadn't yet - so I assumed would be in there! Wonder how much she got edited down. [2/2]

Mon Jan 04 15:54:11 +0000 2010

Replying to @eetempleton

Done & awaiting moderation!

Mon Jan 04 16:36:34 +0000 2010

Replying to @nancybaym

If it's at all possible, hire someone to do the first draft. It's a miserable process & will take you way longer than it's worth

Mon Jan 04 16:51:13 +0000 2010

Read annoying article. Got mammogram. Bought expensive prescription cat food. How many times do I need to be crushed? #trivial

Mon Jan 04 16:57:23 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

Is all I'm sayin.

Mon Jan 04 18:10:09 +0000 2010

Replying to @cliotropic and @clioandme

Yes - and at least the potential to help persuade those publics about why they might care.

Mon Jan 04 18:16:20 +0000 2010

Beginning revisions of Planned Obsolescence; would still love your input! http://bit.ly/zjXhV

Mon Jan 04 18:18:12 +0000 2010

O: & for those who followed my GCal embed ?s - found the ability to embed multiple cals, plus use Tungle for appt reqs: http://bit.ly/5frhTY

Mon Jan 04 18:20:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @cliotropic and @clioandme

Precisely. And having one of our prof pubs refer to such online dissemination as "trivial" is a case in point.

Mon Jan 04 18:26:09 +0000 2010

Replying to @jmaxsfu

Hey, excellent!

Mon Jan 04 18:43:27 +0000 2010

Have decided to blog some of the revisions as I go forward. Here, Zombies! http://bit.ly/7FMd4E

Mon Jan 04 19:14:24 +0000 2010

Replying to @jmaxsfu

Yikes - password prompt?! That ain't right.

Mon Jan 04 20:38:31 +0000 2010

Replying to @jbj

Thank @academicdave, who originally turned me on to it!

Tue Jan 05 01:15:13 +0000 2010

Working on personal statement for promotion review file. Getting seriously tired of explaining myself. Want simply to say: "see blog."

Wed Jan 06 17:10:30 +0000 2010

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

Not envious. Not at all.

Wed Jan 06 17:59:43 +0000 2010

Okay, I think the dossier's complete, including the personal statement. Would love feedback if you're of a mind. http://bit.ly/7PWW7U

Thu Jan 07 17:13:17 +0000 2010

My primary worry is that early drafts of previous personal statements have sounded awfully defensive, as if justifying flaws in the file...

Thu Jan 07 17:14:10 +0000 2010

This time out, I'm fairly confident - and hey, it's a much lower-stakes review. But I still worry about tone.

Thu Jan 07 17:15:20 +0000 2010

Replying to @wpwend42

Hey, cool. I bet that was a great class!

Thu Jan 07 17:16:29 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni

Does it really? I'm alarmed to say I hadn't even checked. One project for spring: mobile-ize all stylesheets...

Thu Jan 07 17:18:28 +0000 2010

Ugh, forgot to write the bit about use of technology in teaching that I left a note-to-self to include... not done yet after all. :(

Thu Jan 07 17:21:10 +0000 2010

Replying to @phdaisy

Good point; thanks!

Thu Jan 07 17:32:29 +0000 2010

Replying to @triproftri

Not down here!

Thu Jan 07 18:25:38 +0000 2010

Replying to @plragde

Wait, what? Your salary *decreased*? And your workload went up. Hey, um... congratulations?

Thu Jan 07 23:33:20 +0000 2010

Replying to @plragde

I'll admit that we do have a tendency toward the prolix in our personal statements; I don't know if that's my school or my field.

Thu Jan 07 23:34:11 +0000 2010

Replying to @plragde

Are there particular spots where you see the defensive tone? I'd really love to root that out...

Thu Jan 07 23:35:22 +0000 2010

Replying to @plragde

I can't imagine how it conceivably could. I'm already chair & unprotected from committee service. I've been surprised before, tho.

Thu Jan 07 23:54:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @plragde

Such a cheery portrait of promotion you paint! Things are a bit different around here; a huge load falls on associates.

Fri Jan 08 00:18:30 +0000 2010

Replying to @plragde

In fact, fairly heavy service is an expectation for promotion here.

Fri Jan 08 00:20:26 +0000 2010

What's up with the new FB iPhone contact sync? Claims to send FB friend links and photos to contacts, but does it send contact info to FB?

Fri Jan 08 03:29:09 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni

Yikes. Just realized I didn't send @ProfHacker my paragraph. Basically it's my comment on IHE. Will send now...

Fri Jan 08 15:52:12 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni


Fri Jan 08 16:01:45 +0000 2010

Replying to @sivavaid and @jmittell

Both Zotero and 1Password. Otherwise I'd be all Chrome in a heartbeat.

Fri Jan 08 21:06:26 +0000 2010

Replying to @s2ceball

The thinking is that a panel "belongs" to its speakers until it takes place, & then ownership transfers to the public. #mla09

Sat Jan 09 17:00:43 +0000 2010

Replying to @s2ceball

So speakers/organizers can comment before, but others can only comment after. #mla09

Sat Jan 09 17:01:10 +0000 2010

Replying to @s2ceball

Yeah, it would be - I think we're aiming for that next year! #mla11

Sat Jan 09 17:09:49 +0000 2010

Hey folks, for a short article: what's the single most important misunderstanding about open access publishing you'd like to see corrected?

Sun Jan 10 14:59:06 +0000 2010

Replying to @nowviskie

Yeah, that's the main one I'm trying to debunk!

Sun Jan 10 15:06:43 +0000 2010

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

Aha - a myth about institutional open access initiatives? Good one!

Sun Jan 10 15:12:14 +0000 2010

Replying to @karikraus


Sun Jan 10 15:18:51 +0000 2010

Replying to @nowviskie

Aha, that's an important one; thanks!

Sun Jan 10 15:33:37 +0000 2010

Replying to @lisaspiro

Ooh, excellent. Thanks!

Sun Jan 10 15:34:05 +0000 2010

Replying to @sshreeves

Gah! That's awful.

Sun Jan 10 15:35:50 +0000 2010

Replying to @nancybaym

Oh, good one, esp. alongside "I'm only writing for 8 people in the field anyhow."

Sun Jan 10 16:05:16 +0000 2010

Replying to @TheRepoRat

Yes, and that even "gold" OA need not be author-pays!

Sun Jan 10 16:56:38 +0000 2010

Puzzled by the recurring conflict between "DH" and "digital media studies." Does my sense that I do both firmly place me in one camp?

Sun Jan 10 22:14:34 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

Would really, really love to hear your take on all this. Find myself baffled by the whole thing.

Sun Jan 10 22:15:35 +0000 2010

Replying to @hcayless

Agreed - though not all MS is DH, either \(i\.e\. film & tv studies\). Just not sure what's at stake in how the Venn diagram is drawn.

Sun Jan 10 22:28:26 +0000 2010

Replying to @tcarmody

Agreed on all counts!

Sun Jan 10 22:50:13 +0000 2010

Replying to @cliotropic

I haven't yet, but have an article due more or less about that in 10 days. Eep. Will let you know what I come up with!

Mon Jan 11 05:56:07 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay and @mkirschenbaum

Yes, I definitely see this. I've just spent my entire career thus far on the edge of every field I've touched. \(1/2\)

Mon Jan 11 05:59:31 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

Not fully English, American Studies, Media Studies, Internet Studies, Digital Humanities, but a little of all of them. \(2/3\)

Mon Jan 11 06:02:28 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

So I keep looking for the umbrella term, something open enough to be both/and rather than neither/nor... \(3/3\)

Mon Jan 11 06:04:39 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

Sure, but isn't it useful to have folks in the overlap? I'm not trying to smuggle MS pals into DH but I do want to get you talking.

Mon Jan 11 15:28:51 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

& I will confess to a touch of antidisciplinarity, perhaps not as strong as @academicdave's, but a desire to Tear Down These Walls.

Mon Jan 11 15:30:55 +0000 2010

I find it impossible to think abt disciplinarity w/o thinking abt Foucault; to what extent are our communities of practice disciplining us?

Mon Jan 11 15:34:13 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

I can absolutely imagine that history, and someday I'll buy you your beverage of choice & ask about it...

Mon Jan 11 15:36:47 +0000 2010

Replying to @brettbobley and @sramsay

You bet. First round's on me.

Mon Jan 11 16:36:25 +0000 2010

Yay! Overdue article #1 \(open access\) is almost complete! Tomorrow, it's on to nearly overdue article #2 \(PO, CommentPress, & open review\).

Mon Jan 11 23:42:46 +0000 2010

Replying to @samplereality

Agreed: best part for me was stumbling across utterly incomprehensible tweets & discovering they referred to blog comments.

Tue Jan 12 01:30:11 +0000 2010

Replying to @shanakimball

I completely *love* it. And I understand there's an upcoming ProfHacker post about it...

Tue Jan 12 22:12:48 +0000 2010

Replying to @academicdave

Maybe check your spam comment filter? \(No aspersions on your comment, @amandafrench\!\)

Wed Jan 13 00:45:22 +0000 2010

Replying to @billiehara

What a cutie patootie!

Wed Jan 13 03:35:00 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni

There's a place in Baton Rouge that serves really deadly cheese fries with gravy. And jalapenos. But they'd be baffled by poutine.

Wed Jan 13 16:59:10 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni


Wed Jan 13 17:33:42 +0000 2010

ann arbor-ites: must-attend talk by @kfitz on 2/18: Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Tech, & the Future of the Academy //thanks, @aswinp!

Wed Jan 13 19:43:26 +0000 2010

Replying to @daveheal

Yay! I'll post details as soon as I've got them; should be soon.

Wed Jan 13 21:06:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @daveheal

Breaking: The talk will be 2/18
at 10am, Library Gallery \(Room 100, Hatcher\): http://bit.ly/7IvprY. More info TK!

Wed Jan 13 21:16:43 +0000 2010

Replying to @JenServenti

If only there were a secure room in your office, made of something fireproof like steel...

Wed Jan 13 21:45:51 +0000 2010

Replying to @brettbobley

Don't you just need @jasonrhody, a paperclip, and a mini chocolate bar?

Wed Jan 13 23:08:17 +0000 2010

Replying to @chutry

Hi from SoCal!

Wed Jan 13 23:30:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @amandafrench and @nowviskie

#thatcamp #thatcamp #thatcamp All we need is smores for proper campfirefly.

Thu Jan 14 01:24:21 +0000 2010

Well, this was a positively useless day. Was thinking about doing some actual work this evening, but will probably just call it a wash.

Thu Jan 14 02:09:44 +0000 2010

Netflix's streaming-via-Wii system is another nail in the coffin of my overpriced cable service: http://bit.ly/8MSrGt

Thu Jan 14 03:07:01 +0000 2010

Replying to @therefore

You & me both; they're all that keeps me hanging on. But even that may not be enough for long.

Thu Jan 14 03:14:49 +0000 2010

New blog post: The Stakes of Disciplinarity http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/the-stakes-of-disciplinarity/

Thu Jan 14 22:35:13 +0000 2010

Replying to @rachaelsullivan

That's very much how it's felt to me - the apparent blur is created by overlapping but different focuses. \(Foci? Hmm\.\)

Fri Jan 15 00:34:30 +0000 2010

Replying to @jwolman

Was I only unofficial? My memory is like swiss cheese these days, I tell you.

Fri Jan 15 00:35:39 +0000 2010

Replying to @clioweb and @cliotropic

Yes, please do - this was the major time suck of getting the manuscript into CommentPress...

Fri Jan 15 00:36:38 +0000 2010

My last blog post was apparently post number 1337. That it was a post of extreme academic wonkery tickles me unreasonably.

Fri Jan 15 16:47:38 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni

Hey, thanks!

Fri Jan 15 17:06:14 +0000 2010

The recalcitrant article is finally starting to take shape, though not without some significant heel-dragging by yours truly.

Fri Jan 15 17:36:42 +0000 2010

My stab at discussing open access publishing, on the Society for Critical Exchange site: http://bit.ly/4KKCj1

Fri Jan 15 19:21:02 +0000 2010

Replying to @joshgreen

It must be true, because mine just went nuts when the video started playing.

Fri Jan 15 19:36:47 +0000 2010

Replying to @TheRepoRat

Why thank you!

Fri Jan 15 19:36:58 +0000 2010

Replying to @JenHoward

Wow - strange bedfellows, no?

Fri Jan 15 21:31:01 +0000 2010

Replying to @JenHoward

Heh. Thanks for the reference; I'll have to check it out.

Fri Jan 15 21:34:44 +0000 2010

Am discovering a series of annoying ripples in my otherwise genius Exchange/iCal/gCal syncing system. And am flummoxed.

Sat Jan 16 17:21:24 +0000 2010

Turns out Exchange cals in iCal, once synced to gCal, become read-only, so changes made in gCal disappear. A problem for Tungle integration!

Sat Jan 16 17:24:10 +0000 2010

Think I need to un-Exchange those cals & just use iCal/gCal sync. Stupid Exchange.

Sat Jan 16 17:25:11 +0000 2010

Replying to @amandafrench

Hmmm. Will check! I've been using BusySync, which is mostly fine, but if Spanning Sync can solve the Exch problem...

Sat Jan 16 17:37:42 +0000 2010

Replying to @amandafrench

Alas, it appears that Spanning Sync has the same read-only Exchange <-> iCal -> gCal issue. Rats.

Sat Jan 16 17:40:33 +0000 2010

But I'm hoping that within the year we'll abandon Exchange & outsource to Gmail, so I think I'm best served by taking Exch out of the mix.

Sat Jan 16 17:42:06 +0000 2010

Replying to @acavender

Be very very glad.

Sat Jan 16 17:57:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @themba

I've tinkered with it, but it's apparently got the same read-only issue with Exch cals...

Sat Jan 16 18:19:49 +0000 2010

Have decided that "Share Screen" is the best thing ever. Updating settings on the work machine from home. Rawk.

Sat Jan 16 18:28:40 +0000 2010

Ok, who is it that's teaching the amazing post-print literature course I saw tweeted? I'm wrestling with a syllabus & need some inspiration!

Sat Jan 16 23:54:36 +0000 2010

Replying to @samplereality

That's it. Thanks so much - and thanks, @spikenlilli!

Sun Jan 17 00:03:45 +0000 2010

Replying to @mattthomas

That's what took over all my best googling efforts, alas, requiring me to consult the lazy web.

Sun Jan 17 00:09:27 +0000 2010

I'm certain that it means something that every single time I've typed the word "literature" today, it's come out "liberature."

Sun Jan 17 00:24:00 +0000 2010

Syllabi composed. Course websites built. Policies updated. Long to-do list of fiddly bits, but more or less ready. http://bit.ly/5frhTY

Sun Jan 17 18:09:35 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni

The Diamond Age is one of my faves; have taught it in a couple of contexts. & Nakamura's brilliant! Should be a fun semester.

Sun Jan 17 19:02:48 +0000 2010

Replying to @jcmeloni

Excellent; thanks!

Sun Jan 17 19:08:04 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

I know. I always get someone who comes back at the essay with Searle's Chinese room, but the freakout is usually less articulate...

Sun Jan 17 20:05:42 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

More "but... humans are different!" But that response is usually isolated, and other students use Turing's "objections" to deflect.

Sun Jan 17 20:07:02 +0000 2010

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

Hey, that's multiple prize-winning dead wood!

Sun Jan 17 20:11:51 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

That's amazing. I wonder what accounts for the change -- and will look forward to seeing if it's replicated here...

Sun Jan 17 20:19:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

Once said of Madeleine Albright: "5-foot 2-inches of pure saddle sore." Again, something to aspire to.

Sun Jan 17 21:20:33 +0000 2010

The sky is darkening. At 2pm. The "storm parade" descends - some forecasters say it could last as long as 3 weeks. Break out the sandbags...

Sun Jan 17 21:55:28 +0000 2010

I kid you not. http://yfrog.com/auhcipj

Sun Jan 17 21:58:20 +0000 2010

Replying to @chutry

I live on the third floor, so I should be fine! And being SoCal, I suspect it's not going to be *that* much rain, just a lot for us.

Sun Jan 17 22:03:26 +0000 2010

Replying to @chutry

I'm actually pretty excited about it; goodness knows we need the rain, if not the mudslides it'll bring.

Sun Jan 17 22:04:06 +0000 2010

Take2: MC not responding in any browser on my computer, but fine in Safari on iPhone - but only via 3G, not wi-fi. Does Time-Warner hate us?

Mon Jan 18 02:51:31 +0000 2010

Planned Obsolescence is the book of the week at the P2P Foundation blog! http://bit.ly/7Y1dGz

Mon Jan 18 15:38:08 +0000 2010

Replying to @captain_primate

Thanks, Ethan!

Mon Jan 18 15:54:22 +0000 2010

Replying to @Tunglerocks

Hi! Actually, this wasn't a Tungle problem; it's an Exchange-iCal-gCal sync problem & I've found a workaround. But thanks!

Mon Jan 18 16:08:33 +0000 2010

Replying to @Tunglerocks

I do have another support request in, tho, on meetings being written to the wrong calendar.

Mon Jan 18 16:09:33 +0000 2010

Replying to @Tunglerocks

I don't think so; I just moved everything out of my Exchange cals and into iCal calendars. Prob not an option for many folks.

Mon Jan 18 16:28:56 +0000 2010

@billiehara JK Wedding Entrance Dance? http://bit.ly/LoMpq

Mon Jan 18 18:28:47 +0000 2010

Raining like crazy here, & has been for almost 24 hrs. Trying to decide how motivated I am to go to the office, rilly. Can it wait 'til tmw?

Mon Jan 18 20:58:01 +0000 2010

Damn. We are getting absolutely slammed with rain - Louisiana-style sideways-blowing waves of it. All we're missing is the thunder.

Mon Jan 18 22:23:36 +0000 2010

I'm in one of the yellow-orange bits. http://yfrog.com/3ggyunj

Mon Jan 18 22:27:41 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

Damn. It apparently did. http://yfrog.com/335z9mj

Mon Jan 18 23:03:06 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

Surely it's coming back, right? I mean, they said at least five days...

Mon Jan 18 23:17:54 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

Holy crap. That IS Louisiana-style!

Mon Jan 18 23:18:33 +0000 2010

Cripes. Suddenly have over $200 worth of books in my Amazon cart. If only I could also buy the time to read them...

Mon Jan 18 23:30:41 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

Hmm. I'll have to ponder that one and get back to you. Taking advantage of the lull to run to the office - need anything?

Mon Jan 18 23:38:37 +0000 2010

In the time that the dept library Windows XP machine has taken to start up, set security policy, and install managed software...

Tue Jan 19 01:05:56 +0000 2010

...I have started the OS10.4 machine, logged in, found the files I needed, compressed and uploaded them, and shut the machine down.

Tue Jan 19 01:07:20 +0000 2010

The XP machine is still installing managed software. IE7, to be exact. #windowsfail

Tue Jan 19 01:08:12 +0000 2010

And then it ran startup scripts, and then shut itself down. And now it's doing it all again! #whyilovemymac

Tue Jan 19 01:10:54 +0000 2010

20 minutes. I shit you not.

Tue Jan 19 01:14:49 +0000 2010

The big decision: dinner in, or dinner out? The $200+ worth of books in my Amazon cart say dinner in. What's in my fridge says dinner out.

Tue Jan 19 02:55:19 +0000 2010

Replying to @samplereality

Alas, in Clareville, take out requires actually going and taking it out, by which point I may as well have just eaten there.

Tue Jan 19 03:05:00 +0000 2010

Replying to @alechosterman

I'd be fully authorized to use a LOL in this reply, as I literally just did.

Tue Jan 19 03:07:30 +0000 2010

Replying to @eetempleton

Pasta's pretty much the plan; goes well with, um, whatever I've got in the freezer.

Tue Jan 19 03:22:55 +0000 2010

The next wave is here. My house sounds like it's going to blow down. http://yfrog.com/4iwrxj

Tue Jan 19 19:41:45 +0000 2010

All that I was missing: thunder! And now we can haz it. Lots of it, as a matter of fact.

Tue Jan 19 21:17:47 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

Aw, damn. I miss everything down here!

Tue Jan 19 21:24:01 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

Okay, I saw that one even down here.

Tue Jan 19 21:27:21 +0000 2010

Replying to @clioweb

I think there's a misplaced "only" in there. \(Only if it remains a goal, is I think what was meant\.\)

Tue Jan 19 21:36:13 +0000 2010

Replying to @nancybaym

Not yet, no. But I'm about to start some experiments with it with my classes. My suspicion is that it needs a focused work group.

Tue Jan 19 22:56:55 +0000 2010

Replying to @fearv

Yikes! I'm glad you're okay. Terrifying!

Tue Jan 19 23:10:24 +0000 2010

Replying to @nancybaym

Yeah, I'm a little worried about that, too, but we'll just monkey around with it until we figure something out.

Tue Jan 19 23:10:50 +0000 2010

Replying to @amndw2

Doing our best, though someone needs to throw @fearv a rope!

Tue Jan 19 23:11:38 +0000 2010

Replying to @bighandsome

I'm three hours behind the times, but this still gets an "aw, yeah."

Wed Jan 20 04:59:40 +0000 2010

Replying to @briancroxall

I started inviting some of mine in December, and those all got their invites in minutes.

Wed Jan 20 16:27:09 +0000 2010

Replying to @briancroxall

Hmm. I asked my students for Gmail addresses; I wonder if invites go faster that way?

Wed Jan 20 16:38:25 +0000 2010

Replying to @JessieNYC

I missed your original tweet! Vanderbilt was great with certain aspects of promoting my first book, incl. very targeted mailings.

Wed Jan 20 18:00:12 +0000 2010

Hitler discovers the Digital Humanities! http://bit.ly/7eL0pe //via @ironmanx28

Wed Jan 20 20:17:31 +0000 2010

RT @shanakimball: Talk by @kfitz on 2/18 at U-M, "Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Tech, & the Future of the Academy." http://bit.ly/6Ah55m

Wed Jan 20 22:36:45 +0000 2010

First day of teaching: 6 hours in classroom; 3 syllabi explained; 2 cups of coffee & 3 diet cokes consumed... [1/2]

Thu Jan 21 01:39:58 +0000 2010

...1 pair of favorite shoes ruined fording stream \(aka Dartmouth Avenue\) trying to get to class. Where do I live again? [2/2]

Thu Jan 21 01:40:47 +0000 2010

Home at last, after 3hrs spent with wet feet in a freezing classroom. Will be sorely pissed if I both ruined my favorite shoes and get sick.

Thu Jan 21 03:41:03 +0000 2010

& yes, I will acknowledge that I have become a total weather wimp. But I live in the freaking desert. There are no cold feet in the desert.

Thu Jan 21 03:58:16 +0000 2010

And it just keeps coming. http://yfrog.com/1d1cfp

Thu Jan 21 14:14:30 +0000 2010

Replying to @briancroxall

Hi, class!

Thu Jan 21 14:44:26 +0000 2010

Replying to @briancroxall

Hi, qlass, from very rainy Southern California.

Thu Jan 21 16:18:03 +0000 2010

Replying to @acavender

Rats. That last was from me. One day I'll figure out this multi-account thing.

Thu Jan 21 20:08:40 +0000 2010

Replying to @briancroxall

I tend to do something like @billiehara: small gp/pair work around a particular task, after which everyone has to report back.

Thu Jan 21 20:39:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @briancroxall

After each group/pair reports, others are asked to respond. And then I ask for the next gp/pair based on connection to last.

Thu Jan 21 20:41:31 +0000 2010

Replying to @briancroxall

Developed that b/c I could make them talk to me, but had a hard time getting them to talk to each other.

Thu Jan 21 20:41:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @briancroxall

Yeesh. They definitely need some kind of priming - pairs, writing, something. I hate that kind of unreadable silence...

Thu Jan 21 20:47:19 +0000 2010

Overdue article # 2 now out the door. Whew. And with that - off to a meeting.

Thu Jan 21 21:53:51 +0000 2010

Replying to @midwinter_


Fri Jan 22 00:59:02 +0000 2010

Replying to @ibogost

utilize = to make something available for use or to make something useful; almost never gets used correctly.

Fri Jan 22 20:51:24 +0000 2010

Replying to @cforster and @GeorgeOnline

Once @zotero and @1password are available for Chrome, I'm leaving FF behind. But I can't go without them.

Sat Jan 23 18:23:15 +0000 2010

Replying to @1Password

I am SO TOTALLY not averse! Thanks so much; I'm very excited! \(Now to get my Zotero pals moving, too\.\)

Sat Jan 23 18:40:36 +0000 2010

Pondering the downside to getting rid of my landline. The only calls I ever get there are wrong numbers and telemarketers \(despite DNC\).

Sat Jan 23 19:46:31 +0000 2010

.@plragde I see that; I've resisted giving many people my cell # too. But I might give them my Google Voice #, which fwds to my cell.

Sat Jan 23 20:13:50 +0000 2010

Replying to @plragde

No kidding. The bane of my phone existence is non-commercial solicitors, who are also exempt: political groups, charities, etc.

Sat Jan 23 20:15:42 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

I'm running the current developer build of Chrome and have no underlined links; might be worth updating.

Sat Jan 23 21:23:29 +0000 2010

RT @1Password: I've got an alpha out, if you're not averse to testing unfinished software: http://bit.ly/59hSVv // Installed & is working!

Sat Jan 23 21:25:17 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

Hmm. I get underlined links on the Google home page, too, but not elsewhere. They must have underlining set in their CSS?

Sat Jan 23 22:26:58 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

One thing that does drive me bonkers: not being about to change default font size. I hope that's coming soon.

Sat Jan 23 22:28:05 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

Oh, whoops. That does exist in the dev build, "under the hood." So, that's better.

Sat Jan 23 22:29:15 +0000 2010

Replying to @sramsay

Yeah, good point; that's ugly. So you can't change the default underlining but it can be overridden with CSS, I guess.

Sat Jan 23 22:31:30 +0000 2010

Coffee is good.

Sun Jan 24 16:41:42 +0000 2010

Sister Christian: awesome song to have stuck in your head, or the MOST awesome song to have stuck in your head?

Sun Jan 24 17:18:50 +0000 2010

Replying to @eetempleton

You know, I haven't been watching; it's worth picking up?

Sun Jan 24 17:29:02 +0000 2010

Replying to @sivavaid

Wow. It could be worse. \(I offer you a chorus or two of Night Ranger as a purgative\.\)

Sun Jan 24 18:42:14 +0000 2010

Replying to @sivavaid

It was, for a second, yeah. But Sister Christian's motoring won the day.

Sun Jan 24 19:30:25 +0000 2010

Replying to @phdaisy

You & me both - after all those years! #whodat

Mon Jan 25 03:28:11 +0000 2010

Unduly pleased that this year's guy who came to look at the leak around my window didn't tell me to have my husband recaulk it.

Mon Jan 25 17:24:45 +0000 2010

Replying to @nirak

Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahahahaha. Ha. Um.

Mon Jan 25 17:57:34 +0000 2010

Woke up with the Gravity's Rainbow "For deMille, young fur-henchmen can't be rowing!" joke stuck in my head. WHY?

Tue Jan 26 13:55:11 +0000 2010

Fortunately, managed to drive it out with a bit of Night Ranger.

Tue Jan 26 13:55:36 +0000 2010

New blog post: Even Nearer http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/even-nearer/

Tue Jan 26 15:06:49 +0000 2010

Thanks, @mkgold @s2ceball & @clioweb for using Planned Obsolescence in your courses. Please tell your students their comments are welcome!

Tue Jan 26 19:33:54 +0000 2010

Replying to @chutry

Hello, Fayetteville, from Southern California!

Tue Jan 26 20:09:01 +0000 2010

Just made the pressure cooker broccoli risotto from yesterday's NYT, and Oh My. Yum. http://bit.ly/9RqECr

Wed Jan 27 03:28:16 +0000 2010

Has there ever been this much wild speculation about the impact of a new device BEFORE ANYONE HAS EVER SEEN IT, or even seen it described?

Wed Jan 27 14:35:23 +0000 2010

Replying to @mmwwah

He's being morally rather than aesthetically good?

Wed Jan 27 14:38:12 +0000 2010

I think it would be hi-larious if there were no tablet. Steve could come out and say "ha! made you show up!"

Wed Jan 27 14:38:45 +0000 2010

Replying to @stevewhitaker

Yeah, but this is WAY beyond Apple geeks getting excited. I mean "the tablet will save publishing!" Or education. Really?

Wed Jan 27 14:39:48 +0000 2010

Replying to @cscannella

Wave was the same thing, yeah, but at least we'd seen the demo. & in all the iPhone buzz, no one said it would save an industry.

Wed Jan 27 14:41:25 +0000 2010

Replying to @jwolman

True. But at least at that point no one was speculating that the iPhone was going to save entire industries.

Wed Jan 27 14:42:06 +0000 2010

Replying to @gselmer and @cscannella

I'm using it with classes this sem for collab note taking & it's working well so far. A clear group & a focused task...

Wed Jan 27 14:43:52 +0000 2010

Replying to @stevewhitaker

I basically agree, and I'm primed to want one \(it's been my "why I don't have a Kindle" answer\), but the furor is a bit much.

Wed Jan 27 15:13:43 +0000 2010

Replying to @utmediaresearch

Good one! That one had the same earmarks: hyped announcement of unknown & unseen object destined to Save the World!

Wed Jan 27 15:19:08 +0000 2010

RT @utmediaresearch: remembers the Segway hype, and is tempted to say that that hype rivaled that of whatever product Apple announces today.

Wed Jan 27 15:19:59 +0000 2010

The Segway unveil is a good comparison - announcement of unknown and unseen object destined to Save the World! \(Um\. Really?\)

Wed Jan 27 15:21:10 +0000 2010

Okay, so iSnark. And then iObsessivelyWatchTheLiveBlogs. Sigh.

Wed Jan 27 17:48:57 +0000 2010

Replying to @ddiamantaras


Wed Jan 27 17:57:48 +0000 2010

Oh, crap. They just got me. I was all "great big iPod Touch? I don't think so." But the iBooks store? I'm in, however much this thing costs.

Wed Jan 27 18:54:52 +0000 2010

Watching the iPad announcement while cobbling together a requested hard copy of my personal statement for my review. Irony much? #iSigh

Wed Jan 27 19:06:42 +0000 2010

Replying to @ryanhealy

Yeah, I've done a bunch of reading on my iPhone, and haven't had trouble with it...

Wed Jan 27 19:10:53 +0000 2010

Replying to @ericzinner

It's partly the store, but partly the integration of book access and reading, that could lead to innovative new text structures.

Wed Jan 27 19:16:16 +0000 2010

Holy crap. Most expensive model is $829? Amazing.

Wed Jan 27 19:20:16 +0000 2010

Oh, man. Keyboard dock! And to think they had me at iBooks.

Wed Jan 27 19:21:58 +0000 2010

Apple wants to be at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts.

Wait a minute - that's where I am. No wonder I like this thing.

Wed Jan 27 19:36:01 +0000 2010

Replying to @suburb

I get the feeling they're gonna play King of the Hill with me. I can take 'em.

Wed Jan 27 19:46:13 +0000 2010

Replying to @escapegrace

Oh no - Auchincloss, too? I took a class on James and Wharton from him in grad school. Like being taught by their son. Amazing.

Thu Jan 28 03:18:09 +0000 2010

Howard Zinn, Louis Auchincloss, and J.D. Salinger. Awfully sad.

Thu Jan 28 19:10:06 +0000 2010

The Snow Leopard "save as" problem on my home computer is getting excruciating. 2+ min wait for dialog box to appear. FIX IT, APPLE.

Thu Jan 28 22:29:09 +0000 2010

Replying to @jmittell

Hey, congrats on a successful conclusion, Jason!

Thu Jan 28 22:53:37 +0000 2010

Replying to @midwinter_

Haven't a clue. Something in 10.6 takes FOREVER for certain apps to access a file window. SBBOD, then 2min later, recovery.

Thu Jan 28 22:57:04 +0000 2010

The 10.6 discussions are filled with these issues, but no fixes. Seems the newer the computer, the worse the problem.

Thu Jan 28 22:57:51 +0000 2010

Replying to @midwinter_

Yeah, and I've tried all the possible solutions. They work for a day or so, and then the excruciating slowness comes back.

Fri Jan 29 01:34:00 +0000 2010

How to Report the News. http://bit.ly/ahXB78

Fri Jan 29 02:11:10 +0000 2010

Replying to @jwolman

I've been contemplating doing the same and just haven't gotten around to it.

Fri Jan 29 16:26:30 +0000 2010


Fri Jan 29 18:35:11 +0000 2010

That scream of desperation brought to you by the demand I've just had for a print version of my dossier.

Fri Jan 29 18:36:11 +0000 2010

Two days before the department has to deliver the dossier to the dean, I might add.

Fri Jan 29 18:37:56 +0000 2010

Replying to @acavender

I don't even want to think about it.

Fri Jan 29 19:31:26 +0000 2010

Have I mentioned that I have a meeting in 30 minutes, followed by a 3 hour lab, which I'm not finished preparing for?

Fri Jan 29 19:31:49 +0000 2010

Oh, and what's the lab? Introduction to Web Technologies. #yesiamrantingnow

Fri Jan 29 19:32:14 +0000 2010

Phew. Saner heads seem to have prevailed, after a mostly polite foot-stamping performance by me.

Fri Jan 29 20:42:14 +0000 2010

The only parts I now have to provide in print are the parts the board of trustees see - i.e., my cv. And I have to burn an archival disk.

Fri Jan 29 20:43:18 +0000 2010

Replying to @TheRepoRat

Ha. I've just gotten them to acknowledge the web. I don't want to go down that path with them just yet. :)

Fri Jan 29 20:57:14 +0000 2010

Replying to @lnakamur

Thanks Lisa! Unfortunately they said "okay" followed by "yours is a special case," but I'm hoping that specialness begins to fade.

Sat Jan 30 00:05:35 +0000 2010

Replying to @bighandsome

Oh, man, you don't know the half of it. Lab was a major case of ITS fail. There may be something to that print thing.

Sat Jan 30 00:13:58 +0000 2010

Replying to @midwinter_

I can't imagine why not; the iPhone does, doesn't it? The trick is going to be how the file manager works, I think.

Sat Jan 30 18:30:03 +0000 2010

Replying to @midwinter_

Or do you mean via the iBooks app?

Sat Jan 30 18:30:13 +0000 2010

Replying to @midwinter_

Ooh. That would be nice.

Sat Jan 30 18:43:36 +0000 2010

Replying to @mikejolk

That and the packrat function of Dropbox have saved my bacon more than once.

Sat Jan 30 18:46:55 +0000 2010

Replying to @jmittell

Oh, you just *want* to believe in fair use because you feel you ought to be entitled to get away with something. ::rolls eyes::

Sat Jan 30 22:54:30 +0000 2010

TUAW says that "as of about 6.40 PM ET, the [Apple] store was back up!" It's currently 6.25 PM ET. TUAW has powers beyond the ordinary blog.

Sun Jan 31 23:26:44 +0000 2010

Replying to @billiehara

Hey, I think that "blood, sweat, and tears" thing was meant to be metaphorical! \(Ouch\. I hope you're okay\.\)

Mon Feb 01 00:41:12 +0000 2010