2011 04 01 tweets

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Thanks much, very belatedly!

Fri Apr 01 04:43:47 +0000 2011

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Most awesome; thanks!

Fri Apr 01 04:44:14 +0000 2011

Thanks for all the hellos to my mom. She was suitably impressed \(but wants to know how I know each of you and why you would want to say hi\).

Fri Apr 01 04:46:17 +0000 2011

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That's hilarious. "I know them from conferences" got eyebrows raised only slightly less than "I know them from the Internet."

Fri Apr 01 13:06:02 +0000 2011

RT @FolgerResearch: 164 comments, 25 reviewers, 1 week left to join Shakespeare Quarterly's open review. Great performance scholarship t ...

Sat Apr 02 19:14:21 +0000 2011

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Bought the hardback, partly as collectible object. But will likely read it in ebook form.

Sun Apr 03 03:32:23 +0000 2011

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No, I didn't hear. Glad to know about Adam's review!

Sun Apr 03 04:50:33 +0000 2011

Fabulous trip to Louisiana, but very happy to be home. Have declared Twitter bankruptcy; if there's anything I need to know about, tell me!

Mon Apr 04 21:55:43 +0000 2011

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There's a great blog post out there somewhere on declaring email bankruptcy. Lifehacker, maybe?

Mon Apr 04 21:59:10 +0000 2011

Dear @AnthemBlueCross: your website user registration process is completely borked. Help, please.

Wed Apr 06 20:26:59 +0000 2011

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The third time through, it finally worked, but not without making me re-enter data again just for fun.

Wed Apr 06 20:42:17 +0000 2011

RT @mlaconvention: MLA Executive Council Deplores Open-Records Requests That Infringe Academic Freedom: http://www.mla.org/ec_records @A ...

Wed Apr 06 21:28:50 +0000 2011

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Ha. @kfitz has the most -ette of kitchenettes right now & would find it too painful to contemplate real cooking.

Wed Apr 06 21:50:57 +0000 2011

RT @nowviskie: 2 of 33 speakers at the \(very cool\!\) Digging into Data event are women. Casting no aspersions on NEH here! but I wonder: ...

Wed Apr 06 22:01:38 +0000 2011

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I was wondering the very same thing.

Wed Apr 06 22:02:23 +0000 2011

RT @mlaconvention: The #MLA condemns the politicized intrusion on faculty and staff members: http://www.mla.org/ec_records

Wed Apr 06 22:04:47 +0000 2011

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Sad but true.

Wed Apr 06 22:06:42 +0000 2011

Two big things and a couple of small things crossed off the to-do list today. Two more deadlines ahead.

Wed Apr 06 22:38:41 +0000 2011

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The learning curve is utterly horizontal. You have an ayfone; you already know how the bigger one works.

Wed Apr 06 22:42:30 +0000 2011

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Yeah, typing takes a little getting used to. And I find the autocorrect factor annoying. But it comes pretty quickly.

Wed Apr 06 22:44:33 +0000 2011

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Back atcha! PS: I find typing in landscape mode easier than horizontal.

Wed Apr 06 22:46:54 +0000 2011

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My $ is on that yutz who said "it would be silly to claim that new means of comm can affect a protest" a month ago. Gladwell?

Thu Apr 07 00:15:17 +0000 2011

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Rats. It would have been awesome.

Thu Apr 07 00:17:57 +0000 2011

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I'm not disappointed in the least. Maybe in part because I accidentally wound up with a 3G iPad this weekend.

Thu Apr 07 01:01:54 +0000 2011

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You can activate & deactivate month-to-month.

Thu Apr 07 01:05:34 +0000 2011

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Yes, I did. I maxed out the first one, too; I like traveling with a lot of video. 32GB wd probably be plenty, but just in case.

Thu Apr 07 01:09:44 +0000 2011

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More or less, yeah. The internet is exciting!

Thu Apr 07 01:35:52 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention


Thu Apr 07 14:01:43 +0000 2011

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Wow! No, I'm covered, ha ha. I'm sure somebody out there could use one.

Thu Apr 07 14:04:29 +0000 2011

I am now at the point of lack of motivation at which I am resorting to frank bribery. If I go to the gym, I can have a fancy coffee after.

Thu Apr 07 14:11:03 +0000 2011

It's pathetic, but I did make it to the gym today. \(And this coffee is really good\.\)

Thu Apr 07 14:11:17 +0000 2011

Attempted a return to Firefox in order to have full Zotero support. Cannot take it, not one more minute. Chrome, I'll never leave you again.

Thu Apr 07 14:43:01 +0000 2011

\(At least not until you do something that really annoys me and I abandon you for Opera\. So don't get too comfortable\.\)

Thu Apr 07 14:43:29 +0000 2011

In case you're interested, what's killing me with FF? That you can't ⌘➔ to get to the end of a line in Gmail. Cannot take it.

Thu Apr 07 14:50:40 +0000 2011

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You are so right.

Thu Apr 07 14:51:31 +0000 2011

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I just can't make the adjustment. And that ⌘➔ works everywhere else in FF except Gmail makes it worse.

Thu Apr 07 14:52:31 +0000 2011

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Yes, FF4. And it's a collection of small things, but the no ⌘➔ to the end of the line in Gmail is the dealbreaker, weirdly enough.

Thu Apr 07 14:53:12 +0000 2011

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What I really want is a browser that's smart enough to absorb the stuff I like from other browsers without getting kludgy.

Thu Apr 07 14:54:35 +0000 2011

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Hmmm. I haven't been having the Zotero/PythonExt problem. But I'm running Python 2.6; wonder if that makes a difference?

Thu Apr 07 14:56:36 +0000 2011

Congrats, @mkirschenbaum and @johnmjones - a good day for good news!

Thu Apr 07 15:00:07 +0000 2011

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Control-e? I'll have to check that out. But I'm not sure it'll be able to overcome my ⌘➔ habit.

Thu Apr 07 15:05:27 +0000 2011

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Wait, really? I'm... boggled. I'd ask how they did that, but I'm not sure I want to know. Does it appear to come from me?

Thu Apr 07 15:07:41 +0000 2011

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Yeah, I'd love to see that! kfitz47 at gmail.

Thu Apr 07 15:11:16 +0000 2011

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Oy. I was never an emacs user; I'd have to work slowly on building this fluency...

Thu Apr 07 15:14:06 +0000 2011

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This is true.

Thu Apr 07 15:16:05 +0000 2011

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Wow. Just amazing.

Thu Apr 07 15:16:33 +0000 2011

.@joshhonn and I are imagining #spamcamp, a means by which we harness the programming ingenuity of spammers for productive use.

Thu Apr 07 15:39:51 +0000 2011

This got started when a tweet of mine showed up within minutes as the text of a spam comment on his blog. Imagine that put to work for good!

Thu Apr 07 15:40:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

You. Go.

Thu Apr 07 15:45:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @jamesjbrownjr

Ooh, excellent! I'll look forward to hearing/reading more!

Thu Apr 07 15:49:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

Excellent. Let me know.

Thu Apr 07 15:54:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @subsublibrary

Hey, excellent - I'll see you there!

Thu Apr 07 16:18:42 +0000 2011

Finished a pass thru the copyedits on my book. Fun but exhausting. Hope to do one more read \(with view changes off\) before handing it back.

Thu Apr 07 18:59:06 +0000 2011

Oh! And! I just got the catalog copy from the press, which is great. With two most awesome blurbs, which I look forward to sharing soon.

Thu Apr 07 19:13:17 +0000 2011

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So sorry to hear you're not feeling well! @dancohen and I will soldier on without you.

Thu Apr 07 21:18:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

Ugh. Do take care of yourself!

Thu Apr 07 21:25:10 +0000 2011

At the NYU Humanities Initiative to hear @dancohen & Alexander Provan on digital scholarly communications.

Thu Apr 07 22:02:36 +0000 2011

.@dancohen beginning "Scholarly Communication the Web Way" by discussing Paleofuture.

Thu Apr 07 22:09:25 +0000 2011

.@dancohen interested in tracking folks who are unsatisfied with conventional ways of doing scholarly work, and how they're working around.

Thu Apr 07 22:12:08 +0000 2011

Layer tennis, digital journals as examples of work that can't be done in print. Desire for direct communication, interactivity. @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:13:36 +0000 2011

What might we do if we had this kind of DIY work take place in the academy? What would academic layer tennis look like? @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:14:49 +0000 2011

Part of problem: AAUP survey a year ago about digital publishing strategies stuck in conventional forms. Online work as "companion" sites.

Thu Apr 07 22:17:04 +0000 2011

Need to think about new, unconventional forms as actual scholarly work, not companions to "real" work. @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:17:56 +0000 2011

Examples of scholarly blogs driving conversation within a field. Shout out to @MediaCommons and The New Everyday. @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:18:54 +0000 2011

First question that gets raised: what about review? It's the wild west! @dancohen says this is a misunderstanding of how review works online

Thu Apr 07 22:19:48 +0000 2011

Online review is "recursive review" - cycles of commenting that are often more critical than traditional blind peer review. @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:20:36 +0000 2011

When you're out there on the open web, different but equally critical form of reviewing takes place recursively. @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:22:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @mamamusings

I was actually asked to tweet. You may want to unfollow or mute for the next hour. Sorry about that! :)

Thu Apr 07 22:23:25 +0000 2011

Aggregation and curation as key aspect of sorting out most important material for a community at any moment. @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:25:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @mamamusings

I'm sorry to overwhelm your stream! I'll be as judicious as possible.

Thu Apr 07 22:26:25 +0000 2011

Examples of blog aggregation and curation: PLoS Blogs, The Browser, Digital Humanities Now. @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:27:49 +0000 2011

Thoughts don't come in either 8K or 100K words; need to experiment with the full range of sizes of scholarship. See Tyler Cowen. @dancohen

Thu Apr 07 22:30:20 +0000 2011

.@dancohen showing CIBER UCL survey of importance attached to modes of scholarly communication; users of social media have radically +

Thu Apr 07 22:33:31 +0000 2011

different senses of the significance of those forms. This is with 7% of scholars using \(or 1991 email usage levels\). What will happen when +

Thu Apr 07 22:34:52 +0000 2011

we reach 50% usage? What experimentation will become possible? -

Thu Apr 07 22:35:30 +0000 2011

CIBER survey mentioned by @dancohen: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/infostudies/research/ciber/social-media-report.pdf, see esp. Figure 31.

Thu Apr 07 22:43:19 +0000 2011

Alexander Provan of Triple Canopy discussing the publication's use of digital affordances and genealogy in zines & arts magazines.

Thu Apr 07 22:49:37 +0000 2011

Provan asks about the problem of proliferating closed publishing platforms - the web may be open, but can we share programming resources?

Thu Apr 07 22:56:03 +0000 2011

Anna McCarthy opens discussion by asking Provan about choice not to have comments on Triple Canopy. Provan sees value in controlled space.

Thu Apr 07 23:00:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @tcarmody, @paleofuture and @dancohen

Yup - lead texts and images in his talk. Excitement in the audience, too.

Thu Apr 07 23:08:09 +0000 2011

.@dancohen acknowledges degree to which great editors can surface important new kinds of work, but that's not universal & can't get around.

Thu Apr 07 23:10:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @mamamusings and @amitorit

I completely agree. The only clients that I know allow hashtag muting I find otherwise unusable. :(

Thu Apr 07 23:11:20 +0000 2011

Replying to @mamamusings and @amitorit

Okay, okay, I'll cop to being a grownup. :)

Thu Apr 07 23:17:24 +0000 2011

Concern from artist in audience that digital humanities has left out artists - designers, perhaps, but no spaces to mix artists and writers.

Thu Apr 07 23:22:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @amitorit and @dancohen

interesting comment from former press editor who talked about bizarre physical constraints; pre-Amazon, her press tried+

Thu Apr 07 23:23:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @amitorit and @dancohen

to publish print "singles" but bookstores wouldn't take them bc their spines were too skinny to be seen on the shelves.

Thu Apr 07 23:24:40 +0000 2011

Replying to @tezcatlipoca

A panel at the NYU Humanities Initiative on digital humanities and new modes of scholarly communication.

Thu Apr 07 23:26:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @tezcatlipoca

Absolutely! Let me know if I can be of help.

Thu Apr 07 23:28:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @tezcatlipoca

I'll ponder names & pass them on.

Thu Apr 07 23:31:11 +0000 2011

Plug for #thatcamp from @dancohen as site where multiple digital communities - humanists, artists, and programmers can come together.

Thu Apr 07 23:40:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @amitorit and @dancohen

Absolutely! Half the humanists I know are anti- or a-.

Fri Apr 08 01:25:27 +0000 2011

So this whole self-bribery thing is going well; the promise of a good cup of coffee afterward has gotten me to the gym two days in a row.

Fri Apr 08 15:14:22 +0000 2011

Still, I'm hoping that some more internally motivated spirit might take the place of such bald manipulation.

Fri Apr 08 15:15:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

It would be fantastic to open up that conversation beyond designer-as-project-collaborator & think about digital art per se.

Fri Apr 08 15:44:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmittell

I've run up against that same problem; it was less about citing me than about awareness that there was existing work in the area!

Fri Apr 08 15:57:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmittell

What I did was name a number of other texts, acknowledging the awkwardness of including my own.

Fri Apr 08 15:58:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

I hope your voice holds out, and that you start feeling better ASAP!

Fri Apr 08 17:09:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @drnels

No, I'm not in NYU housing; I've got a small furnished studio in the w. village. Pricy but fabulous.

Fri Apr 08 17:46:22 +0000 2011

Replying to @drnels

Getting on the NYU housing list is hard; you need a dean to intervene for you. But there are sublets to be found...

Fri Apr 08 17:47:06 +0000 2011

Yay, another item off the to-do list. Nobody send me anything new; I'm making progress.

Fri Apr 08 17:53:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @drnels

Nice! WSV gets referred to as the "faculty ghetto"; the buildings are ugly as hell outside but the apts are often nice. If possible+

Fri Apr 08 18:22:01 +0000 2011

Replying to @drnels

go see what they're offering you \(and don't feel you have to accept the first thing they show\). Advice from an NYU fac friend.

Fri Apr 08 18:22:34 +0000 2011

RT @mlaconvention: Time to stop thinking of diss as larval monograph, as the MLA put it yrs ago!! @JenHoward @chronicle // Indeed.

Fri Apr 08 18:58:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench and @mlaconvention

No, wrong direction! The diss should serve its own purposes. Not all should be expected to become a book.

Fri Apr 08 19:02:50 +0000 2011

RT @mlaconvention: in other words, challenge assumpt that diss = bk = tenure. Ask what is impt scholarship instead. // This.

Fri Apr 08 19:05:26 +0000 2011

MT @nowviskie @mkimarnold: Shutdown solidarity.//To dear colleagues @NEHgov. Thinking of you. You're wonderful-thx for grt svcs you provide.

Fri Apr 08 19:15:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself, @amandafrench and @mlaconvention

This is a huge part of what past MLA pres Sid Smith has been working on w/ad hoc wk group.

Fri Apr 08 19:35:29 +0000 2011

Undermining net neutrality while we're all paying attention to the threat of shutdown? http://nyti.ms/fYAVGD

Fri Apr 08 21:22:20 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

That's awful! My first publisher didn't go to MLA the year my book was out & sent it to lie ignored on an association table.

Fri Apr 08 22:18:02 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

But they're a small press & times were hard, so I got it. Palgrave not bringing your book the first year is not forgivable.

Fri Apr 08 22:18:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention, @samplereality, @wynkenhimself, @tcarmody and @mkirschenbaum

It really boggles the mind.

Fri Apr 08 23:01:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself, @tcarmody, @mlaconvention and @mkirschenbaum

Increasingly so, as more & more libraries turn to patron-driven acquisition models.

Fri Apr 08 23:07:50 +0000 2011

It's Friday evening, I'm tired and grouchy, and so I've come to the most important decision of the day: wine or whisky?

Fri Apr 08 23:21:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @bighandsome

An inexpensive Malbec vs. Jameson.

Fri Apr 08 23:25:37 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenServenti

If only DC were closer. I'd bring them both!

Fri Apr 08 23:26:54 +0000 2011

Replying to @bighandsome

Good point. I should know I can count on you in this arena.

Fri Apr 08 23:27:45 +0000 2011

Replying to @bighandsome

Your BR friends and family would be proud.

Fri Apr 08 23:37:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @jasonrhody and @jenserventi

I hear that.

Fri Apr 08 23:45:35 +0000 2011

RT @RepWeiner: Maybe I'm just dense, but how does defunding the biggest provider of contraceptives reduce abortions?

Fri Apr 08 23:50:10 +0000 2011

Replying to @brendabethman

A woman after my own heart! I did start in on the whisky, happily.

Sat Apr 09 00:09:43 +0000 2011

Replying to @brendabethman

Oh, yes, the grouchiness is fading admirably. And yes, let's plan on a drink in Seattle!

Sat Apr 09 00:16:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @joshhonn

Done and done.

Sat Apr 09 00:21:31 +0000 2011

Everybody knows that facts have a clear left-wing bias. http://thinkprogress.org/2011/04/08/kyl-walks-back-claim-about-planned-parenthoo/

Sat Apr 09 00:31:40 +0000 2011

RT @CapitolClio/@jaketapper: Dem & GOP sources: Deal is done and signed off on. $38.5b in cuts, no elimination of Planned Parenthood funding

Sat Apr 09 03:13:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @jbj

A surprising number of people in my totally bougie suburban SoCal town keep chickens, but roosters are specifically poultry non grata.

Sat Apr 09 13:11:39 +0000 2011

Attempting one last quick re-read of the copy-edited manuscript before I send it back.

Sat Apr 09 17:23:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @nickmirzoeff

I'm almost done, I swear!

Sat Apr 09 18:36:49 +0000 2011

Replying to @fearv

Was it web ring?

Sat Apr 09 20:08:03 +0000 2011

I'm one of the 1 in 5 American women who has been helped by Planned Parenthood. Are you? http://RaiseYourHand.org #raiseyourhand

Sun Apr 10 03:04:47 +0000 2011

GAH! Glad I decided to do one last read-through; just discovered the copy-editor introduced a massive set of errors by deleting a fn ref.

Sun Apr 10 16:27:04 +0000 2011

Every fn from that point to the end of the chapter is misnumbered. Grrrr.

Sun Apr 10 16:27:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

Okay, endnotes. But nonetheless! All misnumbered.

Sun Apr 10 16:29:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

Heh. The paper my press uses isn't terribly clicky.

Sun Apr 10 16:33:28 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

Nice. Better than one of those creepy video markers they were promoting a couple of years ago.

Sun Apr 10 16:36:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @midwinter_

This is one of about six reasons I abandoned Nike+ & went over to RunKeeper once I had a GPS-enabled smartfone.

Sun Apr 10 16:41:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

I am beside myself. It really feels like the project changed copyeditors halfway through; s/he's fab in the first half, and then +

Sun Apr 10 16:48:36 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

really sloppy in the second. I'm not opposed to being copyedited, but DO NOT INTRODUCE ERRORS.

Sun Apr 10 16:49:10 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Palgrave is seriously not made of win.

Sun Apr 10 17:05:22 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

Imagine being able to see & hear your deceased loved one when you visit! \(Imagine being the pre\-deceased making that video\!\)

Sun Apr 10 17:34:13 +0000 2011

I will not combust. I will not combust.

Sun Apr 10 18:24:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention and @wynkenhimself

If only there were someone in the field writing about such issues. Maybe as part of a forthcoming book.

Sun Apr 10 19:55:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention and @wynkenhimself

Seriously, the appalling part of the Palgrave biz is that they're for-profit and not OA in any sense.

Sun Apr 10 19:55:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention and @wynkenhimself

You spend hours correcting errors introduced by your copyeditor & tell me where your snark level winds up. :)

Sun Apr 10 19:58:42 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention and @wynkenhimself

Done and done.

Sun Apr 10 20:00:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

You are very kind! I've actually got all kinds of comfort food here to serve that purpose, but thank you!

Sun Apr 10 20:04:42 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

A very civilized place, this. I'm covered there as well!

Sun Apr 10 20:07:31 +0000 2011

Done. I am now in need of either a strong drink or a really good chocolate gelato.

Sun Apr 10 21:29:59 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

You're right: it's more a which first kind of thing, I think.

Sun Apr 10 21:36:15 +0000 2011

Replying to @midwinter_

Only as a matter of where to begin.

Sun Apr 10 21:57:12 +0000 2011

Replying to @cjprender

Now, see, THAT is an efficient use of resources.

Sun Apr 10 22:49:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

That sounds most awesome!

Mon Apr 11 01:50:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @cjprender


Mon Apr 11 01:50:24 +0000 2011

New post: I Miss Blogging http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/i-miss-blogging/

Mon Apr 11 02:00:17 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

I can absolutely imagine!

Mon Apr 11 02:16:00 +0000 2011

RT @urbanhumanist: Fascinating, the 9/11 memorial misuses the quotation from Virgil. http://nyti.ms/fqaqU2 // Just amazing.

Mon Apr 11 02:39:32 +0000 2011

Replying to @joshhonn

A teeny tiny one, perhaps, and one more un- than conscious. :)

Mon Apr 11 02:59:39 +0000 2011

Pondering what's lost in shifting from focused blogging to a distributed range of platforms for posting and discussion. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/i-miss-blogging/

Mon Apr 11 13:30:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @chutry

Exactly the kind of thing I've been thinking about.

Mon Apr 11 13:34:56 +0000 2011

What I'd like is a selective tweet-to-blog plugin, so that some tweets would appear in the blog timeline, with room for expansion.

Mon Apr 11 13:35:51 +0000 2011

Replying to @joshhonn

Yes! I've got a plugin that grabs tweets that link to posts, but there isn't anything that grabs replies without links.

Mon Apr 11 13:39:24 +0000 2011

Replying to @chutry

Yes, exactly. The diffusion of that kind of discussion makes it very hard to reconstruct.

Mon Apr 11 13:41:22 +0000 2011

Replying to @nickmirzoeff

Perhaps. Or at least the less open the discussion is to discovery and participation by those not inside the circle.

Mon Apr 11 15:21:43 +0000 2011

Replying to @nickmirzoeff

Life was definitely simpler when I only had one site to obsessively click "refresh" on.

Mon Apr 11 15:40:03 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention and @mkirschenbaum

You want controversial? "Planned Parenthood: The Gestation of the Digital Humanities Research Agenda."

Mon Apr 11 16:05:59 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention and @mkirschenbaum

I was going to add something about federal funding in there but I didn't want to give anyone any ideas.

Mon Apr 11 16:06:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @jtheibault

I haven't been, but that does come up in today's discussions \(in the blog comments, here on Twitter, and on Facebook\!\)

Mon Apr 11 16:16:10 +0000 2011

Thanks, @JenHoward, for such a great write-up, and @jmittell @shanakimball @wynkenhimself & @readywriting for the kind thoughts!

Mon Apr 11 21:35:43 +0000 2011

Very excited about working with my @mediacommons and @NYUpress colleagues \(esp @moncia & @ericzinner\) on open review!

Mon Apr 11 21:37:37 +0000 2011

RT @JenHoward: "Taking a Closer Look at Open Peer Review" @wiredcampus post on Mellon grant to NYU Press, @mediacommons. http://bit.ly/eIYqtb

Mon Apr 11 21:38:59 +0000 2011

Have been offline much of the afternoon and evening, and so have many personal thank-yous to return. But generically: thank you all!

Tue Apr 12 04:03:51 +0000 2011

Replying to @samplereality

5 hours later: congratulations! Wonderful news.

Tue Apr 12 04:09:05 +0000 2011

Replying to @samplereality

\(And thanks for your good wishes earlier\!\)

Tue Apr 12 04:09:28 +0000 2011

Replying to @jbj

Many thanks!

Tue Apr 12 04:10:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @eetempleton

Huge congrats, Erin!

Tue Apr 12 04:12:28 +0000 2011

Replying to @GeorgeOnline and @karikraus

Thanks so much! We're very excited, needless to say.

Tue Apr 12 04:14:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @dancohen, @nyupress, @moncia and @ericzinner

Thanks, Dan!

Tue Apr 12 04:14:57 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

Thanks, Matt. I hope you'll now forgive me for my very bad and utterly unsolicited title input. :)

Tue Apr 12 04:15:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @pmhswe, @edmj and @joguldi

Thanks so much. We're very excited, and really looking forward to digging in.

Tue Apr 12 04:16:35 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall

Yay, us! \(But no one made me cookies\.\)

Tue Apr 12 04:17:15 +0000 2011

Replying to @sleonchnm

Thanks so much. Really looking forward to seeing where this leads.

Tue Apr 12 04:17:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @sherah1918

Thank you!

Tue Apr 12 04:18:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @brettbobley

Thanks, Brett. We're very excited, needless to say!

Tue Apr 12 04:19:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @cliotropic

Thank you!

Tue Apr 12 04:19:28 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkgold

Thanks, Matt!

Tue Apr 12 04:21:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @sramsay

I consider it my highest duty.

Tue Apr 12 04:22:02 +0000 2011

Replying to @CatinStack

Thanks, Cathy! We're enormously excited about it, too!

Tue Apr 12 04:23:09 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandalicastro

Thanks much! We're really excited, needless to say.

Tue Apr 12 04:30:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @grammarsnark

Thank you - wonderful news for all of us, I hope.

Tue Apr 12 04:31:03 +0000 2011

Replying to @cjprender

Thanks! Gerunds rule.

Tue Apr 12 05:17:49 +0000 2011

New post: MediaCommons Receives Mellon ... http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/mediacommons-receives-mellon-grant-to-study-open-peer-review/

Tue Apr 12 12:15:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Thanks! I'm so glad to know. We're awfully excited to see how things develop.

Tue Apr 12 12:23:32 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall

I'll be right there.

Tue Apr 12 12:26:55 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Ooh, that would be great. Keep me posted as you move in that direction; we've got a lot of work to do in this study yet, too.

Tue Apr 12 12:28:42 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

We'll do it. Let's find a time!

Tue Apr 12 12:38:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @CapitolClio

Thanks so much! I look forward to it, too. :)

Tue Apr 12 12:38:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Sadly, no ICA for me. June is going to be pretty nutty, but I'm sure we can find some time around then...

Tue Apr 12 12:43:07 +0000 2011

Replying to @SSRN

Thank you! We look forward to sharing what we learn.

Tue Apr 12 12:44:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Cool -- lots to look forward to!

Tue Apr 12 12:44:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @annettemarkham

Thanks! We're pretty fired up, as you might guess.

Tue Apr 12 12:45:36 +0000 2011

Replying to @annettemarkham

I would love to talk about that!

Tue Apr 12 12:46:21 +0000 2011

Replying to @annettemarkham

Yes, of course; you'd want the committee to approve. But it could be a good way to get broader membership buy-in for the doc

Tue Apr 12 12:49:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @buridan and @annettemarkham

Absolutely. And having the doc in a complete state \(or very close to complete\) is probably a good idea.

Tue Apr 12 13:05:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @buridan and @annettemarkham

But some kind of open discussion around that nearly-final document might help it, and help the membership.

Tue Apr 12 13:05:51 +0000 2011

Just a few days left to support The Open Utopia: A New Kind of Old Book. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1713881779/the-open-utopia-a-new-kind-of-old-book

Tue Apr 12 13:15:28 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench and @moncia

Thanks so much!

Tue Apr 12 13:57:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @jasonrhody

Thanks, Jason; we're very excited about it!

Tue Apr 12 13:57:52 +0000 2011

Replying to @BGCDML

Thanks, Kimon! I'll look forward to sharing what comes out of the study.

Tue Apr 12 13:58:20 +0000 2011

Replying to @amndw2

Thanks, Amanda. All kinds of exciting stuff on the horizon!

Tue Apr 12 14:03:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @melissaterras

Thanks, Melissa! We're looking forward to digging in.

Tue Apr 12 14:06:10 +0000 2011

Replying to @redwards7

Thanks, Rich!

Tue Apr 12 15:00:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @cscannella

The Dropbox team responded to that article in the forums; I'm not sure how I feel about it, but until there's a better option...

Tue Apr 12 18:57:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @aperren

Thanks, Alisa! We're really excited about it.

Tue Apr 12 18:57:42 +0000 2011

Replying to @cscannella

I've probably got some stuff there I ought to be worried about. I wish there were a good encryption solution.

Tue Apr 12 19:11:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @cscannella

I'm imagining something Windows-specific, though? I'm all Mac, all the time...

Tue Apr 12 19:15:29 +0000 2011

Replying to @cscannella

Cool, thanks!

Tue Apr 12 19:23:26 +0000 2011

The tree outside my window is now covered with a very different kind of white. http://yfrog.com/hsfghtrj

Tue Apr 12 19:50:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

It's really lovely, and it all bloomed in a matter of three days.

Tue Apr 12 19:57:01 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall and @mlaconvention

I was going to recommend more of a "you oughta see the other guy" stance.

Tue Apr 12 22:23:52 +0000 2011

Replying to @GeorgeOnline and @coryb

Congratulations, George!

Wed Apr 13 00:48:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @roxieblog

Hey thanks, Roxie! And great post!

Wed Apr 13 02:28:38 +0000 2011

Maybe it's just the coffee talking. But I am really, really excited today. A small piece of writing to work on & one more in the on-deck. +

Wed Apr 13 13:53:34 +0000 2011

Plus a little revision that I've been stalling on, and, oh, several hundred panel proposals to read. But then! It's on to new stuff!

Wed Apr 13 13:54:29 +0000 2011

Bought a Groupon months ago and forgot about it. Realized it expires today. Using it feels like, hey, free pizza!

Wed Apr 13 17:06:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @hollykruse

I feel exactly the same. And now must experience the horror of reintroducing paper-white legs to visibility.

Wed Apr 13 17:27:15 +0000 2011

Replying to @fearv

Sadly, no! I'm not in Claremont this year, but in NYC. So glad to hear PHWM got grouponated!

Wed Apr 13 17:28:34 +0000 2011

Boy, does it feel good to cross something embarrassingly overdue off the to-do list. Now there's only one mortifyingly overdue thing left!

Wed Apr 13 20:09:34 +0000 2011

There is an irony in the email message announcing that the disruption in email service has not yet been fixed. More info to come via email.

Wed Apr 13 20:29:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall, @academicdave and @amandafrench

Aw, you guys! I'm blushing. \(Also, the cookies are in the mail\.\)

Thu Apr 14 00:13:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench


Thu Apr 14 00:14:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall

Is possible someone could share it with you via other means...

Thu Apr 14 00:17:36 +0000 2011

I love a travel day. Everything except the fact that I got three hours' sleep and accrued 20 email messages that need to be responded to.

Fri Apr 15 00:38:42 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

That's 20 after triage. 20 that require actual thought.

Fri Apr 15 01:59:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

Ha. I'm incapable of doing that. I have to triage (delete everything that can be deleted; respond to what can be answered +

Fri Apr 15 02:33:55 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

in 30 seconds or less) immediately. And then what's left... haunts me.

Fri Apr 15 02:34:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

That actually sounds pretty healthy to me.

Fri Apr 15 02:35:58 +0000 2011

Replying to @dancohen and @chnm

I'm so sorry not to be able to join you for the celebration. All my best wishes to you and the rest of #RRCHNM!

Fri Apr 15 14:42:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @karikraus

Yeah, this was a Labs feature for a while \(called something like "don't forget Bob\) that's now gone mainstream.

Sat Apr 16 15:42:15 +0000 2011

Replying to @karikraus

It's got a parallel feature, too, called something like "is that the wrong Bob?"

Sat Apr 16 15:42:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @karikraus

One among several reasons why I never turned it on in Labs. I haven't poked around yet to see if you can turn it off now...

Sat Apr 16 15:50:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention, @bendprof and @markcmarino

I've seen several, yes! #MLA12

Sun Apr 17 02:19:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @markcmarino and @mlaconvention

Haven't come across it yet, but there are a LOT of proposals, so it could well be there!

Sun Apr 17 03:45:21 +0000 2011

Ouch. // RT @CHATemple: All humanities interdisciplinary programs cut at Temple. "Return to the Silo" -Inside Higher Ed http://fb.me/FXdTUppY

Mon Apr 18 17:39:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall and @nowviskie

is particularly helpful in cases of missing luggage, even without the conductive thread.

Tue Apr 19 13:17:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench and @pmhswe

Except that she apparently did get that job, according to her bio, so... anticipatory, but not misleading.

Tue Apr 19 21:32:12 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

I don't think so. This interview was in 2009, so that year would be long since up. & I think the denying school was a big one.

Tue Apr 19 21:57:14 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

Love. It.

Tue Apr 19 22:01:38 +0000 2011


Wed Apr 20 15:35:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @kimonizer

Interestingly, it didn't. :(

Wed Apr 20 16:14:52 +0000 2011

Let's try that again, shall we? PNS > IAH > LGA. Four hours later than expected, but at least not TOMORROW, as @united wanted.

Wed Apr 20 16:16:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

For all values of "chillaxin" equal to 8-10 hrs a day in front of the computer, sure. Working spring break w/ R.

Wed Apr 20 18:31:21 +0000 2011

So we've been at the gate at IAH for 5 minutes, but there's no gate agent so we're stuck on the plane. Lots of folks with tight connex.

Wed Apr 20 18:45:09 +0000 2011

Replying to @nowviskie

Indeed. As a guy once said to me during a long delay, I'd rather be down here wishing I were up there than vice versa.

Wed Apr 20 19:34:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

Indeed. It was a lovely one, armed guard and all.

Wed Apr 20 19:35:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @drnels

Indeed. And this was B84 \(aka the bus terminal\), so the door was open & the stairs had been rolled up but we were still stuck.

Wed Apr 20 19:39:28 +0000 2011

It's awesome how my noise-cancelling headphones eliminate the bg roar so I can better hear the obnoxious cell convo of the woman next to me.

Wed Apr 20 20:33:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @nowviskie

Aaarrgh! Much empathy headed your way. Just made it to LGA, and oh the headache...

Thu Apr 21 01:10:52 +0000 2011

Please tell me this weekend is over.

Sat Apr 23 02:56:23 +0000 2011

No, seriously. What do you mean it's only Friday?

Sat Apr 23 02:56:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @annehelen

Congratulations, a bit belatedly!

Sat Apr 23 12:36:28 +0000 2011

RT @FrostDavis: looking fwd to the arrival of my new colleague @lisaspiro! Congrats on becoming director of #NITLE Labs! // Congrats all!

Mon Apr 25 13:57:04 +0000 2011

RT @STCollective: Politics in the Age of Secrecy & Transparency, a MediaCommons/NewEveryday cluster on Wikileaks & Anon http://goo.gl/AoHod

Mon Apr 25 14:07:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @lisaspiro

That's awesome. I can't wait to hear how things develop for you there!

Mon Apr 25 20:01:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @fearv and @ncecire

Was about to write & suggest TNE. Might be productive to put out a call for others working on related issues.

Tue Apr 26 01:28:05 +0000 2011

RT @mediacommons: New cluster on Wikileaks and Anonymous at The New Everyday, curated by Biella Coleman. http://fb.me/J4vRDkmE

Tue Apr 26 14:03:10 +0000 2011

Replying to @samplereality and @profhacker


Tue Apr 26 14:15:51 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

That sounded like nearly every publishing industry panel I've been to in the last three years. #buthowwillwemakemoney

Tue Apr 26 15:25:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @annehelen

Wow, that's awesome casting.

Tue Apr 26 15:38:34 +0000 2011

I hate it when I know there's a specific word for something but I can't put my finger on it.

Tue Apr 26 20:37:45 +0000 2011

Right now I'm looking for the adjective that describes someone who demonstrates poor judgment.

Tue Apr 26 20:38:37 +0000 2011

Replying to @jcmeloni


Tue Apr 26 20:38:55 +0000 2011

Replying to @audreywatters


Tue Apr 26 20:39:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @swarthmoreburke

Indiscreet is awfully close. Perhaps that's what I was thinking of.

Tue Apr 26 20:39:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @swarthmoreburke

Dude, you are a walking thesaurus. I clearly need you around when I'm writing.

Tue Apr 26 20:41:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @loriemerson and @ayjay

Those are mighty close. It's somewhere up in the space around injudicious, imprudent, undiscerning, and indiscreet.

Tue Apr 26 20:42:39 +0000 2011

I'm going to go with @swarthmoreburke's indiscreet. It's got the nuance I was after, tho it still feels like there's another word out there.

Tue Apr 26 20:44:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @ayjay

Well, there's the answer right there: go back to the time in childhood when everything was just "stupid."

Tue Apr 26 20:48:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @seth_denbo

Heh. Imprudent may well have been it...

Tue Apr 26 20:48:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @shanakimball

The list that comes up for "demonstrating poor judgment" is pretty funny! 1: injudicious \(okay\), 2: foul \(?\), 3: ad-lib \(???\)

Tue Apr 26 20:53:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @shanakimball

4. sedative \(\!\)

Tue Apr 26 20:53:59 +0000 2011

Replying to @RepoRat

Thanks! I think my brain was trying to come up with "indiscreet" in a more Latinate form.

Tue Apr 26 20:59:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenHoward, @tcarmody, @swarthmoreburke and @ayjay

All very good options! Ah, the range of ways people can demonstrate poor judgment.

Tue Apr 26 21:54:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @jasonrhody, @tcarmody and @jenhoward

Considering the sentence in question was about Ivan Tribble's view of bloggers, it most certainly was.

Tue Apr 26 22:00:45 +0000 2011

Trying to decide if it's a bad idea to have a whisky while I read this dissertation. Or if it's a worse idea not to.

Tue Apr 26 23:52:57 +0000 2011

Replying to @jcmeloni

I don't know if you have a vote but you're pretty persuasive.

Tue Apr 26 23:56:26 +0000 2011

Replying to @tcarmody

I kinda thought so!

Tue Apr 26 23:56:29 +0000 2011

Replying to @cliotropic

Oh, that goes without saying.

Tue Apr 26 23:56:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @sheepeeh and @cliotropic

I'm kinda thinking so!

Wed Apr 27 00:02:58 +0000 2011

Replying to @eetempleton

Oh, that would be a no-brainer, for me. So to speak.

Wed Apr 27 00:05:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @joshgreen

I always knew you were wise.

Wed Apr 27 00:10:45 +0000 2011

Replying to @joshgreen

Predictability where wisdom results is no vice.

Wed Apr 27 00:14:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmittell and @joshgreen

That, I'd buy.

Wed Apr 27 00:15:31 +0000 2011

Replying to @joshgreen and @jmittell

Half my family is Irish. I'd be on the losing side of any such argument.

Wed Apr 27 00:16:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenHoward

Surely that's the number of votes counted thus far? And will increase as the count continues?

Wed Apr 27 01:12:40 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenHoward

Okay, that's bad.

Wed Apr 27 01:13:14 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenHoward

It's rare enough you folks actually get to vote; one fears everyone's just given up.

Wed Apr 27 01:17:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenHoward

Taxation without representation is... aw, never mind.

Wed Apr 27 01:18:03 +0000 2011

Replying to @brettbobley and @jenhoward

It would be incredibly frustrating - and even more so to see this effect on what democratic possibilities remain.

Wed Apr 27 01:22:14 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @dancohen

Not that I've come across. The Lamont that @matthomas linked to uses grant panels as a metonym for peer review.

Wed Apr 27 01:45:21 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @dancohen

The only serious study of peer review in the humanities that I found was http://www.amazon.com/Peer-Review-Critical-Inquiry-Academic/dp/0742514358

Wed Apr 27 01:47:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @dancohen

And it's more focused on the philosophical/ethical questions that peer review raises. He acknowledges that the +

Wed Apr 27 01:48:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @dancohen

kind of study you're talking about really hasn't been done, as it has in sci & soc sci fields, in part bc those +

Wed Apr 27 01:49:12 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @dancohen

who care about humanities outlets aren't really trained to do the quantitative work required to study them.

Wed Apr 27 01:49:45 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @dancohen

A good question. If one were doing a study of open review processes, one might put it on the agenda!

Wed Apr 27 02:02:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @mattthomas

She talks about other forms of review but is really focused on the panels, probably because she could observe/ask about them.

Wed Apr 27 02:04:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @brettbobley

Absolutely! I'll look forward to the opportunity.

Wed Apr 27 02:10:00 +0000 2011

RT @BookWorld: Folger Shakespeare Library names new director http://wapo.st/idmXyI //Participant in the 1st ShQ open review at @mediacommons!

Wed Apr 27 03:35:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @GeorgeOnline

Login via command line or FTP and delete .maintenance at the top level.

Wed Apr 27 13:20:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @karikraus

I've had that dream before. \(Wait \- are you awake?\)

Wed Apr 27 20:39:35 +0000 2011

Replying to @karikraus

Fun! I'm sure the lines came together. But I really do still have the "hey, I'm in a play! Wait, what play?" dream quite often.

Thu Apr 28 01:13:38 +0000 2011

Cuts mean "no public historically black college in [Louisiana] will offer a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language" http://www.2theadvocate.com/news/Regents-cull-100-degrees.html

Thu Apr 28 11:50:57 +0000 2011

Replying to @tanyaclement

Wow, congratulations, Tanya! Fantastic news!

Thu Apr 28 14:09:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Nice desk space, though! Plenty of room for the chaos to spread itself out.

Thu Apr 28 16:01:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

Straight outta Lily Tomlin.

Thu Apr 28 18:03:33 +0000 2011

Glasses have been making the bridge of my nose ache fiercely for several days. Switched to contacts. Eyes now unhappy. #rock #me #hardplace

Thu Apr 28 18:13:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Sounds right. I'll take them in early next week, and deal with the contacts in the meantime, to let the old nosebridge rest.

Thu Apr 28 18:23:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @grammarsnark and @mlaconvention

Thank you! I'm thrilled, needless to say!

Fri Apr 29 10:36:55 +0000 2011

Replying to @nowviskie and @mlaconvention

Thanks so much, Bethany. I'm thrilled and looking forward to getting started.

Fri Apr 29 10:38:01 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmcclurken

Thank you! I'm really excited about what's ahead.

Fri Apr 29 10:39:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall and @mlaconvention

Thanks so much, Brian. I'm super excited, needless to say.

Fri Apr 29 10:49:57 +0000 2011

Replying to @sshreeves

Thanks so much!

Fri Apr 29 10:58:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @pdahlgre

Thanks, Paul!

Fri Apr 29 10:58:37 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @mlaconvention

Thank you! We're excited, needless to say.

Fri Apr 29 11:11:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @veek

Yay! There's lots of good stuff ahead - I'm looking forward to getting started!

Fri Apr 29 11:11:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @shanakimball

Thanks, Shana!

Fri Apr 29 11:12:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @RepoRat

Thank you! I'm super excited, and looking forward to getting started.

Fri Apr 29 11:23:58 +0000 2011

Replying to @micahvandegrift

Thank you! I hope I can continue to bring lots of excitement to the profession as we go forward.

Fri Apr 29 11:29:18 +0000 2011

RT @micahvandegrift: Waking up to news of @kfitz leading an Office of Scholarly Communications for MLA makes me more excited about my jo ...

Fri Apr 29 11:43:24 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmittell

Yes, it is! It's an enormous opportunity.

Fri Apr 29 11:44:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Yes, it is. I'll be moving early this summer!

Fri Apr 29 11:46:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @jeanburgess

Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting started.

Fri Apr 29 11:48:04 +0000 2011

@jeanburgess @nancybaym By the by, my #ir12 proposal was accepted, so I'm looking forward to seeing you both in Seattle!

Fri Apr 29 11:48:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @captain_primate

Thanks, Ethan! There's exciting stuff ahead.

Fri Apr 29 11:52:16 +0000 2011

New post: Moves and Updates http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/moves-and-updates/

Fri Apr 29 11:55:12 +0000 2011

Replying to @plragde

Thanks! I'm extremely excited, and really looking forward to getting started.

Fri Apr 29 11:58:05 +0000 2011

Replying to @jcmeloni

Team superawesome FTW!

Fri Apr 29 11:58:49 +0000 2011

Replying to @captain_primate

I know exactly what you mean! And I'll hope to talk with you & your colleagues as we go forward.

Fri Apr 29 11:59:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @caseyboyle

Thank you!

Fri Apr 29 12:00:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @shermandorn

Thanks! I'm quite excited.

Fri Apr 29 12:04:17 +0000 2011

Replying to @ayjay

Thanks so much - I really do think that exciting things are ahead, and I'm happy to have the chance to help build them.

Fri Apr 29 12:07:29 +0000 2011

Replying to @samplereality

Thanks, Mark! Exciting things, indeed.

Fri Apr 29 12:07:54 +0000 2011

Replying to @dancohen

Thank you so much, Dan; I'm just thrilled, and looking forward to the exciting things we'll be able to make happen.

Fri Apr 29 12:12:05 +0000 2011

Replying to @rschon and @mlaconvention

Thank you! I'm looking forward to getting started.

Fri Apr 29 12:13:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @alogemann

Thank you so much. I'm very excited about the opportunity!

Fri Apr 29 12:13:59 +0000 2011

Replying to @middlemiddlek

Thank you for that vote of confidence! I hope we give you lots of reason to find us even more than relevant!

Fri Apr 29 12:17:52 +0000 2011

RT @middlemiddlek: I'm totally going to have to rethink my suspicion of MLA's relevance now that they've hired @kfitz to head up scholar ...

Fri Apr 29 12:18:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkirschenbaum and @mlaconvention

Thanks, Matt. It's in the IHE quick takes, and will be on the MLA site very shortly.

Fri Apr 29 12:20:08 +0000 2011

Replying to @amndw2 and @mlaconvention

Thanks, Amanda!

Fri Apr 29 12:20:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @samplereality and @mlaconvention

The brown M&Ms are as good as gone.

Fri Apr 29 12:23:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @subsublibrary

Many thanks, Ben! It's a very exciting step, and I'm looking forward to being back in NYC, to boot!

Fri Apr 29 12:25:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @sherah1918

Thanks so much! We're all very excited about the opportunities ahead.

Fri Apr 29 12:25:37 +0000 2011

Replying to @jasonrhody and @mlaconvention

Thanks so much, Jason - looking forward to much excitement ahead!

Fri Apr 29 12:27:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkgold and @mlaconvention

Thank you, Matt! It's a great opportunity, for all of us.

Fri Apr 29 12:28:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @Scrivenings

Thank you! I think it's going to be an exciting time.

Fri Apr 29 12:28:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @karikraus

Yay! Thanks, Kari!

Fri Apr 29 12:29:06 +0000 2011

RT @karikraus: Oh wow--the brilliant @kfitz to direct the #MLA's new Office of Scholarly Communication! Makes me proud to be a member of ...

Fri Apr 29 12:29:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @brendabethman and @mlaconvention

Thanks so much - I'm glad you've re-joined, too, and look forward to an exciting future.

Fri Apr 29 12:31:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @jtheibault

Thanks so much!

Fri Apr 29 12:32:05 +0000 2011

Replying to @GeorgeOnline and @mlaconvention

Thanks, George!

Fri Apr 29 12:33:14 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmittell

Absolutely - I'll look forward to talking with you as they develop.

Fri Apr 29 12:34:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @savasavasava

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it, too.

Fri Apr 29 12:34:55 +0000 2011

Replying to @joshhonn

Thank you!

Fri Apr 29 12:39:17 +0000 2011

Replying to @melissaterras

Thanks so much, Melissa!

Fri Apr 29 12:54:07 +0000 2011

Replying to @janineutell and @mlaconvention

Thank you!

Fri Apr 29 12:57:35 +0000 2011

Replying to @surlyF

Thanks so much - there are some really exciting possibilities ahead!

Fri Apr 29 12:58:21 +0000 2011

Replying to @sleonchnm and @mlaconvention

Thank you! It's a phenomenal opportunity.

Fri Apr 29 12:58:54 +0000 2011

Replying to @annettemarkham

Thanks, Annette! Very excited...

Fri Apr 29 12:59:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @msbonn

Thanks, Maria - it's a very exciting moment for all of us.

Fri Apr 29 13:00:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @philnel

Thank you, Phil!

Fri Apr 29 13:00:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @ernestopriego

Hear, hear! \(And thanks\!\)

Fri Apr 29 13:00:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @erochest

Thank you!

Fri Apr 29 13:05:07 +0000 2011

Replying to @cjprender

Thanks so much. We've got lots of exciting stuff ahead.

Fri Apr 29 13:05:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @KeethInk and @mlaconvention

Thank you!

Fri Apr 29 13:05:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @alicetiara

Yay, thanks! I'm glad to be sticking around, and very excited about the opportunities ahead...

Fri Apr 29 13:07:21 +0000 2011

Replying to @ndrmag and @mlaconvention

Hey, I got my start at NDR, back in the day. Thanks so much!

Fri Apr 29 13:22:29 +0000 2011

Replying to @pbenzon and @mlaconvention

Thanks! "Looking forward" is exactly right.

Fri Apr 29 13:28:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @acavender and @mlaconvention

Thanks, Amy! I'm very excited about the opportunity.

Fri Apr 29 13:39:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @kathiiberens

Thank you!

Fri Apr 29 13:48:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @kathiiberens

There was a wedding?

Fri Apr 29 13:48:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @Musebrarian

Thank you -- that's what I'm hoping for!

Fri Apr 29 13:53:26 +0000 2011

Replying to @kdettmar and @mlaconvention

Thanks, Kevin!

Fri Apr 29 13:56:24 +0000 2011

Replying to @amyeetx and @mlaconvention

Thanks so much. We're very exciting about the possibilities ahead.

Fri Apr 29 13:57:36 +0000 2011

Replying to @grammarsnark and @mlaconvention

Thank you so much! I'll look forward to working with members like you to build an exciting sch comm future!

Fri Apr 29 14:08:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @brettbobley

Thanks so much, Brett; I'm very happy to have this opportunity!

Fri Apr 29 14:19:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @d_kompare

Thanks, Derek!

Fri Apr 29 14:19:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @edmj

Thank you! I'm looking forward to doing all kinds of cool stuff with @mlaconvention!

Fri Apr 29 14:30:07 +0000 2011

Replying to @ryancordell

Thanks, Ryan!

Fri Apr 29 14:30:22 +0000 2011

Replying to @eetempleton and @georgeonline

No kidding. WANT.

Fri Apr 29 14:30:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @eetempleton

Thanks so much, Erin - I'm super excited about it, and looking forward to the great things we'll be able to build.

Fri Apr 29 14:33:40 +0000 2011

Replying to @TCPstream

Thanks! I'm very excited about the possibilities ahead.

Fri Apr 29 15:03:29 +0000 2011

Replying to @kathiiberens

At least it wasn't green.

Fri Apr 29 15:08:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @katharine_b and @mlaconvention

Thank you!

Fri Apr 29 15:08:58 +0000 2011

Replying to @escapegrace

Thank you!

Fri Apr 29 15:27:26 +0000 2011

Replying to @triproftri and @mlaconvention

Thanks, Kathy; we're very excited about the possibilities ahead!

Fri Apr 29 15:27:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @amitorit

Thank you - that really means an awful lot to me.

Fri Apr 29 15:28:01 +0000 2011

Replying to @audreywatters

Thanks, Audrey. I'm very excited about the possibilities ahead!

Fri Apr 29 15:51:28 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Wow. That would be some very odd advice.

Fri Apr 29 15:51:57 +0000 2011

MT @tcarmody: in my experience as a committee member, the MLA staff is among the best in the world.//Could not agree more; thrilled to join!

Fri Apr 29 16:13:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @tcarmody and @mlaconvention

Also, thanks! Looking forward to exploring future possibilities.

Fri Apr 29 16:13:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @tcarmody

It's an amazing opportunity. My head is still spinning with it.

Fri Apr 29 16:14:40 +0000 2011

Replying to @tanyaclement

Thanks, Tanya!

Fri Apr 29 16:17:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @bnreviewer

Me, too. It'll be great to be back here fer reals.

Fri Apr 29 16:19:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

Do you have a link? I'd love to see...

Fri Apr 29 16:32:51 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

Oh, wait - that one. Never mind.

Fri Apr 29 16:33:42 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

Nah, is probably for the best.

Fri Apr 29 16:36:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @afeeld

Thank you! I'm very excited.

Fri Apr 29 16:36:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @ncecire and @mlaconvention

Thanks, Natalia; we're pretty thrilled!

Fri Apr 29 16:40:31 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

I *love* it. Thanks, Amanda!

Fri Apr 29 16:56:35 +0000 2011

RT @amandafrench: VERY excited about @kfitz's new position at the Modern Language Association. Expect those languages to get REAL modern ...

Fri Apr 29 16:56:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @zonal

Thank you so much.

Fri Apr 29 16:57:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention

Uh, I'd be in! #mlatweetup

Fri Apr 29 17:35:24 +0000 2011

Replying to @ChristophrLucas

Thanks, Chris; I'm thrilled, needless to say!

Fri Apr 29 17:38:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @jenterysayers

Thanks so much, Jentery; lots of good stuff ahead for all of us, I hope!

Fri Apr 29 18:26:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandalicastro

Thanks, Amanda!

Fri Apr 29 18:27:35 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandalicastro

I'm hoping that a celebratory drink might be managed, yes!

Fri Apr 29 18:28:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @sheepeeh


Fri Apr 29 19:04:55 +0000 2011

Replying to @peasandpoetry

Thanks, Jen!

Fri Apr 29 19:07:05 +0000 2011

RT @ProfHacker: New post: @jbj's "Weekend Reading: Hail to the MLA Edition": http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/weekend-reading-hail-to-the-mla-edition/33099 // Thanks, guys!

Fri Apr 29 19:10:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @mattthomas

Thanks, Matt! Glad to know you've joined, and I look forward to working on things that keep you among us!

Fri Apr 29 19:14:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @footnotesrising

Thanks! I'll look forward to helping spread the momentum.

Fri Apr 29 19:26:40 +0000 2011

Replying to @MissLadyB

So sorry I won't be there to say hi! Have fun, though.

Fri Apr 29 20:02:26 +0000 2011

Replying to @nmhouston

Thanks, Natalie!

Fri Apr 29 20:03:01 +0000 2011

Replying to @mbtimney

Thanks, Meagan!

Fri Apr 29 20:26:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @lisaspiro

Thanks, Lisa!

Fri Apr 29 20:27:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @FrostDavis

Thanks! I'm very excited as well, probably needless to say!

Fri Apr 29 20:34:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @unsworth

Thanks so much, John - I'm excited about the possibilities ahead for all of us!

Fri Apr 29 22:30:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @mickimcgee

Thanks, Micki!

Fri Apr 29 22:33:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @sivavaid and @unsworth

Would be quite amazing indeed! I'll win you back yet...

Fri Apr 29 23:25:08 +0000 2011

So... this was kind of a day.

Fri Apr 29 23:45:22 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

Also you needed an extra suitcase for the trip, as I recall.

Fri Apr 29 23:45:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

I for one would like to know more about that martini.

Fri Apr 29 23:51:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Ooh, nice. Will make a pilgrimage to hunt it down. And perhaps sometime we might actually meet up down your way for one?

Fri Apr 29 23:57:57 +0000 2011

I have Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" stuck in my head. This does not say much good about my #wildfridaynight.

Sat Apr 30 01:42:02 +0000 2011

Replying to @acavender

Just FYI, if you edit custom.css in the theme's main folder instead, it'll override the defaults without future updates undoing +

Sat Apr 30 14:48:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @acavender

your customizations. -

Sat Apr 30 14:48:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @HASTAC

Thanks so much! Looking forward to many exciting new collaborative possibilities!

Sat Apr 30 14:49:10 +0000 2011

Replying to @CatinStack

Thanks so much, Cathy! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity.

Sat Apr 30 15:08:51 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

Do you mean something like MITH's TILE \(text\-image linking environment\)? #thatcamp

Sat Apr 30 15:42:36 +0000 2011

One last thank-you to everyone for the kind wishes yesterday. I tried to catch everybody individually but I'm sure I missed some of you.

Sat Apr 30 16:06:23 +0000 2011

I'm very excited about getting some of the new #MLA experiments going; I'll look forward to talking with all of you about them!

Sat Apr 30 16:08:05 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmcclurken

My inst's email was down for 1/2 the faculty a while back, and the rest of us kept getting email updates about the problem. #hmm

Sat Apr 30 17:01:07 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmcclurken

That is a very generous interpretation of the situation! But yeah, a plan B would be a good thing, especially at crunch times.

Sat Apr 30 17:05:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmcclurken

That is precisely my sense. If there is a problem, send an email. If there is an email problem, send an email.

Sat Apr 30 17:08:14 +0000 2011

Replying to @alanpharvey

Thank you - it should, indeed!

Sat Apr 30 17:20:24 +0000 2011

This has been the slowest and most painful 1500 words I've ever produced. And I have 1000 to go. Must take a walk to try to clear my head.

Sat Apr 30 17:21:54 +0000 2011

Archiving ancient teaching websites \(i\.e\., 2006\-2008\) by exporting from dynamic site to static HTML. A very weird exercise.

Sat Apr 30 21:09:41 +0000 2011

Why does the last 10% of bean doneness take longer than the first 90%?

Sun May 01 00:04:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @acavender

That must be it!

Sun May 01 00:18:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @samplereality and @mlaconvention

Oh, but there's a huge difference between failure not being possible and not being an option!

Sun May 01 01:18:07 +0000 2011

Replying to @samplereality and @mlaconvention

Oh, okay. I didn't see it go by, but it's got the ring of #thatcamp.

Sun May 01 01:19:36 +0000 2011

Replying to @mlaconvention and @roxieblog

Can you dig it? \(Yes, I can\!\)

Sun May 01 01:21:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenHoward

That was quick! :)

Sun May 01 01:48:52 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenHoward

I figured as much. Frankly, it was nice having only about 20 secs of "oh, how sad!" before the resolution.

Sun May 01 01:51:20 +0000 2011