2011 08 01 tweets

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Yay! Enjoy!

Mon Aug 01 14:23:25 +0000 2011

Packed myself a fantastic lunch last night, including leftovers from last night's fab dinner- and proceeded to leave it in the fridge. Rats.

Mon Aug 01 14:39:36 +0000 2011

More information about this November's Berlin9 Open Access Conference is now available: http://www.berlin9.org/news/11-0801.shtml

Mon Aug 01 20:45:58 +0000 2011

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Ah, just wait until you see the awesome Chemex carafe I'll be bringing to the office. I'll be unstoppable.

Mon Aug 01 22:01:55 +0000 2011

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It's a 3-cup, so I suppose I could be persuaded to share. Just more frequent brewing!

Mon Aug 01 23:31:31 +0000 2011

Fantastic blog post on obsolescence and nostalgia, jumping off from my first book, The Anxiety of Obsolescence: http://digiauthors.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/obsolescence-and-nostalgia/

Tue Aug 02 12:01:55 +0000 2011

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I've requested @Profhacker update that, but it's taking some time.

Tue Aug 02 16:02:42 +0000 2011

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It is very hard for me to imagine that this is the same place that was in single digits at the start of my visit.

Tue Aug 02 20:11:28 +0000 2011

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If you're looking for more early humanities bloggers, you might look at my blogroll from June 2003: http://web.archive.org/web/20030802101442/http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/po/

Wed Aug 03 15:47:41 +0000 2011

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Some familiar folks there...

Wed Aug 03 15:48:06 +0000 2011

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Blogging completely transformed my sense of scholarly community, esp when I met the Wordherders!

Wed Aug 03 15:54:02 +0000 2011

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I absolutely herd words honorarily. It's a calling. :)

Wed Aug 03 16:13:28 +0000 2011

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Wed Aug 03 17:51:14 +0000 2011

You go, @mariabustillos: "I wrote about Aaron Swartz and JSTOR and all that, because I have got THOUGHTS on this matter http://bit.ly/qQnk6g"

Wed Aug 03 18:23:54 +0000 2011

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Read that sitting in my doctor's waiting room this morning and it was all I could do not to laugh out loud. HI-LARIOUS.

Wed Aug 03 18:27:57 +0000 2011

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Eh, it was just wishful thinking on my part.

Wed Aug 03 19:26:30 +0000 2011

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I get that, I guess. But it serves TWC, not HBO. I'd pay more for HBO Go by itself than I would for HBO as a cable add-on.

Wed Aug 03 19:33:22 +0000 2011

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Heh. Hard to separate them. On the previous convo: TW might in the long run be okay with a no-cable HBO; TWC would certainly not.

Wed Aug 03 20:17:32 +0000 2011

Am enjoying my first cup of made-in-the-office Chemex coffee. Holy moly, I may never drink anything else.

Thu Aug 04 14:04:39 +0000 2011

Oh no: Just saw a report saying Etta James has passed away. An enormous loss.

Thu Aug 04 15:22:26 +0000 2011

Just finished revising a short piece for a certain higher ed publication. Prepare to have your swashes buckled - and by a girl, no less!

Thu Aug 04 15:30:06 +0000 2011

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What a heartbreaking version. I got to see her play Jazz Fest in 2006; she was just amazing.

Thu Aug 04 15:34:38 +0000 2011

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Oh, thank goodness!

Thu Aug 04 15:40:51 +0000 2011

A hoax like this is enormously depressing. Particularly given the more than sufficient sadness of the actual situation. http://www.nme.com/news/etta-james/58450

Thu Aug 04 15:43:26 +0000 2011

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True. Though one does feel scientific when making coffee with it! If only I had a Bunsen burner...

Thu Aug 04 15:55:13 +0000 2011

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Oh, no. Surely not. Just gadgetyness.

Thu Aug 04 16:00:15 +0000 2011

I had to get a tetanus/whooping cough booster shot yesterday, and today it feels like my shoulder has been punched from the inside.

Thu Aug 04 16:05:20 +0000 2011

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It *was* vaguely obscene; she was raunchy in the best possible way. An amazing performance.

Thu Aug 04 17:51:14 +0000 2011

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As I already noted. But thanks.

Thu Aug 04 17:52:06 +0000 2011

I am suddenly NOT HAVING A GOOD DAY AT ALL. Cooperate with me, world. #sheesh

Thu Aug 04 18:22:58 +0000 2011

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Thank you! PS: if you know someone looking for an awesome rental about 35 miles east of you, let me know, okay?

Thu Aug 04 18:25:00 +0000 2011

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Thu Aug 04 18:35:22 +0000 2011

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That is not the worst idea anyone has suggested to me. Any book in particular this evening?

Thu Aug 04 19:37:05 +0000 2011

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Excellent! What time will you be there?

Thu Aug 04 19:46:41 +0000 2011

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Hey, now there's an agenda I can get behind!

Thu Aug 04 19:50:18 +0000 2011

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Great. I'll try to make it by unless I've already pulled the covers over my head by that point.

Thu Aug 04 19:55:56 +0000 2011

I really, really hate the degree to which one craptastic event can utterly undo an otherwise rockin' day.

Thu Aug 04 22:08:58 +0000 2011

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imwtty :)

Thu Aug 04 22:12:09 +0000 2011

Perfect weather for a drink on the terrace, though. Mood improving already!

Thu Aug 04 22:20:56 +0000 2011

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Srsly. Exactly the right kind of overcast. Low humidity. 80 degrees. What could be better?

Thu Aug 04 22:34:23 +0000 2011

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I *told* you you rock. :)

Thu Aug 04 23:04:25 +0000 2011

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I'm testing it out, but only have one friend there yet, so am not yet getting the full benefit, I think.

Fri Aug 05 13:41:09 +0000 2011

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Excellent column, Kari!

Sun Aug 07 13:29:19 +0000 2011

This week in beans & greens: chickpeas and kale. And holy moly, is it good. #whatimeatingfordinner

Sun Aug 07 22:36:08 +0000 2011

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This was a Bittman-inspired soup, starting from dried chickpeas; kale went in for the last 30 mins. Yum.

Mon Aug 08 00:28:56 +0000 2011

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Cool - I'll check it out!

Mon Aug 08 00:35:01 +0000 2011

Starting another week of plotting the reinvention of scholarly communication!

Mon Aug 08 13:16:46 +0000 2011

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Not quite yet -- but very soon, I hope! :)

Mon Aug 08 13:18:10 +0000 2011

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Mon Aug 08 15:14:03 +0000 2011

RT @zota: The stock price crashed through the bottom of the chart. I though it only did that in cartoons?


Mon Aug 08 15:50:27 +0000 2011

Went to the gym on my lunch hour. That right there, friends, is going to make a huge difference in my quality of life.

Mon Aug 08 17:42:26 +0000 2011

The only alarming part is that it took a colleague to suggest it to me; I'd never have thought to do it on my own.

Mon Aug 08 17:42:52 +0000 2011

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Something like that!

Mon Aug 08 17:43:54 +0000 2011

Now sitting at my desk scarfing down some guilt-free leftovers and preparing to write a report.

Mon Aug 08 17:44:33 +0000 2011

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NYSC, at Wall & Broad.

Mon Aug 08 17:47:33 +0000 2011

Incidentally, the gym I went to is more or less diagonally across from the stock exchange. And there are sure a lot of TV crews there!

Mon Aug 08 17:50:11 +0000 2011

You'd think something big was happening.

Mon Aug 08 17:50:21 +0000 2011

I've lost track of who it was in my stream that linked to this - http://www.hussalonia.com/HRC_011.html - but thanks. Really. +

Mon Aug 08 23:29:47 +0000 2011

A completely bizarre opportunity to relive a key period in my utterly misspent youth.

Mon Aug 08 23:30:11 +0000 2011

My head just exploded: I'm sitting here wondering why I knew every word of every song in the first half of that Glass Houses cover, but +

Mon Aug 08 23:54:25 +0000 2011

was only familiarish with most of the second half. Why? Owned it on vinyl. Duh.

Mon Aug 08 23:54:57 +0000 2011

Oh this has just been an AWESOME day.

Tue Aug 09 00:00:58 +0000 2011

\(Previous tweet was not meant to be sarcastic\.\)

Tue Aug 09 00:01:13 +0000 2011

Evidence that Plan Go to Gym at Lunch was a rousing success: late-day endorphins rock. \(Not to mention a thoroughgoing sense of virtue\.\)

Tue Aug 09 00:04:20 +0000 2011

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So. Jealous.

Tue Aug 09 00:50:17 +0000 2011

RT @ClaraJeffery: Guys, if the London Eye were on fire, there'd be wall-to-wall cable shots of it. Keep Calm, Carry On.

Tue Aug 09 01:47:54 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenHoward

I have no doubt.

Tue Aug 09 02:06:21 +0000 2011

Replying to @surlyF and @jenhoward

Red Dragon Tattoo remains my favorite pull-me-out-of-a-bad-mood song.

Tue Aug 09 02:21:04 +0000 2011

Day 2 of Project Go to Gym at Lunch successfully completed! I could get used to this.

Tue Aug 09 17:52:24 +0000 2011

Replying to @midwinter_

Next stop: treadmill desk. Oh yes.

Tue Aug 09 18:14:01 +0000 2011

Replying to @patcohennyt

Wow, that's fantastic - thank you, and thanks for letting me know!

Tue Aug 09 19:43:26 +0000 2011

Okay, today was another rockin' day, but all this rockin' is wearing me out a little.

Tue Aug 09 21:55:00 +0000 2011

And oh, Twitter client? Autocorrect? On my desktop Mac? QUIT IT.

Tue Aug 09 21:55:40 +0000 2011

Seriously: how is there no preference to turn this abomination off? I do not want to be autocorrected when I have a proper keyboard!

Tue Aug 09 21:56:55 +0000 2011

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Not really. Really?

Tue Aug 09 21:59:05 +0000 2011

RT @jwolman: @kfitz I think that's an OS-wide Lion thing. // Insanely enough, he's right. Food news: off switch in System Prefs > Lang&Text.

Tue Aug 09 22:00:38 +0000 2011

Dammit. That was GOOD NEWS. Not "Food News." \(Would love to blame autocorrect for that\.\)

Tue Aug 09 22:01:35 +0000 2011

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Tue Aug 09 22:01:59 +0000 2011

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Tue Aug 09 22:02:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @miriamkp and @mkirschenbaum

Me too. Problem is I got support for taping but not digitizing/hosting.

Wed Aug 10 18:03:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkirschenbaum and @miriamkp

It's depressing. I really hated that some amazing talks languished in my desk drawer.

Wed Aug 10 18:09:48 +0000 2011

I want a PhotoSynth-like app that uses face recognition & the Flickr API to let you find yourself in the bg of other people's vacation pix.

Thu Aug 11 17:47:27 +0000 2011

\(Because I end up in at least 2\-3 a day here\. and I'm curious what they'd look like all together\.\)

Thu Aug 11 17:48:02 +0000 2011

Replying to @surlyF

Google Alerts for your face? Hmmm.

Thu Aug 11 17:54:09 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall and @nowviskie

The core MC site \(i\.e\., the not MediaCommons Press parts\) are all in Drupal, including #alt-ac.

Thu Aug 11 18:00:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @lisagrimm

Wow - I misread that as "ran 4.4 miles in 15 mins" and thought "and felt good??? Good grief!"

Thu Aug 11 18:14:17 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

Looking forward to having you back at #mla!

Fri Aug 12 13:07:50 +0000 2011

Gym and quick lunch, soon to be followed by a Skype talk with @OxyCDLR.

Fri Aug 12 17:18:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @DrGnosis

I can think of a couple. But any particular reason? Or just on general principle?

Fri Aug 12 17:19:22 +0000 2011

Replying to @sivavaid and @tpm

Hey, White House: How about reassuring the humanities community of your funding commitment? We're a bargain by comparison.

Fri Aug 12 17:26:44 +0000 2011

Awesome chat with the folks at @OxyCDLR. Nice way to spend part of a Friday afternoon!

Fri Aug 12 18:49:52 +0000 2011

Friday. Beer. Terrace. Whew. #fried

Fri Aug 12 22:36:27 +0000 2011

The park is not a terrible place to be today. http://yfrog.com/hs8vxeaj

Sat Aug 13 15:50:15 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

I confess to being a little lost. Blogs devoted to the MTV series?

Sun Aug 14 16:01:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

Well, clearly if Nels is commenting, these are a serious Scholarly Interest.

Sun Aug 14 16:02:22 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Agreed. And a pretty reasonable use of the flashmob form, for that matter.

Sun Aug 14 17:00:36 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

But as train station musical performances go, this one remains my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATXV3DzKv68

Sun Aug 14 17:01:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

Heh. #greatminds indeed!

Sun Aug 14 17:10:22 +0000 2011

Replying to @fearv

Perhaps late, but: careful, deliberate hamstring stretching. Srsly, lower back issues are often due to too-tight hamstrings.

Mon Aug 15 03:03:38 +0000 2011

Huge announcements from the good folks at @zotero: http://www.zotero.org/blog/major-upgrades-underway/

Mon Aug 15 12:40:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @RepoRat

Oh, Dorothea - I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself; I'll be thinking about you.

Mon Aug 15 13:25:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @moncia

I'm glad you had a good vacation, but it's very nice to see you back!

Mon Aug 15 13:43:57 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

This is the point at which I found that I fit perfectly in the spot in my built-in living room shelves where the TV had been.

Mon Aug 15 14:09:43 +0000 2011

Replying to @ibogost

If you find out, please repost: is making me crazy.

Tue Aug 16 13:46:14 +0000 2011

I am trying not to vomit. // RT @kdrum: Girl Forced to Apologize to Boy Who Raped Her http://mojo.ly/q4QUyo

Wed Aug 17 21:05:50 +0000 2011

Heck yeah. // RT @cscannella: friday > thursday

Fri Aug 19 12:29:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @plragde

Perhaps. Though a Sunday-Monday lineup might challenge that.

Fri Aug 19 13:04:02 +0000 2011

Replying to @academicdave

Because these things cost a lot to produce, alas. But we've got some plans in the works that will make you happy!

Fri Aug 19 13:05:59 +0000 2011

Replying to @academicdave

Primary cost is labor \(editing, design, layout, etc\), not printing. But again - we're working on some great new stuff.

Fri Aug 19 14:04:14 +0000 2011

Replying to @academicdave

Trust me, you'll like it.

Fri Aug 19 14:04:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @academicdave

Design & layout can be templated, but they can't be done away with entirely. Editing is still a lot of labor. +

Fri Aug 19 14:44:59 +0000 2011

Replying to @academicdave

But I'll look forward to sharing the new plans with you when I can; I'm super excited about them!

Fri Aug 19 14:45:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @GeorgeOnline and @academicdave

Book editors receive a fairly standard \(i\.e\., small\) royalty arrangement. The real cost is staff labor.

Fri Aug 19 14:49:45 +0000 2011

Replying to @GeorgeOnline and @academicdave

Editing is not just done by the faculty; there is a lot of work in development, acquisitions, copyediting, etc.

Fri Aug 19 14:50:31 +0000 2011

Replying to @captain_primate

Hey, congrats! Very exciting news.

Fri Aug 19 19:34:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @captain_primate

Aw shucks. Glad to be a good influence! :)

Fri Aug 19 19:43:39 +0000 2011

Took the afternoon off to catch up on rest. Actually had a nice nap! From which I woke up with a raging sore throat. NOT FAIR.

Fri Aug 19 22:04:01 +0000 2011

Replying to @Ed_Raso

That's usually how my body responds to the end of a semester. But to a Friday afternoon off? Hmph.

Fri Aug 19 22:24:03 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

I am all about the crowdsourcing, but still believe rhinoviruses are best individually handled. Call me old-fashioned.

Fri Aug 19 22:45:44 +0000 2011

Looking a little dramatic out here. http://yfrog.com/ke8tjtwj

Fri Aug 19 22:47:02 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

Boy, you want to talk about dramatic? The lightning right outside my window is really something. Earth-shaking, if not -shattering.

Fri Aug 19 23:26:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

Ooh, it would be. I didn't see that - the lightning was a bit north of the ESB. But I'll keep an eye out!

Sat Aug 20 00:05:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

Wow - now that's dramatic!

Sat Aug 20 00:20:33 +0000 2011

The crucial question for the morning: coffee or tea?

Sat Aug 20 13:28:33 +0000 2011

Throat is still very unhappy, which makes me think tea. But then… coffee. You know?

Sat Aug 20 13:29:21 +0000 2011

Replying to @acavender

I like the way you think. :-)

Sat Aug 20 13:34:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @eetempleton

Good grief! I'm glad you weren't there.

Sat Aug 20 13:34:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @eetempleton

No kidding. Judging from the damage it was able to do to the garage, having it hit the house would have been bad.

Sat Aug 20 13:39:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @eetempleton

Wow. I just assumed that you guys got hit by one of the storms we've been getting lately!

Sat Aug 20 13:42:08 +0000 2011

So I missed @mkirschenbaum's birthday yesterday \(happy belated, Matt\!\), but I haven't missed @nowviskie's today! Happy birthday, Bethany!

Sat Aug 20 13:52:48 +0000 2011

Morning view from the terrace, looking down 3rd Avenue. http://yfrog.com/h3nvulwj

Sat Aug 20 14:49:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

In the foreground? Just lower buildings between 33rd & 35th.

Sat Aug 20 15:07:17 +0000 2011

Replying to @patrick_mj

Not bad, eh?

Sat Aug 20 15:07:49 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

The thing I find most amazing is the trees. You never think of 3rd Ave as being tree-lined, but from up here, it is.

Sat Aug 20 15:11:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

I'm going that one better: coffee, then nap, then tea.

Sat Aug 20 18:42:54 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

Not a huge brandy fan, but whiskey, sure.

Sat Aug 20 19:17:10 +0000 2011

Replying to @ryancordell

Go Cordells! Sending all my best wishes your way.

Sun Aug 21 01:12:49 +0000 2011

Replying to @sherah1918

So sorry! Next step: plain white rice. It's a miracle food.

Sun Aug 21 02:50:45 +0000 2011

Replying to @ryancordell

Congratulations, Cordell family! So glad he could join you.

Sun Aug 21 11:26:59 +0000 2011

Gee, I wonder what the weather's like outside? http://yfrog.com/gy86610800j

Sun Aug 21 23:58:55 +0000 2011

Hey Twitterati: my TV has two HDMI ports. I'm about to have a third HDMI device. Do any of you know of a switcher that works?

Mon Aug 22 13:29:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @academicdave

Awesome, thanks!

Mon Aug 22 13:34:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @imaniperry and @rgfeal

Hey, me too! And I'll look forward to following more from you.

Tue Aug 23 12:26:03 +0000 2011

Have just received a nice invitation to submit an article to an open access journal of psychiatry. Almost makes me wish I were in the field!

Tue Aug 23 12:31:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @mattthomas

I think it would need to be a clinical study of the effects of open access on the mental health of academics.

Tue Aug 23 12:37:20 +0000 2011

Am thrilled that I've taken the afternoon off and am getting to enjoy a little of this insanely perfect weather.

Tue Aug 23 17:08:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @crsbecker

That's what kills me about the start of fall semester. One second you're standing still. The next you're doing 90 in traffic.

Tue Aug 23 17:29:14 +0000 2011

Replying to @crsbecker

Exactly. It's the feeling of driving in the fast lane on LA freeways - retaining wall next to you, traffic on the other side... +

Tue Aug 23 17:36:06 +0000 2011

Replying to @crsbecker

The lane is always too narrow and the guy behind you is right on your bumper. -

Tue Aug 23 17:36:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @cforster

Don't know, but I think it just hit us in NYC.

Tue Aug 23 17:54:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @crazymonk

Yes. Very interesting on the 16th floor!

Tue Aug 23 17:54:48 +0000 2011

Well, that was exciting. Thanks, Earth! #ileftsoutherncaliforniathanks

Tue Aug 23 17:55:25 +0000 2011

USGS says 5.8 centered in Virginia. Whoa.

Tue Aug 23 17:56:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @jbj

Gee, thanks! Um, you don't happen to have the receipt for that, do you?

Tue Aug 23 17:57:22 +0000 2011

Twitter really is faster than seismic waves. Heard about the VA earthquake a full minute before feeling it in NYC. http://xkcd.com/723/

Tue Aug 23 17:59:20 +0000 2011

Completely crazy. Sending all good *non-shaking* vibes to folks in C'ville...

Tue Aug 23 18:00:43 +0000 2011

Replying to @dougreside

It was a fair bit more disorienting on the 16th floor. The building definitely swayed.

Tue Aug 23 18:05:52 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

Completely true. I read @cforster \(https://twitter\.com/cforster/status/106061061282729984\), went in the other room, washed my hands, & thought wow, that's weird.

Tue Aug 23 18:19:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

Uh, maybe.

Tue Aug 23 18:20:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench

Many thanks! It's certainly been an exciting one so far.

Tue Aug 23 18:21:36 +0000 2011

Replying to @CCdiglib

You make a very interesting point!

Tue Aug 23 18:22:32 +0000 2011

Replying to @veek

Hey, thanks! I hope you're doing well up there.

Tue Aug 23 18:25:37 +0000 2011

Replying to @Ed_Raso

Yeah, no kidding. Last afternoon off, a cold. Today, an earthquake. I'm going to stop telling anyone when I'm taking time off.

Tue Aug 23 18:26:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall

Hey, thanks! A plague I can look forward to.

Tue Aug 23 18:26:40 +0000 2011

Replying to @kathiiberens

Yeah, tell those guys to chill just a bit, maybe?

Tue Aug 23 18:27:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @veek

You bet! I look forward to discovering his superpower.

Tue Aug 23 18:27:57 +0000 2011

Replying to @veek

Worry not; I wouldn't be able to talk about anything else, either. \(Hi\!\)

Tue Aug 23 18:28:35 +0000 2011

Replying to @jwolman

Meaning you've been out there for 20 minutes, or 20 minutes later someone said, hey, maybe we should evacuate?

Tue Aug 23 18:30:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @fraistat

No kidding! I'm just happy it happened before the party.

Tue Aug 23 18:32:10 +0000 2011

Replying to @dougreside

No, it's usually just that everybody calling their mom swamps the system, preventing emergency calls from getting through.

Tue Aug 23 18:34:05 +0000 2011

Replying to @cforster

Hey, thanks! I hope you and yours are all safe down there...

Tue Aug 23 18:40:56 +0000 2011

“@CatinStack: Okay, okay, more shameless self-promotion. NOW YOU FEEL IT: How the . . . . enough, Cat, ENOUGH!”

Tue Aug 23 18:47:42 +0000 2011

Replying to @crazymonk

I bet!

Tue Aug 23 18:49:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @jwolman

Nice. Be safe!

Tue Aug 23 18:49:52 +0000 2011

Replying to @fletcherdurant

I definitely felt it in Murray Hill, but I'm on the 16th floor, so it was mostly like my building suddenly got drunk.

Tue Aug 23 18:58:58 +0000 2011

RT @crazymonk: Mock away, West Coasters, but your earthquakes don’t travel as far and your buildings are safer.

Tue Aug 23 19:02:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @fletcherdurant

I would not be in the least bit surprised… but I don't know.

Tue Aug 23 19:05:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @fletcherdurant

I like to think there would have been if the thing were done. But that's all projection. As it is…? \(trails off, shrugs\)

Tue Aug 23 19:09:29 +0000 2011

Replying to @fletcherdurant

I think that's a fair assessment. I also think the intended project was way too ambitious, if not flat impossible.

Tue Aug 23 19:13:46 +0000 2011

Well, I was going to take a nap this afternoon. #somuchforthat

Tue Aug 23 19:15:37 +0000 2011

Replying to @acavender

Thanks, Amy!

Tue Aug 23 19:27:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @captain_primate

Thanks, Ethan!

Tue Aug 23 19:36:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @JenServenti

Glad you're home safe -- and thanks!

Tue Aug 23 19:39:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @sherah1918

I suspect that there is a whiskey in my very near future. Thanks!

Tue Aug 23 20:21:01 +0000 2011

Replying to @kuchtam

I can absolutely confirm that. By what felt like a full minute.

Tue Aug 23 20:25:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @dancohen

Thanks! \(Or, as a FB friend dubbed it, \#birfquake\.\)

Wed Aug 24 04:33:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

Lots! It was an awfully good one, tectonic plates aside.

Wed Aug 24 04:34:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @tanyaclement

Thanks, T! I hope Texas is treating you well.

Wed Aug 24 04:34:51 +0000 2011

Replying to @mickimcgee and @karikraus

Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I hope you're both well!

Wed Aug 24 04:35:21 +0000 2011

RT @MLAnews: MLA members: you can now access the online MLA Handbook from your mla.org account! http://www.mla.org/new_from_mla/news_summary#t412

Wed Aug 24 13:43:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

It's an exciting development, for which I take no credit! The amazing #MLA scholarly communication staff deserves all praise.

Wed Aug 24 13:50:27 +0000 2011

If you have talked to me recently and wondered what has gone wrong with my accent, rest assured that all is well. +

Thu Aug 25 02:24:05 +0000 2011

It's just that I've been on a 5 season, 2.5 week Friday Night Lights binge. The Texas will fade quickly. -

Thu Aug 25 02:25:03 +0000 2011

Replying to @midwinter_

Oh, it does. And it doesn't take much for an accent like that to creep into my voice.

Thu Aug 25 11:02:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @jamesjbrownjr

can't lose!

Thu Aug 25 11:02:31 +0000 2011

Wow, overnight GCal update: past events now dim. Very interesting.

Thu Aug 25 12:16:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal


Thu Aug 25 12:32:10 +0000 2011

Replying to @plragde

Mine would require a system by which the past gradually faded out, all except for traumatic moments I'd prefer to forget.

Thu Aug 25 12:33:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Not really cramping. Stand up, straighten your leg, and flex your foot, pulling your toes up. If you have a sharp pain in the +

Thu Aug 25 12:34:14 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

center of your calf muscle, go to the emergency room. \(I had a DVT several years back\. I don't recommend it\.\)

Thu Aug 25 12:34:39 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

The primary way I knew I had a DVT, though, was that the pressure of a chair seat on the back of my left thigh made my foot hurt.

Thu Aug 25 12:35:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Excellent. The nurses showed me that in the hospital; the difference between the calf w/clot and w/o was shocking & distinctive.

Thu Aug 25 12:37:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @aeguerson

I think they must be rolling it out gradually...

Thu Aug 25 13:54:48 +0000 2011

Another nifty thing in this GCal update: not only do past items dim out, but the further into the future you go, the paler events become.

Thu Aug 25 14:09:40 +0000 2011

Replying to @deandad

I assumed it was "slew."

Thu Aug 25 14:23:20 +0000 2011

Looking more closely, it's apparently only recurring events that gradually fade as you move forward in GCal.

Thu Aug 25 14:26:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @jcmeloni and @gowalla

I will confess to being a little bummed myself. And not just because I had some cool stuff.

Thu Aug 25 19:28:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @surlyF

I am apparently influential about academics, conferences, and anxiety. Klout seems to know me better than I might like.

Thu Aug 25 19:52:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @unsworth and @surlyf

I am super curious where the mickey mouse came from.

Thu Aug 25 20:26:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @unsworth

That's one influential slide.

Thu Aug 25 20:37:53 +0000 2011

Replying to @lincolnmullen

Aw! Congrats!

Thu Aug 25 21:00:48 +0000 2011

RT @popthought: There should be a Bechdel test for syllabi. #sayin

Thu Aug 25 21:06:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmaxsfu

This is something we've been wrestling with; how do you cite something when formats and instances becomes so fluid?

Fri Aug 26 01:26:44 +0000 2011

My building manager just slid a hurricane preparedness memo under my door. My cats are now fascinated by the idea of what's out there.

Fri Aug 26 11:19:27 +0000 2011

Both are staring at the crack under the door, waiting to see what it produces next.

Fri Aug 26 11:19:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @samplereality

Of course my cats have gone back to staring at shadows on the wall again...

Fri Aug 26 12:05:36 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmittell

Which is to say, cats.

Fri Aug 26 12:06:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @poetichentai

Indeed. The magical appearance of paper!

Fri Aug 26 12:08:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmittell

Good point. Mine have their moments.

Fri Aug 26 12:08:51 +0000 2011

A friend who is also a Louisianian by way of SoCal says that we are probably the NYers best equipped to deal with this week's freak events.

Fri Aug 26 13:50:54 +0000 2011

PS, NYers: there's already been a run on D-cell batteries at my Walgreens and on water at my D'Agostinos, so you may want to stock up soon.

Fri Aug 26 13:58:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @boone

It is possible that Murray Hill puts a premium on preparedness, true.

Fri Aug 26 14:01:19 +0000 2011

Replying to @ernestopriego and @dancohen

I think that's only partially true. More crucial is that many key academic change makers don't yet read online. +

Fri Aug 26 14:58:30 +0000 2011

Replying to @ernestopriego and @dancohen

Getting their attention requires a certain backwards compatibility. -

Fri Aug 26 14:58:43 +0000 2011

Replying to @ernestopriego

My understanding is that that's what Dan is doing; pieces of the project are appearing on his blog, w/book to come. +

Fri Aug 26 15:03:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @ernestopriego

But don't underestimate the importance of reaching those \(deans, provosts, presidents\) who still want the printed object. +

Fri Aug 26 15:04:43 +0000 2011

Replying to @ernestopriego

Dan's definitely practicing what he preaches, but the work of conversion requires going where the audience is. -

Fri Aug 26 15:05:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @ernestopriego

I get that. This does seem to me one key use of books: persuasion of those who won't be reached otherwise.

Fri Aug 26 15:12:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @ernestopriego

Absolutely! I think it's a goal that lots of us share.

Fri Aug 26 15:19:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @bluesaepe

Look at the plugin options page; there's a switch to delete the CP database modifications.

Fri Aug 26 16:14:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @bluesaepe

Happy I could help!

Fri Aug 26 16:18:10 +0000 2011

RT @NYCMayorsOffice: Low-lying \(Zone A\) areas include: Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Far Rockaway, Broad Channel, South Beach, Midland ...

Fri Aug 26 19:54:09 +0000 2011

RT @NYCMayorsOffice: We’ve never done a mandatory evacuation before – and we wouldn’t be doing this now if we didn’t think this was seri ...

Fri Aug 26 19:54:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkgold

Ugh. Take care of yourself and your family, Matt!

Fri Aug 26 20:25:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @CapitolClio

Hey, I didn't know it was your birthday! I hope you have a good \(safe and dry\) one.

Sat Aug 27 13:47:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @hcayless

Do you know if the DLTS servers are being shut down as well?

Sat Aug 27 13:55:43 +0000 2011

Replying to @CapitolClio

No, happily; my building is in a "no zone" zone, so there shouldn't be flooding. Beyond that, I'm not sure what we're in for.

Sat Aug 27 13:58:26 +0000 2011

Replying to @hcayless

Ay. I'll see if I can figure it out. Thanks!

Sat Aug 27 14:03:49 +0000 2011

Replying to @hcayless

Ah, good to know. Yes, I think I remember hearing that there was an off-campus migration...

Sat Aug 27 14:06:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself, @capitolclio and @jenhoward

I can confirm that. 30s were better than 20s, but 40s are better than 30s. So let them blow away!

Sat Aug 27 14:16:25 +0000 2011

I find myself incredibly irritated with the folks in the blding across the street who still have folding chairs & things on their balconies.

Sat Aug 27 14:17:29 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym


Sat Aug 27 14:18:17 +0000 2011

Replying to @academicdave

If I had secret spidey powers, I would TOTALLY do so. But they're way over there.

Sat Aug 27 14:19:07 +0000 2011

Replying to @nancybaym

Quite possibly. But the building managers should be authorized to pull that stuff inside.

Sat Aug 27 14:19:55 +0000 2011

Replying to @academicdave

He's too busy falling off of Broadway stages these days. Although, not today, I guess.

Sat Aug 27 14:21:26 +0000 2011

Replying to @afamiglietti

Indeed. Airborne debris is really the only thing I'm worried about here.

Sat Aug 27 14:32:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @nickmirzoeff

Super quiet, huh? Take care down there!

Sat Aug 27 14:33:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @nickmirzoeff

Oh, good grief; I didn't realize you'd gone out to LI! Be very careful, okay?

Sat Aug 27 14:35:36 +0000 2011

All my devices and rechargeable batteries are topped off. Got a month of 3G on the iPad. Have water & food, pulled stuff in from terrace. +

Sat Aug 27 14:57:38 +0000 2011

Now there's nothing to be done except to sit around and read all weekend...

Sat Aug 27 14:58:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @nickmirzoeff

We've got a light drizzle here, too. Here's hoping cabin fever is the worst thing we face.

Sat Aug 27 14:59:39 +0000 2011

Light drizzle has just turned into actual rain. Here we go.

Sat Aug 27 15:03:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @plragde

I've got my fingers crossed. My phone is AT&T and the tablet is Verizon, so I've got two shots at it.

Sat Aug 27 15:04:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

I know. Here's hoping I continue to feel that way!

Sat Aug 27 15:06:09 +0000 2011

This is really the first time I've watched the local news since coming to NY last year. It's freaking me out a little.

Sat Aug 27 23:32:58 +0000 2011

The anchors are the same ones as in the mid 90s. Older, sure, but not quite enough.

Sat Aug 27 23:34:51 +0000 2011

Ch. 4 is running footage of people buying supplies at a hardware store behind every phone call, regardless of the subject.

Sat Aug 27 23:37:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @negaratduke

That would be great!

Sat Aug 27 23:38:04 +0000 2011

They're now running footage of people playing on the beach behind a call with a representative from the Red Cross. #sigh

Sat Aug 27 23:39:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @annettemarkham

I stopped watching the local news when I moved to SoCal; it was all Hollywood & high-speed car chases.

Sat Aug 27 23:40:09 +0000 2011

Replying to @Ed_Raso

Back in the mid 90s, Leslie Stahl went to my gym. And she'd show up at 5.30am in what looked to me like full hair and makeup.

Sat Aug 27 23:41:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @Ed_Raso

This sounds vaguely familiar, yes.

Sat Aug 27 23:46:46 +0000 2011

Replying to @Ed_Raso

I'll have to look for that!

Sun Aug 28 00:03:11 +0000 2011

Pretty uneventful night here. Uneventful enough that I slept through it. In the eye now; wind about to shift. So far, so good.

Sun Aug 28 13:27:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @mannahattamamma

Indeed. This was easy but it could have gone another way.

Sun Aug 28 13:53:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @jcmeloni

Yeah. Today's still likely to be a little rough; the back side of the storm can be very windy, so it'll take a while.

Sun Aug 28 13:53:16 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Me too! And for you as well.

Sun Aug 28 13:53:21 +0000 2011

So basically posted that all was well and then my Internet connection crapped out. Can't tell if the problem is on my end or TWC's.

Sun Aug 28 13:58:26 +0000 2011

The good news is that I've got cause to use some of the 3G access I bought yesterday.

Sun Aug 28 13:59:41 +0000 2011

Oh, and by the by, for folks who haven't been through a lot of hurricanes and who see yesterday as paranoid over-preparation? +

Sun Aug 28 14:00:47 +0000 2011

There is no such thing as overpreparation. Many storms just missed New Orleans in the years before Katrina; any could have been just as bad.

Sun Aug 28 14:02:07 +0000 2011

In fact, people forget: Katrina missed New Orleans. The morning after, everyone said, that wasn't so bad! And then the storm surge hit.

Sun Aug 28 14:03:00 +0000 2011

Replying to @2xlp

Having grown up in hurricane country, I strongly disagree. It wasn't a terribly strong storm, but the potential risks far outweigh +

Sun Aug 28 14:09:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @2xlp

the costs and inconvenience of preparation. Better a letdown, always.

Sun Aug 28 14:10:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @bigjondaniel

As @purplekimchi says, that misses the point: the levee breach happened in the surge well after the storm itself passed.

Sun Aug 28 15:46:58 +0000 2011

Replying to @bigjondaniel and @purplekimchi

The storm itself did far less damage than predicted. But no one would say it was overhyped.

Sun Aug 28 15:47:05 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

Hey thanks! I'm getting intermittent DNS failures. Service is up & down, mostly down...

Sun Aug 28 16:48:49 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

Restarted cable modem; restarted wireless router; rebooted computer. Still getting DNS error. Apple diagnostic says all good +

Sun Aug 28 17:32:42 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

from the computer to the ISP, but connection btw ISP & Internet is yellow.

Sun Aug 28 17:33:34 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

Yes, that worked \(if slowly & with a CSS error\), though twitter.com fails to resolve.

Sun Aug 28 17:40:41 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

Will try & get back to you ASAP!

Sun Aug 28 17:46:25 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

Okay, plugging directly into modem didn't work at first but did after restarting modem.

Sun Aug 28 17:55:35 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp


Sun Aug 28 17:58:37 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

Oh wait: you asked about the router, not the modem. I was wired from modem to router, wireless from router to computer.

Sun Aug 28 18:00:50 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

Prob seems to be in router. Am resetting it to factory & will try again. Thx for help; I'll let you know if problem continues!

Sun Aug 28 18:08:23 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal and @imaniperry

I was literally born on the cusp, an hour into Virgo. Makes me obsessively organized & reall aggressive about it. :)

Sun Aug 28 18:22:15 +0000 2011

Replying to @TWCableHelp

All seems well now; seriously, thanks for the help!

Sun Aug 28 18:22:44 +0000 2011

Replying to @bigjondaniel and @purplekimchi

No worries. My memories of sequence are obviously fuzzy, except that levee failure came well after storm passed.

Sun Aug 28 18:26:11 +0000 2011

Replying to @bigjondaniel and @purplekimchi

& having grown up in BR, I've got the same fondness. My whole goal was counteracting idea that NYC overprepared.

Sun Aug 28 18:27:21 +0000 2011

Replying to @bigjondaniel and @purplekimchi

I just remember so many evacuation orders prior to Katrina that came to nothing; better overprepared than not.

Sun Aug 28 18:28:51 +0000 2011

Replying to @bigjondaniel and @purplekimchi

I'm in, though it'll take me until November to get there.

Sun Aug 28 19:22:26 +0000 2011

Replying to @nowviskie

Awful! Reminds me of a set of before & after pics I blogged from Bay St Louis & Katrina: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/before-and-after/

Mon Aug 29 00:30:33 +0000 2011

"More crowded trains" doesn't bode well for the 4/5 tomorrow morning, but amazing that it'll be running at all! @mta http://mta.info

Mon Aug 29 02:11:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

In every way except rents! :)

Mon Aug 29 02:56:51 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal

I figured. Was joke!

Mon Aug 29 03:05:33 +0000 2011

Replying to @rgfeal


Mon Aug 29 03:25:13 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Wow, you *were* the hair zeitgeist.

Mon Aug 29 14:52:45 +0000 2011

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Yeah, I think you've left the zeitgeist train; otherwise you'd have spent the last two years getting Brazilian blowouts.

Mon Aug 29 15:00:31 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench and @wynkenhimself

I think I must not have seen that, or at least I didn't recognize it if I did!

Mon Aug 29 15:02:28 +0000 2011

Replying to @amandafrench and @wynkenhimself

Aha. I have seen that a bit. How much do I love that Steven Tyler is in the first page of images? Twice!

Mon Aug 29 15:04:47 +0000 2011

Replying to @kylebeachy

Did you tell him Milwaukee means beer?

Mon Aug 29 19:38:45 +0000 2011

Replying to @mkgold

Congratulations, Matt; fabulous news!

Mon Aug 29 19:58:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @kylebeachy and @johnamatson

I'm just saying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzCBNPtKQMc \(Ignore the charming comments below, if you can\.\)

Mon Aug 29 20:23:54 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall

Oh, dear. That doesn't sound good. Sending good thoughts, in case it's not.

Mon Aug 29 22:13:58 +0000 2011

Things have reached the point where I need to get a jacket if I'm going to sit on the terrace. Summer, it was nice knowing you. \(Hi, fall\!\)

Mon Aug 29 22:41:12 +0000 2011

Replying to @briancroxall

I'm so sorry. My best to you and your family, and take care on your travels.

Tue Aug 30 00:06:27 +0000 2011

Replying to @annehelen

The magic word in that sentence is "cafeteria." I lived on-campus at Pomona for 3 years & had dining hall privileges. +

Tue Aug 30 12:27:18 +0000 2011

Replying to @annehelen

I think it was the happiest I have been as an adult person.

Tue Aug 30 12:27:38 +0000 2011

Replying to @annehelen

Aw man. JEALOUS.

Tue Aug 30 19:31:56 +0000 2011

Replying to @mmwwah

Excellent! I can't wait to read it.

Tue Aug 30 19:32:10 +0000 2011

Upper back has an impossible to untie tension knot. Am calling it a day.

Tue Aug 30 20:48:04 +0000 2011

Replying to @jmittell

Oh no! I hope she's okay. Or will be soon.

Tue Aug 30 20:50:20 +0000 2011

Replying to @nowviskie and @clioweb

I would be worried about some kind of Zeno's paradox where you can never get fully past the recursive truck.

Tue Aug 30 21:58:58 +0000 2011

Replying to @profwernimont

Hey, congrats on need for impending family leave are in order, I suppose? I hope the fall is fun and all goes smoothly!

Tue Aug 30 22:43:48 +0000 2011

Replying to @profwernimont

Counting tiny digits is a most important humanist activity!

Tue Aug 30 22:52:19 +0000 2011

My friend Meg's brilliant post on the problem of "identity" in the nym wars: http://xom.blogs.com/xoom/2011/08/say-no-to-the-meat-wallet.html

Wed Aug 31 13:01:05 +0000 2011

With a little followup: http://xom.blogs.com/xoom/2011/08/once-more-into-the-breach-dear-friends.html

Wed Aug 31 13:01:20 +0000 2011