2012 04 01 tweets

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Best to use the "general" category for now. But there's a large scale review underway! #MLA13

Sun Apr 01 17:33:53 +0000 2012

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Did you? I missed it somehow. And here I was being sad not to have heard from Stanley today.

Mon Apr 02 00:30:42 +0000 2012

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Hey, I have a handwritten note. Handwritten by... someone.

Mon Apr 02 00:53:18 +0000 2012

@nowviskie Sadly, no Fish caught in my of my filters, at least that I've uncovered so far.

Mon Apr 02 01:08:41 +0000 2012

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I can only imagine! I've enjoyed watching everyone uncover their comments; that and Catblock have made my day.

Mon Apr 02 01:32:03 +0000 2012

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Enjoy them! I will continue sending good transitional vibes.

Mon Apr 02 12:17:22 +0000 2012

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I'm so sorry: what a horrible weekend. Here's hoping things take a serious turn for the better. Immediately.

Mon Apr 02 12:59:02 +0000 2012

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Oh, man. L'As du Falafel is The. Best. Ever. #jealousy

Mon Apr 02 16:43:50 +0000 2012

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We ate at Le Komptoir a lot a couple of summers ago - Rue Quincampoix & Rue de la Reynie, near the Pompidou. +

Mon Apr 02 16:51:53 +0000 2012

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We also had a favorite pizza/pasta place that I cannot find for the life of me. Something like Pizza San Antonio.

Mon Apr 02 16:59:23 +0000 2012

I've started watching Revenge. I'm 4 episodes in & am mostly enjoying it. Except for one impossible thing. Not that no one recognizes her. +

Tue Apr 03 00:38:43 +0000 2012

Not the lifestyles of the 1%. But that that dog is supposed to be 18 years old. Really.

Tue Apr 03 00:39:27 +0000 2012

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It's got some interesting points. Hard to say right now whether it'll hold up, but people whose taste I trust are into it.

Tue Apr 03 00:59:26 +0000 2012

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The ebook is free from UChicago P this month!

Tue Apr 03 02:51:01 +0000 2012

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Rats. I misread.

Tue Apr 03 03:21:09 +0000 2012

RT @MLAnews: What can you do with our XML? Take up the New Variorum Shakespeare Digital Challenge! http://www.mla.org/nvs_challenge

Tue Apr 03 13:53:01 +0000 2012

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Hey, congrats! \(On the progressive shortening of letters, remind me to tell you the parable of the keys\.\)

Tue Apr 03 18:51:36 +0000 2012

Freelancing for Academics, with @atrubek: http://annetrubek.com/2012/04/freelancing-101-for-academics/ \(Looks awesome\!\)

Tue Apr 03 20:49:20 +0000 2012

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Aw, thanks! I'm happy to get the opportunity to do such fun stuff.

Tue Apr 03 21:45:10 +0000 2012

Just got my author copy. Really looking forward to digging in.

Wed Apr 04 00:57:55 +0000 2012

\(Will confess to finding it the teeeeniest bit funny that my essay on empathy immediately follows remarks from He Who Shall Not Be Named\.\)

Wed Apr 04 00:58:54 +0000 2012

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The before-the-colon part is "Infinite Summer."

Wed Apr 04 01:32:54 +0000 2012

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Wed Apr 04 02:26:34 +0000 2012

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The tyranny of the month-by-month calendar! Where is our celebration of the week view?

Wed Apr 04 13:20:17 +0000 2012

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Monthers lack the deep perspective to create functional and productive schedules. It's no wonder they create conflicting events.

Wed Apr 04 13:25:36 +0000 2012

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That your "months" are highly irregular, while weeks have a lovely symmetricality, might be read as a metaphor for your "movement."

Wed Apr 04 13:42:18 +0000 2012

Thanks, LGA terminal C, for the totally overpriced but pretty tasty glass of wine. There's something to be said for not flying Continental.

Wed Apr 04 23:57:09 +0000 2012

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I hear that. I'm on a USAir turboprop, so the next 1.5 hours promise to be interesting.

Thu Apr 05 00:03:16 +0000 2012

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It's called the Victory Grill. Nice menu, comfy couches, decent music and lighting - almost like not being in an airport.

Thu Apr 05 00:05:51 +0000 2012

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A shame I don't have the time.

Thu Apr 05 00:06:55 +0000 2012

I intend to read a novel on this flight. I mean, it's Reamde, so I'll be reading *some* of a novel. But it feels decadent nonetheless.

Thu Apr 05 00:25:07 +0000 2012

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It is! It feels like forever since I've been able to appreciate reading fiction any way other than furtively.

Thu Apr 05 00:29:56 +0000 2012

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For too long, it was either something I was teaching or something I was escaping with. So nice to enjoy it again.

Thu Apr 05 00:30:40 +0000 2012

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So good to hear! I'm only about 20 pages in but am totally into Stephenson's voice again already.

Thu Apr 05 00:32:09 +0000 2012

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I've been so looking forward to it.

Thu Apr 05 00:51:56 +0000 2012

Now I really regret not having had that second glass of wine.

Thu Apr 05 03:07:57 +0000 2012

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Not at midnight in a b&b in Clinton NY I don't think.

Thu Apr 05 03:29:45 +0000 2012

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Thu Apr 05 03:32:03 +0000 2012

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No, just the table of contents, thankfully!

Thu Apr 05 03:33:14 +0000 2012

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Looking forward to seeing it when it's not midnight.

Thu Apr 05 03:36:07 +0000 2012

Congrats, all! // MT @dancohen: Delighted about the launch of the Journal of Digital Humanities today: http://journalofdigitalhumanities.org/

Thu Apr 05 19:00:47 +0000 2012

Starting the journey home from Hamilton College. Thanks for a great visit to DHi, esp to my fabulous hosts, Angel Nieves & Janet Simons!

Fri Apr 06 15:16:11 +0000 2012

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I just started it two days ago, but am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

Fri Apr 06 15:56:13 +0000 2012

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ScholComm came about as part of a reorg, bringing together the book pubs program and the web group.

Fri Apr 06 16:29:18 +0000 2012

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I adored Cryptonomicon, so was able to get into the Baroque Cycle fairly easily \(though Cryptonomicon remains my fave\).

Fri Apr 06 16:31:27 +0000 2012

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Nice. A good followup to Planned Obsolescence, focusing in on peer review, I think...

Fri Apr 06 20:25:48 +0000 2012

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Hey, cool - thanks!

Sat Apr 07 00:21:30 +0000 2012

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I've heard that!

Sat Apr 07 00:36:55 +0000 2012

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Now! Not sure why Amazon is saying pre-order again...

Sat Apr 07 00:38:31 +0000 2012

Friday nights are often comfort food oriented. Tonight's dinner: homemade kale chips and \(not exactly homemade\) tater tots. So happy.

Sat Apr 07 00:41:51 +0000 2012

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Kale chips are crazy easy to make… and then you feel virtuous! Because they're kale!

Sat Apr 07 13:02:06 +0000 2012

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Mmmm. I will have to try that next time!

Sat Apr 07 13:02:21 +0000 2012

I will finish writing this book review today. I will finish writing this book review today. I will finish writing this book review today.

Sat Apr 07 15:48:41 +0000 2012

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I quote you on that rationale often: "If not me, then who?"

Sat Apr 07 16:23:35 +0000 2012

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Very simple: Tear up kale, wash, dry THOROUGHLY, toss w/ a little olive oil & salt; bake until crispy. +

Sat Apr 07 17:28:08 +0000 2012

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Different recipes had different temperature recommendations & different baking times, so some experimentation is needed.

Sat Apr 07 17:28:47 +0000 2012

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I've recently returned to Dropbox. Was using something more secure \(because of that thing that time\) but found it unreliable.

Sun Apr 08 16:37:59 +0000 2012

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I still worry about that thing that time, but for syncing I can really count on, I haven't found anything better.

Sun Apr 08 16:38:38 +0000 2012

Finally managed to get myself past whatever roadblock I was facing: went to the gym for the first time since late November.

Sun Apr 08 20:08:12 +0000 2012

Trying to remember what it feels like to have a body I'm actually taking care of rather than just forcing to be still and do more work.

Sun Apr 08 20:09:28 +0000 2012

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You got it.

Sun Apr 08 20:25:37 +0000 2012

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That's pretty serious!

Sun Apr 08 20:27:28 +0000 2012

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Ah well. Lemons, lemonade, etc.

Sun Apr 08 20:29:12 +0000 2012

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You cannot imagine how much I've been missing the Hudson. Wish I had easier outdoor activity access…

Sun Apr 08 21:10:00 +0000 2012

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It looks like those might be "forever" stamps - if they don't have a printed value, they stay good regardless of increases.

Mon Apr 09 00:43:36 +0000 2012

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Mon Apr 09 18:20:38 +0000 2012

Headed to SFO in the morning, to give a talk at Stanford in the afternoon. If you're around, come say hi!

Tue Apr 10 01:11:34 +0000 2012

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Yes, Tuesday at 4.30 and Wednesday at noon, I think. I can't find any info on the web about it either.

Tue Apr 10 01:30:37 +0000 2012

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I can't find info on the web, either. :( The talk tomorrow is at 4.15 in Pigott Hall -- I hope it's been announced!

Tue Apr 10 01:32:35 +0000 2012

@mccormicktim Whoops -- that's 4.15, not 4.30. Pigott Hall, apparently. That's all I know.

Tue Apr 10 01:33:05 +0000 2012

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I only know that Weds is at noon. Tues talk is "Planned Obsolescence and the Future of Peer Review." +

Tue Apr 10 01:55:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @mccormicktim, @triproftri and @adelinekoh

Weds is a workshop called "The Digital Future of the Profession." More informal, discussion-oriented.

Tue Apr 10 01:57:58 +0000 2012

Replying to @mccormicktim, @triproftri and @adelinekoh

Thank you! If I get more info, I'll let you know asap.

Tue Apr 10 02:15:43 +0000 2012

RT @nowviskie: This: https://twitter.com/whitneytrettien/status/189473378044882945 and that: https://twitter.com/miriamkp/status/189522403234283520 // Exactly.

Tue Apr 10 02:17:13 +0000 2012

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!!! #itisnt

Tue Apr 10 09:30:48 +0000 2012

Driver, pulling up in front of my bldg 5min early: "You're not a real New Yorker. They're always 15 minutes late and telling me to hurry."

Tue Apr 10 09:36:04 +0000 2012

Replying to @ernestopriego

Even a basic sense of professional self-censorship would keep one from saying something that stupid, you'd think.

Tue Apr 10 10:12:12 +0000 2012

On board my flight to SFO. Used miles to upgrade. Suspect that I will have enough legroom.

Tue Apr 10 11:25:20 +0000 2012

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Yeah, it's at least seven feet. I've never seen anything like it.

Tue Apr 10 11:36:11 +0000 2012

Hey, awesome! // RT @ernestopriego: @kfitz we got cited! :) http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1056&context=entrehojas [PDF]

Tue Apr 10 11:42:19 +0000 2012

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Will do!

Tue Apr 10 11:45:46 +0000 2012

Okay: power, wifi, and seven feet of legroom. Once I've got a cup of coffee, my inflight productivity ensemble will be complete.

Tue Apr 10 12:29:36 +0000 2012

RT @nowviskie: ACH has a new Executive Secretary! Welcome, @veek! -- & we're so grateful to @leoba for her years of service: http://t.co ...

Tue Apr 10 12:57:52 +0000 2012

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On it.

Tue Apr 10 13:14:05 +0000 2012

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We were the poster child for consortial cooperation!

Wed Apr 11 14:17:38 +0000 2012

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Wed Apr 11 21:42:27 +0000 2012

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AWWW! Thanks so much. He looks very regal there.

Thu Apr 12 03:26:33 +0000 2012

RT @amandafrench: Okay, we're so having a session on the New Variorum Shakespeare Digital Challenge at #THATCamp @CHNM: http://bit.ly/IRUHqm

Thu Apr 12 03:46:31 +0000 2012

Replying to @triproftri

I'm sorry to have missed you, too! Another time, I'm sure.

Thu Apr 12 04:48:11 +0000 2012

Los Angeles! You still have sun here! I am headed toward your burritos.

Thu Apr 12 20:19:30 +0000 2012

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I'm somewhat jealous of the future me who will actually have a burrito, too!

Thu Apr 12 20:36:56 +0000 2012

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Hey, fantastic! Thanks so much.

Thu Apr 12 21:07:49 +0000 2012

RT @halavais: Quick review of @kfitz 's "Planned Obsolescence" \(50% chanced I spelled that right\) on the blog: http://bit.ly/HAQWuG

Thu Apr 12 21:08:00 +0000 2012

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Aw! Serious kitty!

Thu Apr 12 22:47:32 +0000 2012

RT @wynkenhimself: @KroweK & @EVisconsi's The Tempest for iPad is now out. Congrats!
app: http://bit.ly/HGd6Ja info: http://bit.ly/HGdgAj

Fri Apr 13 15:59:58 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

There are many things I like abt @spideroak \(security the most obvious among them\) but I had terrible trouble with sync failures.

Fri Apr 13 17:39:53 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

Hmmm. Makes me wonder whether there was something wrong in my setup. Most of the time it was fine, and then I'd open a doc +

Fri Apr 13 17:46:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

only to discover that it was an old version, and that while it claimed sync was working fine, it wasn't actually syncing.

Fri Apr 13 17:47:26 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

Yeah, it actually made me go back to the other guys for most of my basic sync needs, which I didn't want to do.

Fri Apr 13 17:51:37 +0000 2012

Replying to @nancybaym

Congratulations, and best wishes for an equally speedy transaction on the other side.

Sat Apr 14 13:07:26 +0000 2012

At what promises to be an amazing meeting today; follow along at #FemTechNet.

Sat Apr 14 17:26:28 +0000 2012

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Sat Apr 14 17:28:13 +0000 2012

Replying to @nancybaym

I can hear it from here!

Sat Apr 14 17:31:02 +0000 2012

RT @tmcphers: #FemTechNet Can't wait for Fall 2013 to see this open massively collaborative feminist technology course come to life! Gon ...

Sat Apr 14 22:28:45 +0000 2012

I finally adjusted to west coast time, just in time to get up at 3.30 for my flight back east. *sigh*

Sun Apr 15 12:20:22 +0000 2012

Replying to @mariabustillos

Figures! Sorry to have missed you - next time, I hope.

Sun Apr 15 12:28:32 +0000 2012

Arlington! What's up with the summer?

Sun Apr 15 19:58:02 +0000 2012

Needless to say, not sure I agree entirely with the Ayers claim in the previous RT, but I get what he's driving at.

Sun Apr 15 23:22:22 +0000 2012

Replying to @mckenziewark and @pannapacker

Srsly, right?

Sun Apr 15 23:33:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @pannapacker and @mckenziewark

Actually, that was about the claim that there isn't long-form digital scholarship, not about metadata.

Sun Apr 15 23:39:15 +0000 2012

Replying to @nancybaym

Sending hugs your way, if only digital ones...

Sun Apr 15 23:57:13 +0000 2012

Completely looking forward to tomorrow's conversations at the #NITLE Summit, but tonight, completely collapsing.

Mon Apr 16 00:29:45 +0000 2012

Slept something like 9.5 hours. Have awakened with miserable sore throat. A little concerned about how today will go.

Mon Apr 16 10:35:10 +0000 2012

Back at #NITLE Summit this morning; awaiting keynote by Alan Kay.

Mon Apr 16 13:08:31 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat


Mon Apr 16 13:19:04 +0000 2012

Alan Kay, on one of McLuhan's "pithy statements about everything": "If I can't believe it, I can't see it." #NITLE

Mon Apr 16 13:21:47 +0000 2012

Kay: "news" = stuff that fits with what we already know. Genuinely "new" = that which we cannot understand - profound problem for learning.

Mon Apr 16 13:29:34 +0000 2012

Alan Kay: Learning a new idea requires almost as much creativity as the original invention. #NITLE

Mon Apr 16 13:33:10 +0000 2012

Alan Kay on the structure of the liberal arts into separate departments: "That cannot possibly be a good idea." #NITLE

Mon Apr 16 13:36:43 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

This is in response to which tweet?

Mon Apr 16 13:38:47 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

Gotcha. Was about the segmentation of thinking into separable units, rather than thinking together.

Mon Apr 16 13:40:42 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

Indeed. When resources are allocated to depts, depts will be in conflict with one another. Kay's focused on ?s of learning today.

Mon Apr 16 13:43:26 +0000 2012

Kay: liberal arts faculty actually poorly educated, bc restricted to their own specialties. \(Reminds me of http://matt\.might\.net/articles/phd\-school\-in\-pictures/\) #NITLE

Mon Apr 16 13:51:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal and @amndw2

2 separate events in sequence. But hashtag is #NITLE for both.

Mon Apr 16 14:01:31 +0000 2012

Replying to @FrostDavis

I must have misunderstood Bryan's announcement; sounded like 1 hashtag for both.

Mon Apr 16 14:05:25 +0000 2012

RT @jmittell: I'll be posting a new chapter of @ComplexTV later this week but pls read/discuss previous chapters now at http://bit.ly/gcw5hc

Mon Apr 16 15:07:03 +0000 2012

What do I love about Neal Stephenson? In the middle of a sweaty-palms action sequence, the phrase "they had perforce arranged..."

Mon Apr 16 22:40:21 +0000 2012

Replying to @jbj

Thank Emancipation Day.

Mon Apr 16 22:41:17 +0000 2012

"When moving about the train, shoes must be worn at all times." It kills me the things we have to say out loud these days. #offamylawn

Mon Apr 16 23:01:10 +0000 2012

So thoroughly sorry to have missed @dancohen at #NITLE. Happy to be following via weirdly functional Amtrak wifi.

Mon Apr 16 23:14:03 +0000 2012

RT @swarthmoreburke: Here REALLY agree w/ @dancohen. My view is that here our technological environment lets us keep our scholarly promi ...

Mon Apr 16 23:51:34 +0000 2012

Replying to @swarthmoreburke

A serious question. Also how the model will circumvent groupthink, giving voice to those who could go unheard. #NITLESym

Mon Apr 16 23:55:27 +0000 2012

Replying to @swarthmoreburke

PS: Sorry to have missed you - left #NITLE at 4 today…

Mon Apr 16 23:55:46 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Oh dear. This does not make me look forward to re-entry.

Mon Apr 16 23:58:30 +0000 2012

RT @GardnerCampbell: My question is how to find community when scholars persistently define rigor as snarky combativeness. #nitlesym

Tue Apr 17 00:09:17 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Oh. Um. Great. *sigh*

Tue Apr 17 00:43:30 +0000 2012

Replying to @Crepuscularsofa

Wait, what? Whose account is getting shut down? Honestly haven't a clue what you mean. Do tell!

Tue Apr 17 01:02:04 +0000 2012

Replying to @Crepuscularsofa

Honestly, I know nothing of either account or complaint. Will look into.

Tue Apr 17 01:12:01 +0000 2012

Replying to @brettbobley


Tue Apr 17 01:32:35 +0000 2012

RT @HesterBlum: MLA-field folks, please contribute to this survey on Academic Workforce Data--see more from @MichaelBerube1 here: http:/ ...

Tue Apr 17 02:55:26 +0000 2012

Replying to @joguldi

WOO HOO! Congrats, Jo!

Tue Apr 17 23:11:50 +0000 2012

I spent the day positively sweltering in my office. It now seems worth it.

Tue Apr 17 23:12:53 +0000 2012

Replying to @jwolman

Very interesting. I'll be curious to see how that plays out...

Tue Apr 17 23:22:05 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

No, you are not.

Wed Apr 18 15:00:11 +0000 2012

Replying to @mariabustillos

Congrats; it is gorgeous!

Wed Apr 18 15:00:21 +0000 2012

You know what would be awesome? Breathing. I would really like breathing, I think.

Thu Apr 19 03:36:49 +0000 2012

Replying to @nick_maniatis

Hey, thanks! The comments on the draft site really helped in the revision process.

Thu Apr 19 12:00:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @ftrain

Babies are rating you, too; they just wait until early adolescence to tell you.

Fri Apr 20 13:53:07 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

It could be. Fair use is not just about excerpt %, but also about market effect and transformative use… +

Fri Apr 20 16:04:06 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

If the excerpt is posted in order to be discussed/explicated/commented upon, that counts as transformative.

Fri Apr 20 16:04:46 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Transformative is good. It's why quotations in criticism are de facto fair use; they're always included to be commented upon.

Fri Apr 20 16:07:06 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Hmmm. I take it that it's not available to be linked to?

Fri Apr 20 16:07:52 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Sigh. I think there's a potential fair use claim in that the excerpt won't affect the market value of the collection. +

Fri Apr 20 16:10:15 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

The key thing tho is that fair use is fuzzy, and only a defensive claim rather than a right per se.

Fri Apr 20 16:11:02 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

So it's always a judgment call. Likely the worst that would happen would be a takedown request.

Fri Apr 20 16:11:39 +0000 2012

Replying to @jwolman and @tcarmody

It is freaking me out that you are having this conversation in my timeline. Worlds collide, man.

Fri Apr 20 16:57:51 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Yay, you're there! I'm stuck in a meeting all day so couldn't get there. Go @mkgold!

Fri Apr 20 17:17:16 +0000 2012

RT @MLAconvention: Hundreds of part-time profs in all fields have documented their working conditions here. Have you? http://t.co/OwVSli ...

Sat Apr 21 04:00:46 +0000 2012

Replying to @profwernimont

I'll be thinking about your brother! My partner was in the navy & I know how odd the military/academic disconnect can feel.

Sat Apr 21 16:36:45 +0000 2012

LGA > ORD. Talk at Northwestern tomorrow, plus panel discussion with @tmcphers and @KroweK.

Sun Apr 22 13:57:53 +0000 2012

Replying to @KelliMarshall

I do fly a lot, but my travel schedule pales by comparison to that of @samplereality.

Sun Apr 22 14:07:51 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

Not this time, alas. Maybe another time?

Sun Apr 22 14:41:19 +0000 2012

RT @MLAnews: MLA Commons gets support from the Mellon Foundation: http://www.mla.org/news_from_mla/news_topic&topic=573

Mon Apr 23 20:44:42 +0000 2012

Replying to @tmcphers

Why, thank you. And a well-timed announcement, no?

Mon Apr 23 20:48:38 +0000 2012

Thanks, all, for the congrats and good wishes. Look for lots of MLA Commons excitement at @MLAconvention!

Mon Apr 23 21:22:42 +0000 2012

Happy to be on a panel talking about the humanities in the digital age with @tmcphers and @KroweK - right now, in fact!

Mon Apr 23 21:28:22 +0000 2012

RT @tmcphers: @KroweK demos her new Shakespeare app: love the humanist as maker that she models

Mon Apr 23 21:39:24 +0000 2012

Replying to @literarychica

Ooh, I managed to miss this yesterday. Congratulations!

Tue Apr 24 12:48:17 +0000 2012

Replying to @allistelling and @hybridped

Very cool; thank you! I'll look forward to reading more.

Tue Apr 24 21:46:06 +0000 2012

Replying to @nowviskie, @dancohen, @sramsay and @cforster

Aw, man. Now I'm hungry.

Wed Apr 25 10:41:24 +0000 2012

Many thanks to @joshhonn @claireystew and everybody at Northwestern who made my visit so engaging! \(Not to mention @tmcphers and @KroweK\!\)

Wed Apr 25 12:45:17 +0000 2012

That said, I am sooo happy to be back sitting at my desk today.

Wed Apr 25 13:04:19 +0000 2012

Haven't gotten to dive in yet, but some interesting talks from UF symposium on Digital Platforms & the Future of Books: http://bit.ly/IYJKZv

Wed Apr 25 17:52:19 +0000 2012

Having experimented with Wunderlist for a bit, am contemplating return to a plaintext to-do list. Fewer bells & whistles; life at a glance.

Thu Apr 26 12:26:33 +0000 2012

Replying to @acavender

Nice; thanks for the suggestion!

Thu Apr 26 12:46:18 +0000 2012

Replying to @JenHoward

How did you know?

Thu Apr 26 16:35:17 +0000 2012

Replying to @johnmjones

Aw! What a doll. Congrats to all!

Thu Apr 26 21:14:30 +0000 2012

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

That is indeed really cool.

Fri Apr 27 12:51:35 +0000 2012

Replying to @dancohen

Hooray! Very much looking forward to talking with you.

Fri Apr 27 13:29:37 +0000 2012

Wait! What's that? A blog post?

A Constant Process of Not-Falling: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/a-constant-process-of-not-falling/

Fri Apr 27 13:55:25 +0000 2012

Replying to @karikraus

Fantastic news! Congratulations!

Fri Apr 27 15:05:47 +0000 2012

Replying to @laura11D

If this is a certain former blogger, please pass on my good wishes and fond memories. I still miss her.

Fri Apr 27 15:07:11 +0000 2012

Replying to @samplereality

Worried in what direction? Too dry?

Fri Apr 27 17:35:18 +0000 2012

Replying to @samplereality

You might try soaking it in a glass of water, root end down, for about an hour. Mine responds well to that after I'm away.

Fri Apr 27 17:37:11 +0000 2012

Replying to @eetempleton

Hey, congratulations! Well deserved!

Sat Apr 28 13:43:39 +0000 2012

Pomona College ITS is seeking an Academic Applications Mgr; see http://www.pomona.edu/administration/human-resources/employment/staff-jobs.aspx \(scroll down to the first position under "technical"\).

Sat Apr 28 14:40:17 +0000 2012

By the by, on that Pomona IT gig: the list of skills is a dream list; candidates are not expected to have all of them. http://www.pomona.edu/administration/human-resources/employment/staff-jobs.aspx

Sat Apr 28 14:41:09 +0000 2012

Replying to @hollykruse

It's almost as funny to me as the credit card machines at stores that say "Is $37.68 OK?" An existential question, that.

Sat Apr 28 18:39:26 +0000 2012

I'm having RSS difficulties! Info here: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/placeholder-2/

Sat Apr 28 19:27:16 +0000 2012

Replying to @dancohen

They got pharmahacked a while back; I think they cleaned the site but may not have asked the Goog for a recrawl.

Sat Apr 28 19:28:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @dancohen

Whoops. So they didn't clean it all that well after all.

Sat Apr 28 19:28:49 +0000 2012

Replying to @noctambulate

I never knew you spent time in BR. I'm from there!

Sat Apr 28 21:21:15 +0000 2012

Replying to @noctambulate

Wow, amazing. I was there from age 3 to 23 so had an adolescence or two myself...

Sat Apr 28 22:28:47 +0000 2012

Most of Fri & all of Sat was in the last #p2pReview meeting. Fabulous but exhausting. Today has been laundry, reading, yoga. Just fabulous.

Sun Apr 29 22:48:46 +0000 2012

Replying to @kfitz

Oh, @nancybaym, you know that in the land of Facebook there are no strangers - just people you haven't friended yet.

Mon Apr 30 01:00:20 +0000 2012

Replying to @tcarmody

As if I weren't already sad that I can't make it to @thatcamp Prime...

Mon Apr 30 02:23:35 +0000 2012

Replying to @dancohen

Not even remotely sick of you. Alas, I wil be speaking at ElPub, in Portugal. http://www.elpub.net/Elpub_2012/Main_Page.html #humblebrag

Mon Apr 30 02:29:07 +0000 2012

Replying to @tcarmody and @dancohen

I know, right? Where's that jetpack I was promised?

Mon Apr 30 02:38:09 +0000 2012

Replying to @amandafrench, @rgfeal and @jenhoward

It is alarmingly easy to spend thousands. I've done it with both of mine, and couldn't have done otherwise.

Mon Apr 30 14:47:46 +0000 2012

Replying to @BendProf

Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that!

Mon Apr 30 19:07:08 +0000 2012

I am reminded by @mkirschenbaum's recent that this weekend I was telling someone about the floppy disk Imperial March: http://youtube.com/watch?v=yHJOz_y9rZE

Tue May 01 02:23:00 +0000 2012

It was declared "the geekiest thing ever."

Tue May 01 02:23:21 +0000 2012

Replying to @mkirschenbaum


Tue May 01 02:26:05 +0000 2012