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More thinking about writing, in another new post: Elbow, Wrist, Fingers, Pen, Words. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/elbow-wrist-fingers-pen-words/

Fri Jun 01 20:27:47 +0000 2012

Replying to @boone

Ha. Ha ha.

Fri Jun 01 21:00:03 +0000 2012

A blog post about a new review of my book, this morning at Planned Obsolescence: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/reviews-of-planned-obsolescence/

Sat Jun 02 12:44:42 +0000 2012

The review, if you want to cut to the chase, in the Los Angeles Review of Books: http://lareviewofbooks.org/article.php?type=&id=673&fulltext=1&media=

Sat Jun 02 12:45:05 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Thanks! I was pretty excited to see it, needless to say.

Sat Jun 02 13:07:22 +0000 2012

Replying to @dancohen

I'm quite pleased: he's clearly really engaged with the book, despite a final difference of standpoint. +

Sat Jun 02 13:20:18 +0000 2012

Replying to @dancohen

But yeah, the "Corey" thing, as well as "Claremont College." Can't win 'em all, I guess. -

Sat Jun 02 13:20:55 +0000 2012

Beginning session at Now Visual Culture on the future of visual culture publishing, with @tmcphers and other great folks. #nvc2012

Sat Jun 02 15:53:41 +0000 2012

RT @LAReviewofBooks: Houman Barekat \(@HoumanBarekat\) on Kathleen Fitzpatrick \(@kfitz\)'s "Planned Obsolescence": http://bit.ly/KkMMJi

Sat Jun 02 16:03:11 +0000 2012

RT @FakeElsevier: Sign now: tell your kids you were there when the walls fell, hunched over your twitter client, w/ a bag of Cheetos: ht ...

Sun Jun 03 01:40:29 +0000 2012

New post: Spoilerz! \(Grrrr\.\) http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/spoilerz/

Mon Jun 04 12:49:38 +0000 2012

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Mon Jun 04 12:51:14 +0000 2012

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I got caught by last week's, too. That one was bad enough; this one pushes up on unforgivable.

Mon Jun 04 13:04:45 +0000 2012

Replying to @crsbecker and @jmittell

PS: That "unsubscribe" button sure can come in handy!

Mon Jun 04 13:05:26 +0000 2012

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Mon Jun 04 13:11:55 +0000 2012

Rock on, you! // RT @meganeabbott: Hey! I'm in here! \(well, my book is\) BEA: 10 Not-to-Miss Fiction Books | Kirkus https://www.kirkusreviews.com/blog/fiction/bea-10-not-miss-fiction-books/

Mon Jun 04 14:29:18 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Exclamations are fine, I think! A nice OMG! makes me look forward to watching, where details… not so much.

Mon Jun 04 14:37:36 +0000 2012

Replying to @dexterauthor

BREAKING: Characters on television series experience conflict; episode has dramatic ending!

Mon Jun 04 15:28:11 +0000 2012

Replying to @dexterauthor

You heard it here first.

Mon Jun 04 15:28:39 +0000 2012

Reposted for the afternoon crowd: be careful with those spoilers, folks. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/spoilerz/

Mon Jun 04 19:49:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @jwolman

I'm thinking of creating a pool in which folks can choose which connection I miss, where my suitcase gets lost, etc.

Mon Jun 04 20:10:54 +0000 2012

Replying to @nancybaym

Woo-hoo! I hope day 1 has been brilliant.

Mon Jun 04 20:36:07 +0000 2012

I have just inherited a 1964-65ish Magnavox Astro-Sonic Stereo Hi-Fi with Micromatic Turntable. Most gorgeous, but need a little repair. +

Mon Jun 04 22:16:25 +0000 2012

Anybody know someone in NYC who might be able to do an in-home estimate?

Mon Jun 04 22:17:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

The wood is in perfect condition; I just need the electronics part.

Mon Jun 04 22:38:42 +0000 2012

Replying to @cscannella

OMG the difficulty involved in getting this thing into the city from NJ. Delivery finally achieved, however.

Mon Jun 04 22:39:33 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

Will post picture as soon as I'm home again. It's gorgeous.

Mon Jun 04 22:40:21 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

That, I don't know. It may be tubes; it's that era. I actually got the original documentation\(\!\), so I'll check.

Mon Jun 04 23:09:01 +0000 2012

Replying to @BendProf

I got it from FB this morning & wound up railing about spoilers on my blog, I was so mad.

Mon Jun 04 23:11:24 +0000 2012

This Magnavox Astro-Sonic Hi-Fi isn't mine, but it's the right model. \(PS: I love saying Magnavox Astro\-Sonic Hi\-Fi\.\) http://www.google.com/search?q=magnavox+astro-sonic&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari#miuv=1

Mon Jun 04 23:14:56 +0000 2012

What the link in the last tweet about the stereo was meant to point to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85364160@N00/3224202271

Tue Jun 05 00:01:18 +0000 2012

@academicdave According to the documentation \(of which my uncle kept not 1 but 2 pristine copies\), it's solid state. Phew.

Tue Jun 05 00:10:41 +0000 2012

The actual Magnavox Astro-Sonic Hi-Fi: http://yfrog.com/oem2eafj

Tue Jun 05 00:13:52 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

Bad buzz in one speaker; turntable needs… to actually turn. Plus probably a needle.

Tue Jun 05 00:14:45 +0000 2012

The interior: http://yfrog.com/kkgo1wfdj

Tue Jun 05 00:15:20 +0000 2012

The brochure: http://yfrog.com/nxk2oxij

Tue Jun 05 00:15:38 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

It is very Don Draper. I also inherited a trove of amazingly kitschy LPs.

Tue Jun 05 00:29:22 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

No one has died \(yet\), happily; much-beloved aunt and uncle preparing to move to assisted living.

Tue Jun 05 00:34:24 +0000 2012

Replying to @surlyF

They're right there, hidden in the living room furniture!

Tue Jun 05 00:35:28 +0000 2012

Replying to @surlyF

Actually, according to the brochure, it's solid state. Has at least one blown speaker and needs turntable work.

Tue Jun 05 00:36:14 +0000 2012

Replying to @commish24

I have coveted this since I was a little kid.

Tue Jun 05 00:36:53 +0000 2012

Replying to @surlyF

Awesome; let's email. I am still in the market for tips.

Tue Jun 05 00:37:52 +0000 2012

Replying to @brettbobley

I know, right? I've loved this thing since I was a kid, and I had no idea how awesome the name was.

Tue Jun 05 00:47:39 +0000 2012

Replying to @triplingual

I most certainly do, once I can get the turntable working.

Tue Jun 05 00:48:48 +0000 2012

Replying to @triplingual

It does!

Tue Jun 05 01:02:33 +0000 2012

Replying to @melissaterras

That's what I'm hoping! Thanks much.

Tue Jun 05 02:44:26 +0000 2012

Extremely happy about this! // RT @MLAnews: New OA-friendly author agreements from MLA journals: http://www.mla.org/news_from_mla/news_topic&topic=596

Tue Jun 05 13:46:59 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

This was, as always, a team effort!

Tue Jun 05 13:47:52 +0000 2012

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Tue Jun 05 13:48:50 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Will do -- and thanks!

Tue Jun 05 13:49:13 +0000 2012

In other news, more blogging: Astro-Sonic. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/astro-sonic/

Tue Jun 05 13:49:56 +0000 2012

Replying to @digitaldante

You know, that's the funny thing: I don't remember any in particular. I've got some fascinating 60s-70s instrumental now, tho!

Tue Jun 05 14:43:36 +0000 2012

Replying to @mmwwah

Thanks! We're very happy about it, needless to say.

Tue Jun 05 14:50:12 +0000 2012

Replying to @digitaldante

I am 98% certain I now own that.

Tue Jun 05 14:55:04 +0000 2012

Replying to @veek

Hey, thanks! I'm pretty excited about it all.

Tue Jun 05 15:49:03 +0000 2012

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Tue Jun 05 16:12:01 +0000 2012

Replying to @boone

Super happy about that - as is my uncle.

Tue Jun 05 16:44:50 +0000 2012

I get all the issues folks have with the "unhappy assoc prof" article, but my assoc prof-hood was in fact the unhappiest part of my career.

Tue Jun 05 16:46:46 +0000 2012

And so, well, here I am.

Tue Jun 05 16:47:28 +0000 2012

Be the change, as they say.

Tue Jun 05 16:48:12 +0000 2012

Replying to @hjoseph

Thank YOU for the inspiration and support!

Tue Jun 05 16:48:54 +0000 2012

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Tue Jun 05 16:49:05 +0000 2012

Repost for the afternoon crowd, because I want everyone to know about the wonders of the Magnavox Astro-Sonic Hi-Fi: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/astro-sonic/

Tue Jun 05 18:47:12 +0000 2012

RT @s2ceball: Rock on @MLAconvention for the new open-access-friendly publishing agreements! http://www.mla.org/news_from_mla/news_topic&topic=596

Tue Jun 05 19:04:23 +0000 2012

Replying to @GeorgeOnline, @shanakimball, @surlyF and @jambina

Wow, just tuning back in. Contracts in production; once 1st are ready, we shd be able to share.

Wed Jun 06 00:48:25 +0000 2012

RT @rgfeal: MLA embraces "open access" writer agreements for journals | Inside Higher Ed: http://bit.ly/MisKcR

Wed Jun 06 11:51:20 +0000 2012

A quick post before I go: Departure. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/departure/

Wed Jun 06 12:04:09 +0000 2012

Replying to @katinalynn

Thank you! A wish I could certainly use.

Wed Jun 06 12:54:51 +0000 2012

RT @paoloman: New blog post http://blogs.library.duke.edu/scholcomm/2012/06/06/saying-the-right-things-then-doing-them/ by Kevin Smith on @kfitz & MLA #openaccess statement. 2 of my favorite thinkers &am ...

Wed Jun 06 15:20:56 +0000 2012

On that last RT, all I can say is thanks. Kevin Smith, I'm sorry you're not on Twitter so that I could thank you here properly!

Wed Jun 06 15:21:57 +0000 2012

Replying to @paoloman and @klsmith4906

Good to know; thanks!

Wed Jun 06 16:35:54 +0000 2012

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that @JennyHolzerMom is back.

Wed Jun 06 16:56:05 +0000 2012

RT @profwernimont: very pleased to have generous funding from Mellon to plan regional SoCal digital humanities center in Claremont. Exci ...

Wed Jun 06 18:36:25 +0000 2012

Getting started at #GöSerial symposium, hosted by @jmittell and others at Georg-August-Universität.

Fri Jun 08 08:07:26 +0000 2012

I honestly do not know what I was thinking. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/ha/

Fri Jun 08 12:44:12 +0000 2012

Replying to @plragde

I often work quite well on planes. But not on planes that take off at 9.30 pm.

Fri Jun 08 12:47:06 +0000 2012

Replying to @jtheibault

I am! I will make a point of having someone take me there; thanks for the recommendation.

Fri Jun 08 13:37:18 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal and @bfister

As in, "thank goodness this semester's over; now I can get back to my own work!"

Fri Jun 08 15:44:14 +0000 2012

New post: Annals of Comment Spam. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/annals-of-comment-spam/

Sat Jun 09 12:32:54 +0000 2012

Replying to @medieninitiativ, @jmittell and @ruthtweetpage

Great meeting you, too!

Sat Jun 09 19:45:21 +0000 2012

Yes, Pynchon fans, I am about to give a talk at the IG Farben Haus of Goethe Universität Frankfurt.

Mon Jun 11 16:05:36 +0000 2012

Replying to @plragde

Totally should have.

Mon Jun 11 20:08:32 +0000 2012

Good morning, east coast! Yesterday I visited the IG Farben Haus; Pynchonesquery ensued. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/pynchonesque/

Tue Jun 12 09:55:56 +0000 2012

Reposting IG Farben Haus adventures for the afternoon crowd: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/pynchonesque/

Tue Jun 12 18:46:05 +0000 2012

Replying to @literarychica

It's very odd to wake up here in the morning and realize that everyone there is going to be asleep for another 6 hours.

Tue Jun 12 20:08:54 +0000 2012

I should have gone to sleep two hours ago. I obviously did not listen to my future self's warnings.

Tue Jun 12 21:44:36 +0000 2012

You've already heard about yesterday's talk on digital authorship: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/pynchonesque/. Today, this: http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/12/after-long-resistance-pynchon-allows-novels-to-be-sold-as-e-books/?hp Coincidence?

Tue Jun 12 21:56:17 +0000 2012

Replying to @eetempleton

Oh, no. I have been slain by cute, and will now be useless for the rest of the evening.

Wed Jun 13 18:55:56 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Yay! Even reluctant love is an improvement.

Thu Jun 14 07:30:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @carenmilloy

Excellent! Portions of this talk may sound very familiar to you. :) #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 08:16:27 +0000 2012

Keynote accomplished. Now I get to enjoy others presenting! #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 09:57:11 +0000 2012

Great pres from Rory Mcgreal of Athabasca UP on study of Amazon sales ranks of volumes from his OA press w/those of trad presses. #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 10:37:53 +0000 2012

Mcgreal: found no significant difference in sales rankings btw OA press & traditional presses - plus OA had 200K free downloads! #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 10:39:33 +0000 2012

Now @Graham_Stone on moving Huddersfield UP to OA publishing model. #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 10:40:23 +0000 2012

Now: Pierre Mounier on working to create a robust economic model for "gold" OA publishing of books and journals. #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:02:08 +0000 2012

Mounier: 2 models for gold OA: 100% grant/subsidies model; author-pay model. Each presents problems. #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:02:59 +0000 2012

Mounier: 100% subsidy model runs risk of monoculture die-off: if there is a problem with the subsidy, the publications will die. #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:04:16 +0000 2012

Mounier: author-pay model shifts financial bias from those who can afford to subscribe to those who can afford to publish. #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:05:15 +0000 2012

FYI, Mounier = @piotrr70.

Thu Jun 14 11:06:44 +0000 2012

Replying to @fkelleter

Yes, indeed. Shifts financial burden/crisis from institutions to individuals.

Thu Jun 14 11:09:11 +0000 2012

Alternative model suggested by @piotrr70: freemium. How might such a model work for publishing in humanities and soc sci? #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:11:49 +0000 2012

At @piotrr70's http://revues.org, free access in HTML plus premium versions in PDF/ePub. #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:14:51 +0000 2012

Other premium services: email alerts, services for librarians, integration with library systems, documentation, etc. #elpubconf @piotrr70

Thu Jun 14 11:16:03 +0000 2012

OpenEdition launched in March 2011; 87 journals have adopted; 1000 books by end of 2012; will publish 16,000 by 2020. @piotrr70 #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:18:48 +0000 2012

OpenEdition working with 25 university presses, multi-lingual platform; 36 research libraries subscribe. @piotrr70 #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:19:37 +0000 2012

Freemium model is both pragmatic and political for OpenEdition. @piotrr70 #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 11:20:45 +0000 2012

RT @jmittell: Please provide feedback to @MediaCommons about how you're reading \(or not reading\) @ComplexTV with this quick survey: http ...

Thu Jun 14 13:18:00 +0000 2012

Replying to @katinalynn and @wynkenhimself

Go to it for me!

Thu Jun 14 13:22:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @katinalynn

Yeah, things could be worse than this.

Thu Jun 14 13:25:57 +0000 2012

I think my eyes may be rejecting my contact lenses. Or my lenses may be very dirty. In either case, may have to return to glasses for a bit.

Thu Jun 14 13:29:27 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

Sim, està tudo bem!

Thu Jun 14 13:35:05 +0000 2012

Now, @carenmilloy from JISC on #oapenuk and its model for open access scholarly monographs in humanities and social sciences. #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 13:50:15 +0000 2012

#oapenuk looking at ways policies, processes, mechanisms need to change to enable OA monograph publication. @carenmilloy #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 13:57:50 +0000 2012

#oapenuk also studying measurable effects of move to OA, changing perceptions of OA monographs among participants. @carenmilloy #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 13:58:38 +0000 2012

More on #oapenuk available at http://oapen-uk.jiscebooks.org/ #elpubconf

Thu Jun 14 14:00:25 +0000 2012

RT @pmphlt: New post: More reason to outlaw Impact Factors from personnel discussions http://hvrd.me/MJ1K7l

Thu Jun 14 14:20:32 +0000 2012

Replying to @captain_primate

DUDE. You need to buy a lottery ticket. You are seriously lucky today!

Thu Jun 14 16:25:28 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave and @captain_primate

Hey, you can't win if you don't play.

Thu Jun 14 16:27:51 +0000 2012

Replying to @BendProf and @rgfeal

One will do one's deeply jet lagged best!

Fri Jun 15 05:51:06 +0000 2012

Having a sorely difficult time getting myself moving this morning. Allergic freakout coupled with cumulative exhaustion. </whine> #onward

Fri Jun 15 06:51:49 +0000 2012

Replying to @ruthtweetpage

Thank you! It was great meeting you in Göttingen; I hope your return has gone smoothly.

Fri Jun 15 09:15:10 +0000 2012

Replying to @billwolff

Oh, wow -- I missed this before! Congratulations, and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Fri Jun 15 13:46:05 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @sherah1918

OMG, no kidding. I have that dream All The Time. Except without the tearing up dollar bills part.

Fri Jun 15 16:44:29 +0000 2012

I totally love it when orgs email me to give me directions to something they've put something on their website. Without, say, linking to it.

Fri Jun 15 16:46:37 +0000 2012

On the other hand, it's more than slightly possible that I am too angry to be allowed on the internets right now.

Fri Jun 15 16:48:12 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

You're totally right. That and a little whiskey, and I'll be good to go.

Fri Jun 15 17:13:01 +0000 2012

I have a pending comment on a blog post that's about comment spam. The comment starts "Now I'm going to sound like a spammer…" +

Sat Jun 16 10:19:03 +0000 2012

and then proceeds to sound like a spammer, if one who's done her homework. And the commenter's URL belongs to a marketing company. +

Sat Jun 16 10:20:19 +0000 2012

And yet because of that self-consciousness and that homework-doing, I feel guilty about hitting "spam." It's a powerful strategy! -

Sat Jun 16 10:21:36 +0000 2012

Replying to @Ted_Underwood

It's much like that. She says she's looking forward to reading my book but takes the title to be connected to sustainability.

Sat Jun 16 10:48:12 +0000 2012

Replying to @shermandorn

I was contemplating that. A gray-area treatment for a gray-area comment.

Sat Jun 16 11:30:07 +0000 2012

It has been a full work day here in Portugal. On a Saturday. In Portugal. Something may be wrong with this picture. #sigh

Sat Jun 16 16:13:26 +0000 2012

Replying to @jmittell and @dancohen

Trust me, you won't miss it. Dan, do let the #THATCamp folks know about Jason's survey, tho: http://justtv.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/feedback-on-complex-tv-pre-publication/

Sat Jun 16 18:05:53 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

I am jealous of all of the above. But thx for the kitty pix, which made this morning better!

Sat Jun 16 19:32:29 +0000 2012

Sitting in outdoor cafe, looking for wifi on aypad. Waiter approaches, says "let me," and signs me on to encrypted network. #likethisplace

Sat Jun 16 21:03:34 +0000 2012

New post, in which I begin to ponder "unpopular seriality": http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/unpopular-seriality/

Sun Jun 17 12:08:23 +0000 2012

Replying to @meganeabbott

Wow. The sadness coupled w/the hair! The thing that most freaks me out tho is the slight lean away from her instructor of #13.

Sun Jun 17 12:11:57 +0000 2012

I dreamed about trying to repair my inherited turntable last night, except instead of http://www.flickr.com/photos/kqf/7156143599/in/set-72157630057468008 it was the one I had as a kid.

Sun Jun 17 12:15:14 +0000 2012

Hey, so? Any European countries wanting to win their Cup matches? I'm willing to come visit. I'm clearly good for the local football.

Sun Jun 17 20:37:34 +0000 2012

Replying to @fkelleter

Actually, the US; you're all safe for the time being. I pass back through Germany next Sunday morning, so if you're playing then…

Sun Jun 17 20:41:17 +0000 2012

Replying to @fkelleter

I'm afraid I can't help you there. I'll be in LA. I wonder if they have any teams playing right now?

Sun Jun 17 20:47:24 +0000 2012

Replying to @publichistorian


Sun Jun 17 21:21:53 +0000 2012

I would say that, given the horns blaring here in Portugal, this promises to be a long night, except that a taxi is picking me up at 4.15am.

Sun Jun 17 21:24:34 +0000 2012

Replying to @colindickey and @publichistorian


Sun Jun 17 21:25:33 +0000 2012

Replying to @nowviskie

Go, B. So glad you're there.

Sun Jun 17 21:36:08 +0000 2012

Replying to @DanConnell

Rats. I have to be in Nashville. At least rest assured that Tennessee will not throw the calculations off.

Sun Jun 17 21:42:36 +0000 2012

This should be an interesting day. Literally have not slept; need to be up in 20 minutes to catch 1st of 3 planes; end in Nashville at 6pm.

Mon Jun 18 02:10:26 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

You may be right.

Mon Jun 18 02:15:55 +0000 2012

RT @mediacommons: We are happy to open the review of "Open Review: A Study of Contexts and Practices." Please join the discussion! http: ...

Mon Jun 18 18:16:55 +0000 2012

So: flight 1 was totally on-time, flight 2 got in an hour early, and my forcibly checked bag met me where it should have. Awaiting flight 3.

Mon Jun 18 18:23:07 +0000 2012

Happy to have a moment to announce the open review of our white paper, "Open Review: A Study of Contexts and Practices" http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/mcpress/open-review/

Mon Jun 18 18:24:24 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Dozed on flight 1; slept hard for a couple of hours on flight 2. Feel way better than I ought to!

Mon Jun 18 18:35:53 +0000 2012

AWESOME. // RT @nowviskie: Crowd begins to gather on the Lawn. #UVa https://twitter.com/nowviskie/status/214795134066360321/photo/1

Mon Jun 18 19:05:03 +0000 2012

Marking a milestone I never really believed I'd reach: Ten. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/ten/

Mon Jun 18 19:05:27 +0000 2012

Flight 3 now delayed another hour. Thank goodness it's the last flight of the day, and I have all my stuff with me...

Mon Jun 18 19:09:21 +0000 2012

RT @jmittell: Unmotivated Reading as Work - some thoughts on open review & academic priorities: http://wp.me/p3JAa-g1

Mon Jun 18 19:21:50 +0000 2012

RT @swarthmoreburke: They need a tank or something for Sullivan to stand on at #UVA, posed in front of the bldng where the board is meeting.

Mon Jun 18 19:37:27 +0000 2012

Replying to @bigjondaniel

Yeah, I do have status, which helps. But if you knew how much I pressed my luck today, you'd see how much luck I really have!

Mon Jun 18 19:41:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @bigjondaniel

By the time I get to Nashville, I will have flown 3 separate tkts on 2 airlines, with 1 bag checked across tkts 1 & 2.

Mon Jun 18 19:42:42 +0000 2012

Replying to @bigjondaniel

I know! It wasn't entirely by choice, & at 4.45 am, running on no sleep, my resistance was low. Thankfully, the bag showed up.

Mon Jun 18 19:47:21 +0000 2012

Go, @sivavaid! // RT @Andrew_Stauffer: #UVA Siva V. calling for reinvestment in public higher Ed across the nation

Mon Jun 18 19:54:18 +0000 2012

@swarthmoreburke @ted_underwood Certainly better than one saying "We're sorry you're so upset! Maybe you should go have a nice lie-down."

Mon Jun 18 19:55:46 +0000 2012

Replying to @dancohen

Thanks so much, Dan, for this and all your thoughtful input.

Mon Jun 18 20:01:30 +0000 2012

The open review report released today \(http://mediacommons\.futureofthebook\.org/mcpress/open\-review/\) would not have been possible without the input of our amazing advisory group: +

Mon Jun 18 20:05:51 +0000 2012

+ @dancohen @s2ceball @nickmirzoeff @CathyNDavidson and the pretty much Twitter-free Lisa Gitelman and Sidonie Smith; was a fantastic year.

Mon Jun 18 20:06:30 +0000 2012

Replying to @dancohen

Absolutely! None of the things that I've done in the last ten years could have happened without the blog. \(And thanks\!\)

Mon Jun 18 20:09:00 +0000 2012

"For passengers awaiting flight 4159 to Nashville, we're just waiting on an aircraft and a crew, and then we'll be ready to go." Um... yeah.

Mon Jun 18 20:52:11 +0000 2012

What was called a "delayed aircraft" apparently arrived at EWR at 12.45pm. With maintenance problems. Departure now tentatively 5.45pm. #hmm

Mon Jun 18 21:10:11 +0000 2012

Alright, let's go try this go-to-the-gate-and-board-the-plane thing again. #hopespringsetermal

Mon Jun 18 21:27:27 +0000 2012

I'm on a plane! #yay

Mon Jun 18 21:47:24 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal, @stevegoldenberg, @jenifer_ward and @bendprof

Looking forward to getting there!

Mon Jun 18 21:54:39 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal, @stevegoldenberg, @jenifer_ward and @bendprof

If dinner's late, sure! But not sure how lucid I'll be after starting in Portugal at 4am...

Mon Jun 18 22:01:41 +0000 2012

A-and, 24 hours later, I have arrived. **crashes**

Tue Jun 19 00:57:34 +0000 2012

Getting started this morning at #adefl with a plenary session on assessment.

Tue Jun 19 13:38:05 +0000 2012

Very, very happy to have had 8.5 hours of sleep last night, but not quite caught up. Mildly dizzy in that "when am I?" sense.

Tue Jun 19 13:39:09 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

Pretty much! Sooooo needed.

Tue Jun 19 13:53:53 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

Indeed! Very excited about the conversations to come at #adefl.

Tue Jun 19 13:56:34 +0000 2012

Bernhardt: How do you get instructors to focus on learning - that they're teaching *students*, not *texts*? #adefl

Tue Jun 19 13:57:53 +0000 2012

Bernhardt: The better we articulate to students what it is we want them to be able to do, the better they will be able to do it. #adefl

Tue Jun 19 14:00:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

From my time on the ground, no, they don't. Too many flinch at term "learning outcomes" and miss how important idea might be.

Tue Jun 19 14:02:54 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @rgfeal

True. Most of the assessment allergy at my inst. was about management jargon. Which, given #UVA, I understand. +

Tue Jun 19 14:05:23 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @rgfeal

But it often kept us from really articulating to ourselves what we were doing and why.

Tue Jun 19 14:05:41 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @rgfeal

So we too often left things at "We want them to think critically!" Yes, sure, but how do you know when they do it?

Tue Jun 19 14:06:19 +0000 2012

Replying to @swarthmoreburke


Tue Jun 19 14:08:06 +0000 2012

We've got the seeds of a great discussion starting on "Open Review: A Study of Contexts & Practices." Come join us! http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/mcpress/open-review/

Tue Jun 19 14:14:36 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal


Tue Jun 19 14:41:46 +0000 2012

Now this is just plain neat: +

Tue Jun 19 21:31:45 +0000 2012

RT @NYUpress: "Reading Culture: The gradual extinction of paper" | @kfitz quoted in Daily Times Nigeria http://bit.ly/PjVzd3

Tue Jun 19 21:31:49 +0000 2012

Replying to @elotroalex

Congratulations! That's fabulous news. \(And it'll be great having you in NYC\.\)

Tue Jun 19 21:36:51 +0000 2012

Replying to @elotroalex

Even better!

Tue Jun 19 21:39:38 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat and @surlyf

I want to RT that comment more than I can tell you. Propriety insists that I refrain. Sigh.

Wed Jun 20 01:25:22 +0000 2012

So, hypothetically: how much of a problem is it if you're giving a 20-minute talk, and you only have slides for the first five minutes?

Wed Jun 20 01:42:08 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

You may be onto something.

Wed Jun 20 01:43:36 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

Actually, I bet that would work well.

Wed Jun 20 01:44:46 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

I love this idea. A pool of evocative slides; mix and match.

Wed Jun 20 01:47:14 +0000 2012

Replying to @briancroxall

Dude, have you ever seen me talk? Lessig totally stole my routine.

Wed Jun 20 01:47:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @briancroxall

Plus, that "if you know what you're saying" part… could conceivably be part of the issue.

Wed Jun 20 01:48:11 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

Okay, that's AWESOME. What conf is that from?

Wed Jun 20 01:48:58 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

Really fantastic stuff. I completely get why!

Wed Jun 20 01:54:36 +0000 2012

That @kjhealy is indeed killing it. #UVa #BoV http://bit.ly/KzoAlN // via @wynkenhimself and a whole lot of other folks.

Wed Jun 20 18:44:52 +0000 2012

Replying to @gmbritton

Hey, good advice. #aaup12

Wed Jun 20 18:58:28 +0000 2012

Replying to @s2ceball

So completely wish I were there!

Wed Jun 20 18:58:51 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Ha! Was talking about those two just a little bit ago. Hope they \(and you\!\) are holding up in the heat.

Thu Jun 21 01:56:52 +0000 2012

Quick note to everyone who's commenting on our Open Review white paper \(http://mediacommons\.futureofthebook\.org/mcpress/open\-review/\): you guys rock! Will respond to comments ASAP.

Thu Jun 21 02:22:20 +0000 2012

For those of you who haven't joined in yet, please do! Open Review: A Study of Contexts & Practices. http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/mcpress/open-review/

Thu Jun 21 02:24:03 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

*files that away* \(PS: Thanks\!\)

Thu Jun 21 02:26:38 +0000 2012

RT @mediacommons: We just crossed the 100-comment threshold on our Open Review white paper. Come join the discussion! http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/mcpress/open-review

Thu Jun 21 12:23:02 +0000 2012

Replying to @samplereality

No LOKE-a-tiv adherents in the fray?

Thu Jun 21 13:40:56 +0000 2012

Replying to @samplereality

Too polite to throw down, one assumes.

Thu Jun 21 13:52:01 +0000 2012

The thing that I've been waiting for finally happened. +

Thu Jun 21 18:37:17 +0000 2012

I deplaned into a terminal, and for a second I had no idea what city I was in, or where I was supposed to be going. +

Thu Jun 21 18:37:21 +0000 2012

I don't expect this to have improved by the time I reach Prague on Sunday. -

Thu Jun 21 18:37:23 +0000 2012

Replying to @jmittell

Yeah, I try to be kind to the housekeeping staff. But I'm thinking I could definitely use that road manager.

Thu Jun 21 18:39:04 +0000 2012

Replying to @brettbobley


Thu Jun 21 18:41:59 +0000 2012

Replying to @samplereality

I find myself somewhat torn between "oh god" and "hey cool!" Definitely a sign I've been on the road too long.

Thu Jun 21 19:05:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @katinalynn

I do! And yes! So there's lots of up side.

Thu Jun 21 19:06:04 +0000 2012

Replying to @cjprender

I've been there several times; can't wait to get back.

Thu Jun 21 19:13:38 +0000 2012

Replying to @Scrivenings

I'm so sorry, and hope that you're able to find some peace as well.

Thu Jun 21 19:22:56 +0000 2012


Fri Jun 22 00:03:47 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava


Fri Jun 22 00:13:31 +0000 2012

Replying to @Ed_Raso


Fri Jun 22 00:14:05 +0000 2012

Wow, I completely forgot what Westwood is like. The restaurant by the pool at the W in Westwood? That x 1000.

Fri Jun 22 01:27:26 +0000 2012

As a \(very attractive\) friend of mine said to me on the beach in Santa Monica: "You & I? We're the ugliest people for miles."

Fri Jun 22 01:29:39 +0000 2012

This I will say for the poolside restaurant at the W, however: Best. Salad. Ever. Kale, pickled vegetables, light bacon vinaigrette.

Fri Jun 22 01:44:01 +0000 2012

I am in a little hotel across from the W. Some boy band is staying in the W, as witness the mob of teen girls lining my side of the street.

Fri Jun 22 03:01:43 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @jenhoward

It's way better than the headline suggests. A focus on systemic problems; not saying "don't bother trying."

Fri Jun 22 03:36:39 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself and @jenhoward

This is not to say that the stiff drink might not be warranted.

Fri Jun 22 03:37:01 +0000 2012

The most awesome thing about finding myself on the west coast is going to bed at 9 and waking up at 5, ready to go.

Fri Jun 22 12:36:42 +0000 2012

RT @dancohen: In the open review meetings, we actually discussed the importance of not producing something that's a refrigerator-toaster.

Fri Jun 22 14:22:19 +0000 2012

In which I whine about one of the more troublesome aspects of travel: Showers of the World. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/showers-of-the-world/

Fri Jun 22 15:17:19 +0000 2012

Hearing fantastic project presentations at #ucladh today. Very exciting movement of material & questions across multiple platforms & tools.

Fri Jun 22 18:46:07 +0000 2012

Two weeks, three countries, five talks, three panel discussions. Done. My brain shall very soon begin a nice long vacation.

Fri Jun 22 18:48:59 +0000 2012

Replying to @ryancordell

"For best results, do not stack the computers" = the tech version of the doctor joke punchline: "Then don't do that."

Fri Jun 22 19:05:01 +0000 2012

Replying to @LibSkrat

Very interesting! \(Though we will always need to acquire theme park rights for everything in PMLA, of course\.\)

Fri Jun 22 22:11:42 +0000 2012

Replying to @brettbobley and @toddpresner

They are delish! Thanks, NEH!

Fri Jun 22 22:22:08 +0000 2012

Replying to @brettbobley, @toddpresner and @ucladh

Exactly! And there was Nashville in-between. I head back to Europe tomorrow.

Sat Jun 23 00:23:52 +0000 2012

Replying to @mariabustillos

Have great table; see you soon!

Sat Jun 23 00:29:07 +0000 2012

Replying to @noctambulate

Like a dinner party s/he was afraid no one would show up to!

Sat Jun 23 03:17:29 +0000 2012

LAX, again. Today into tomorrow: EWR, FRA, PRG. Then three weeks of blissful stillness.

Sat Jun 23 12:59:22 +0000 2012

Additional good news: yesterday, I managed to get out of the center seat they had me in for EWR > FRA. Exit row window FTW!

Sat Jun 23 13:00:17 +0000 2012

Las Vegas. Unscheduled stop for medical emergency. My heart goes out to the gentleman and his wife.

Sat Jun 23 16:03:22 +0000 2012

Could somebody with access to a proper size screen let me know if there's a way to get from terminal C to B at EWR w/o leaving security? Thx

Sat Jun 23 17:03:06 +0000 2012

Replying to @ericdmj

Okay, I'll hope that's so! All I've ever seen is the AirTrain, which is outside security.

Sat Jun 23 17:07:01 +0000 2012

Replying to @ericdmj

GAH. I *had* 2.5 hours. Now may not make it.

Sat Jun 23 17:08:22 +0000 2012

Replying to @naypinya

No, alas, AirTrain is pre-security. There's a post security shuttle bus between C & A, but I fear not B.

Sat Jun 23 17:13:35 +0000 2012

Well, crap. Have just landed at EWR; connecting flight already gone. This should be fun.

Sat Jun 23 22:17:20 +0000 2012

Replying to @maximolly

Hi there! Will let you know should that come to pass.

Sat Jun 23 22:27:25 +0000 2012

This? Is not going well.

Sat Jun 23 23:39:19 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Thanks. May be home shortly.

Sat Jun 23 23:48:59 +0000 2012

No seats out tonight. Am *waitlisted* for tomorrow.

Sat Jun 23 23:50:01 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

Dunno. Am in line again.

Sat Jun 23 23:54:35 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

is problematic. will try in a minute

Sat Jun 23 23:58:41 +0000 2012

Replying to @boone

It appears that I will, like it or not!

Sun Jun 24 00:03:58 +0000 2012

Replying to @unsworth

To Prague? Would be nice!

Sun Jun 24 00:29:56 +0000 2012

Heading home. Not how I hoped this would end.

Sun Jun 24 01:16:34 +0000 2012

The best part is that I get to come spend the day in the airport tomorrow waiting to see if I get on an overbooked flight off standby.

Sun Jun 24 01:21:40 +0000 2012

Finally on the train headed back into the city. Home for about 13 hours: sleep, a little laundry, repack, and do it again.

Sun Jun 24 02:07:46 +0000 2012

And I just realized I have no house keys. Thank goodness for the door guys.

Sun Jun 24 02:22:15 +0000 2012

Belay that. I'm less stupid than I thought. Keys are safely in carry-on.

Sun Jun 24 02:23:12 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

It's been a suck of a day, but I'm trying to keep it in perspective. Neither I nor a loved one had a stroke on a plane today.

Sun Jun 24 02:37:47 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Which is not to say that I'm not deeply whiny right now. And there may have been tears.

Sun Jun 24 02:38:36 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Thanks! It occurs to me that eating might be good too. Also water. All systems are screwed.

Sun Jun 24 02:53:03 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

R is there waiting for me. Today was supposed to be the start of the vacation, which is part of what makes it so frustrating.

Sun Jun 24 03:06:53 +0000 2012

Happy Pride, from the Terrace of Awesomeness. \(Kinda happy I didn't miss this, at the moment\.\)

Sun Jun 24 03:48:04 +0000 2012

\(Only sorry the camera can't pick up the colors on the top layer of lights: should be green facing me\.\)

Sun Jun 24 03:49:53 +0000 2012

Replying to @jwolman

Especially when you factor in the part where I'm waitlisted for tomorrow's flights.

Sun Jun 24 03:54:00 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

I'm so sorry it's lingering! Hope you find some relief soon.

Sun Jun 24 04:18:12 +0000 2012

It's a very weird thing to be transient in your own apartment. On the one hand, I keep thinking I shouldn't be here. +

Sun Jun 24 04:20:18 +0000 2012

On the other, it's like a second chance at packing. I keep thinking of things I can grab to make the next four weeks better!

Sun Jun 24 04:21:13 +0000 2012

Okay, 9 am. Laundry done, mail sorted, devices recharging. A few last things to repack. Will head back to the airport early, I think.

Sun Jun 24 12:52:46 +0000 2012

\(Considering the starting point of the Pride parade lies directly between me & Penn Station, earlier is probably better\.\)

Sun Jun 24 12:53:39 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

Probably your best option!

Sun Jun 24 12:56:28 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

So glad to hear that!

Sun Jun 24 14:55:23 +0000 2012

Penn Station achieved. Next stop, EWR, and lots of waiting. Cross your fingers for me!

Sun Jun 24 15:34:43 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

If only I had a choice in the matter. \(See last night's stream\.\)

Sun Jun 24 15:37:12 +0000 2012

Replying to @academicdave

Exactly. There's now a shuttle btw C & A, but B remains isolated.

Sun Jun 24 15:41:16 +0000 2012

Replying to @mariabustillos


Sun Jun 24 15:44:05 +0000 2012

Replying to @Ed_Raso

Bought a round trip yesterday so I'm covered, thanks!

Sun Jun 24 16:07:11 +0000 2012

Replying to @lwaltzer

No, but it's outside security, so useless for transfers, etc.

Sun Jun 24 16:08:10 +0000 2012

Replying to @mmwwah

Kinda feels that way to me, too. Here's hoping it has a happy ending. And soon.

Sun Jun 24 16:19:29 +0000 2012

Okay, at the airport, in a line. Deja vu, man.

Sun Jun 24 16:51:21 +0000 2012

Processes thus far are not making me optimistic. First a colleague was brought in, and now a supervisor, who must rule on whether they can +

Sun Jun 24 17:01:58 +0000 2012

"accept" me on this flight. Plus a request for my paper ticket \(do they still issue those?\). Heart not exactly filled with light here.

Sun Jun 24 17:02:54 +0000 2012

Cautious optimism. Have boarding pass, but no seat.

Sun Jun 24 17:12:00 +0000 2012

Replying to @eetempleton

You're right; they did!

Sun Jun 24 17:22:11 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

EWR to Duesseldorf to Prague, gods willing. Slept fabulously, did laundry, hung with kitties. All is okay - but really want to go!

Sun Jun 24 17:24:27 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

That is a good life philosophy.

Sun Jun 24 17:28:27 +0000 2012

Replying to @rgfeal

I can and will find the whiskey.

Sun Jun 24 17:29:50 +0000 2012

So far, so good. Desk agent in Lufthansa lounge was sympathetic an helpful \(though he did begin with "so what happened yesterday?"\).

Sun Jun 24 18:07:59 +0000 2012

Cautious optimism continues. Plus device charging and a beverage.

Sun Jun 24 18:08:33 +0000 2012

Replying to @jmittell

I have at times watched that show with a discomfiting sense of familiarity. I'd probably do well, but for having to stop to tweet.

Sun Jun 24 18:15:10 +0000 2012

Replying to @katinalynn

Thank you! I hope your weekend is treating you well.

Sun Jun 24 18:39:43 +0000 2012

Nearing the one-hour-to-flight point. The waiting is making me nervous.

Sun Jun 24 19:30:03 +0000 2012

BUSINESS CLASS. \(I may weep\.\)

Sun Jun 24 19:48:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @jenifer_ward and @justinpickard


Sun Jun 24 19:57:40 +0000 2012

Replying to @amandafrench

Oh, no. They are too adorable! And very wise in their thinking about higher education.

Sun Jun 24 20:18:01 +0000 2012

Thanks for all the support, Twitters. I'm off. More from Prague.

Sun Jun 24 20:27:52 +0000 2012

Replying to @ryancordell

The bar by the pool has a great menu, including a killer kale salad. Also, happy hour, 4 to 7.

Sun Jun 24 21:46:58 +0000 2012

And there is wifi.

Sun Jun 24 21:47:20 +0000 2012

Replying to @ryancordell

It's pretty intense on the beautiful people meter, I'll admit. I sat at the bar and read. Clearly a foreigner.

Sun Jun 24 21:53:53 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Is it sinus? That can last until you clear up the problem.

Sun Jun 24 22:10:18 +0000 2012

Alright. 8.37pm local time here in Prague, where I arrived 12 hours ago, and where my suitcase is set to arrive any minute now.

Mon Jun 25 18:38:25 +0000 2012

Not that I'm complaining! I had a lovely flight, thanks to the very nice desk agent in the Lufthansa lounge. And I'm here, which is great.

Mon Jun 25 18:39:12 +0000 2012

I'm… just saying. Is all.

Mon Jun 25 18:39:26 +0000 2012

Replying to @jmittell, @louisck and @samplereality

Ooh, fun. It will depend on the timing; I have #MLA13 responsibilities.

Tue Jun 26 05:50:18 +0000 2012

Replying to @jmittell

It's hard to say. There's stuff going on more or less every night, some formal \(pres address Friday\), some informal. +

Tue Jun 26 05:55:50 +0000 2012

Replying to @jmittell

My bet is that Thursday will be less busy, though.

Tue Jun 26 05:56:19 +0000 2012

Resolved: Oops. Is there discussion? #UVA #BOV

Tue Jun 26 19:18:51 +0000 2012

Replying to @amandafrench

I think it's three necessary to call a meeting. #UVA #BOV

Tue Jun 26 19:19:50 +0000 2012

"We look forward to working with President Sullivan…" #UVA #BOV

Tue Jun 26 19:25:16 +0000 2012

RT @wynkenhimself: Someone retweet the lawn stream, please! #UVa // Please! The roar isn't quite reaching Prague.

Tue Jun 26 19:32:43 +0000 2012

Replying to @miriamkp


Wed Jun 27 14:57:31 +0000 2012

Those white spots out there? Swans. At least 40 of them, just hanging.

Wed Jun 27 17:52:26 +0000 2012

A slightly closer view.

Wed Jun 27 17:53:02 +0000 2012

R. just counted 53. #swans!

Wed Jun 27 17:55:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @LizClausen

Fantastic! I'll look forward to seeing the final version.

Wed Jun 27 18:14:43 +0000 2012

Replying to @savasavasava

Also: "SOON."

Thu Jun 28 02:06:44 +0000 2012

This picture brilliantly captures my cats' personalities, once you get to know them: http://instagram.com/p/MZTXe-D0IX/ \(My caption: "SOON\."\)

Thu Jun 28 16:15:26 +0000 2012

Replying to @mmwwah

You read A. correctly, but you've got H. entirely wrong. He's in full non-trap rub-my-belly mode.

Thu Jun 28 19:23:52 +0000 2012

Replying to @mkgold

Aww! Congrats, Matt, and I hope everyone is resting well.

Fri Jun 29 20:34:08 +0000 2012

Replying to @tmcphers

It never is. #sigh

Fri Jun 29 20:37:25 +0000 2012

Replying to @jbj

How awful. I'm so sorry.

Fri Jun 29 20:55:29 +0000 2012

Replying to @tmcphers

I'm so glad that guy graduated from my high school.

Fri Jun 29 22:38:17 +0000 2012

A new blog post, but one with more whining than substance: Not the Post I Want to Be Writing. http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/not-the-post-i-want-to-be-writing/

Sat Jun 30 14:03:02 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

I thank you, and send all the positive vibes right back. Sounds like you guys are having a brutal few days on the east coast!

Sat Jun 30 14:26:46 +0000 2012

Replying to @wynkenhimself

No kidding - I'm so glad to hear it!

Sat Jun 30 14:30:01 +0000 2012

Replying to @acavender

Thank you - I'm certain they will.

Sat Jun 30 18:43:01 +0000 2012

Replying to @veek

Are *you* going to be in Hamburg?!? I will look forward to meeting this young'un!

Sat Jun 30 19:04:38 +0000 2012

Replying to @veek

Excellent! Will look forward to seeing you and to meeting Nico!

Sat Jun 30 19:17:38 +0000 2012

Replying to @veek

Eh, I'm sure I will. Rotten timing, but teach me not to pie up business travel right before my vacation starts.

Sat Jun 30 19:19:37 +0000 2012

Replying to @JenHoward and @libskrat

How about in-home day care?

Sun Jul 01 03:31:54 +0000 2012