2013 12 01 tweets

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I know, right? I’m still trying to figure out where October went.

Sun Dec 01 15:50:36 +0000 2013

This is apparently the year my warranty ran out. In the last 2 wks I’ve had 2 moles biopsied, 3 teeth rebonded & a 10-min glaucoma scare.

Tue Dec 03 01:41:02 +0000 2013

The moles came back “weird-looking” \(the official diagnosis\), the teeth are fine, and I do not actually have glaucoma. But enough already.

Tue Dec 03 01:42:39 +0000 2013

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Will they let me keep my unlimited data plan?

Tue Dec 03 01:43:25 +0000 2013

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Tue Dec 03 01:46:53 +0000 2013

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Dude. Am trying!

Tue Dec 03 02:14:11 +0000 2013

RT @MLACommons: Wondering how to use Twitter effectively at #mla14? Guest contributor @roopikarisam shares her tips: http://convention.commons.mla.org/2013/12/03/virtual-mla-a-quick-guide-to-using-twitter-at-the-mla-convention/

Tue Dec 03 16:26:20 +0000 2013

Replying to @nancybaym

I was excited when I found mine, too. There’s something great in someone valuing your work enough to make a copy of it available.

Wed Dec 04 13:40:16 +0000 2013

Crucial new report from CLIR & National Film Preservation Board, LOC: The Survival of American Silent Feature Films. http://www.clir.org/pubs/reports/pub158

Wed Dec 04 14:03:21 +0000 2013

Coming to #MLA14? Join the 2014 MLA Convention group on @MLACommons for announcements, recommendations, and more. http://commons.mla.org/groups/2014-mla-convention-620574474/

Wed Dec 04 15:11:26 +0000 2013

Will #MLA14 be your 1st MLA convention? Join the @MLACommons group for first-time attendees to get advice and ideas. http://commons.mla.org/groups/first-time-convention-attendees/

Wed Dec 04 15:12:59 +0000 2013

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Exactly why we created the group! It’s important to have a human-sized point of entry.

Wed Dec 04 15:22:49 +0000 2013

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Horrible loss.

Wed Dec 04 16:31:08 +0000 2013

Devastated to hear of the passing of José Muñoz. Horrible, horrible loss.

Wed Dec 04 18:45:41 +0000 2013

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My age.

Wed Dec 04 18:55:09 +0000 2013

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Those are some gorgeous kittehs!

Wed Dec 04 23:36:08 +0000 2013

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Watched the last three episodes over the last couple of nights and thought exactly the same thing. \(“Everybody’s happy\!”\)

Thu Dec 05 02:46:36 +0000 2013

My last few weeks have been one non-stop medical complaint. Today’s whine is about the flu shot I got yesterday. Snif.

Thu Dec 05 13:39:55 +0000 2013

Replying to @jwolman

That article, man. Anybody who thinks Brooklyn is “dripping with authenticity” needs to be sent to a farm town for a year.

Thu Dec 05 17:44:42 +0000 2013

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Oh definitely. I’m just picturing the reporter’s fists clenching when that guy started talking about the values of “my generation.”

Thu Dec 05 17:46:01 +0000 2013

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I have been trying not to focus on that.

Thu Dec 05 17:46:48 +0000 2013

Replying to @shannonmattern

What? Shannon, that’s awful! I really hope today can behave better than that.

Fri Dec 06 13:43:17 +0000 2013

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Seriously. I’m getting a bit misanthropic just hearing about it!

Fri Dec 06 13:46:09 +0000 2013

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No kidding. People are effing nuts, have I mentioned that before?

Fri Dec 06 13:57:19 +0000 2013

Replying to @jvinopal and @lettersfromvani

Jargonesque: it’s from blackjack; if you get dealt a pair, you can split the cards into 2 hands & double your bet

Fri Dec 06 20:34:19 +0000 2013

Replying to @derivativedos

Thanks for the correction. Will try to remember next time I’m in Vegas.

Sun Dec 08 01:00:46 +0000 2013

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You might look at Airmail; it’s still in active development and it learned a lot from Sparrow.

Sun Dec 08 16:02:06 +0000 2013

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You’re welcome! I’m glad you like it; I’ve found it quite powerful. Like Sparrow, it gets Gmail labels, which no one else does.

Sun Dec 08 17:32:11 +0000 2013

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I’m in DC already & it’s a mess here too. They’ve closed the NoVa schools tomorrow already. I’ll hope the flying is ok!

Sun Dec 08 23:22:31 +0000 2013

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Oh wait. You mean you’re already here too. Duh. And welcome.

Sun Dec 08 23:22:33 +0000 2013

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No kidding! We came down to spend the weekend in G’town; not terribly looking forward to the taxi-based hotel switch tomorrow.

Sun Dec 08 23:31:10 +0000 2013

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Fairfax schools are also closed. It’s pretty sloppy out there.

Sun Dec 08 23:42:17 +0000 2013

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I’ve got to get from Rosslyn/Georgetown to the Capital Hilton about that time. Not looking forward to the ride.

Sun Dec 08 23:49:06 +0000 2013

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Possibly, though there’s still getting from the hotel to the metro on this end. I’m sure we’ll sort it out.

Sun Dec 08 23:51:00 +0000 2013

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We walked the Key Bridge in for lunch today. It was… bracing, I think is the word.

Sun Dec 08 23:53:46 +0000 2013

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We have to move tomorrow, though, because I’ve apparently wiped the hotel out of Irish & have had to move on to bourbon.

Sun Dec 08 23:55:27 +0000 2013

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I think that’s a fair assessment. #scholcomm

Mon Dec 09 00:32:32 +0000 2013

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CNI, of course! We will converge, weather permitting.

Mon Dec 09 00:45:54 +0000 2013

Replying to @epistemographer and @dancohen

Hey, excellent. I'll look forward to it.

Mon Dec 09 00:54:47 +0000 2013

Replying to @seth_denbo

NEW would be a big detour \(it’s the lakefront airport in New Orleans\)! I hope they got you closer than that…

Mon Dec 09 14:54:16 +0000 2013

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Ugh. It was a nasty day to be traveling; glad you’re safely on.

Mon Dec 09 18:17:13 +0000 2013

RT @veek: Did you commit to reviewing #DH2014 proposals? PLEASE submit them before deadline this Sunday! Please RT, too.

Mon Dec 09 18:46:12 +0000 2013

Replying to @JenHoward

*waves from the front of the room*

Mon Dec 09 18:52:01 +0000 2013

Replying to @JenHoward

Yes! I was wondering why Cliff had wind chimes on stage with him.

Mon Dec 09 18:54:33 +0000 2013

Replying to @wynkenhimself

*totally ded of cute*

Mon Dec 09 21:11:42 +0000 2013

Replying to @surlyF

What’s a carbon copy?

Tue Dec 10 19:47:23 +0000 2013

Dear everyone who’s debating the casting of DFW in the forthcoming biopic: Can we start with a huge OH MY GOD PLEASE DON’T MAKE THAT MOVIE?

Thu Dec 12 15:23:46 +0000 2013

The very thought is painful.

Thu Dec 12 15:24:38 +0000 2013

Seriously. I just want to sit down and cry.

Thu Dec 12 15:27:10 +0000 2013

Replying to @ayjay

It is the better course, without question.

Thu Dec 12 15:31:37 +0000 2013

Replying to @ayjay

In my case, it’s less my physical heart that is at risk, but the basic principle still holds.

Thu Dec 12 15:33:22 +0000 2013

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Familiar-looking, eh? Very nice early Christmas present!

Fri Dec 13 18:09:27 +0000 2013

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Woo hoo! Congratulations.

Fri Dec 13 20:16:25 +0000 2013

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Big hugs to you, today and on the 3rd.

Sat Dec 14 13:40:01 +0000 2013

Replying to @jmittell

Thanks for the redaction. For better or for worse, I’m watching it tonight.

Mon Dec 16 21:53:25 +0000 2013

Replying to @jmittell

Will do!

Mon Dec 16 21:55:53 +0000 2013

RT @samplereality: I have turned
off your retweets
that were in
my face

and which
you probably thought
were so good

Block me
I subtweet

Tue Dec 17 13:51:26 +0000 2013

Replying to @JenHoward

That is cold comfort, Jen. I’m so sorry this happened to you and your family!

Wed Dec 18 14:29:35 +0000 2013

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Tocqueville is one of our faves: http://tocquevillerestaurant.com

Wed Dec 18 15:53:30 +0000 2013

I weep for our once-great system of universal education.

Thu Dec 19 13:19:52 +0000 2013

Replying to @jmittell and @nowviskie

Actually, now that you say that, I have to acknowledge the possibility that the message was spoken rather than typed.

Thu Dec 19 14:16:32 +0000 2013

Replying to @nowviskie and @jmittell

It would certainly be less awful. A failure to correct poor transcription seems less awful.

Thu Dec 19 15:44:07 +0000 2013

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Thu Dec 19 15:48:30 +0000 2013

Replying to @amandafrench, @nowviskie and @jmittell

It’s possible, though the name I pixeled out did not encourage that conclusion.

Thu Dec 19 15:49:09 +0000 2013

RT @katinalynn: My fave tip from @nmhouston’s #mla14 post: Speaking up in awkward situations “can be an act of social generosity.” http://t…

Fri Dec 20 20:12:05 +0000 2013

Replying to @jcmeloni and @nmhouston

You should! Are you logged in?

Fri Dec 20 20:56:41 +0000 2013

Replying to @rgfeal, @jcmeloni and @nmhouston

I believe one is!

Fri Dec 20 20:57:46 +0000 2013

Replying to @jcmeloni

Srsly, log in, and tell me if you still don’t have commenting privs. If so, something is wrong.

Fri Dec 20 20:58:35 +0000 2013

Replying to @jcmeloni

ARGH. Thanks for letting me know. We’ll try to see if we can reproduce. Were you logging in from @nmhouston’s post?

Fri Dec 20 21:07:09 +0000 2013

Replying to @jcmeloni

Oh dude, I know that problem. It was trying to take you to the dashboard, which you don’t have privs on. A bit of WP stupidity.

Fri Dec 20 21:07:48 +0000 2013

Replying to @jcmeloni

We’re trying to work on a fix for that.

Fri Dec 20 21:08:04 +0000 2013

Replying to @jcmeloni

Yeah, it’s a login redirect problem in multisite WP. Wants to take you to the dashboard of any blog, whether it’s yours or not.

Sat Dec 21 01:27:58 +0000 2013

I moved in at the end of May. Today, nearly 7 months later, I hung the last of the pictures and dropped off a bunch of stuff for donation.

Sun Dec 22 17:59:34 +0000 2013

Replying to @boone

Five days after I moved I left the country and did not return until the nesting impulse had relented.

Sun Dec 22 18:51:13 +0000 2013

Replying to @BendProf

Yes! Can't speak for the hotel, but the neighborhood is fab. Good proximity to lots of great stuff. Quite safe at all hours.

Sun Dec 22 21:36:23 +0000 2013

Replying to @captain_primate

I'm so sorry to hear! I hope power is back way sooner than it sounds. :(

Sun Dec 22 22:17:09 +0000 2013

New post at Planned Obsolescence: Tools and Values. http://wp.me/p2w8Sh-FD

Tue Dec 24 14:23:15 +0000 2013

Replying to @jwolman

Those sound... vaguely... familiar...

Tue Dec 24 18:59:30 +0000 2013

The whole trick to the Christmas Eve gumbo is getting the roux dark enough before the effects of the prosecco kick in.

Tue Dec 24 21:47:29 +0000 2013

New post at Planned Obsolescence: The Tree. http://wp.me/p2w8Sh-FH

Wed Dec 25 14:18:43 +0000 2013

Replying to @dancohen

Thanks! It’s my favorite.

Wed Dec 25 15:12:48 +0000 2013

Replying to @wynkenhimself

Thanks, and to you too!

Wed Dec 25 15:39:50 +0000 2013

Replying to @shermandorn

Thanks so much, and happy holidays!

Wed Dec 25 15:40:36 +0000 2013

Replying to @rrkennison

And to you!

Wed Dec 25 16:08:18 +0000 2013

Replying to @shanakimball

And to you!

Wed Dec 25 16:56:44 +0000 2013

An utterly random request: I recently explored a service that gathers citation info about your work & displays it with Altmetric data. +

Fri Dec 27 13:02:33 +0000 2013

It was not ORCID, but it was not unrelated. And I’m drawing a complete blank on what it was. Any ideas?

Fri Dec 27 13:03:16 +0000 2013

Replying to @copystar and @ImpactStory

That would make sense, though I have a memory of the little pinwheels…

Fri Dec 27 13:05:35 +0000 2013

Replying to @jenniferwaller

Possibly Impact Story, but the site used the Altmetric donuts.

Fri Dec 27 13:31:23 +0000 2013

Replying to @rogerwhitson

It wasn’t them, but that’s a neat project.

Fri Dec 27 13:35:12 +0000 2013

Replying to @jenniferwaller and @papershipapp

Yes! That’s it. Thanks!

Fri Dec 27 13:44:58 +0000 2013

Phew. It was @papershipapp. Thanks, @jenniferwaller!

Fri Dec 27 13:46:36 +0000 2013

RT @MLACommons: We’ve created a guide to using #mla14 resources. Info about the mobile program, web annotations, groups, & more! http://t.c…

Fri Dec 27 21:56:03 +0000 2013

New post at Planned Obsolescence: Being Wrong. http://wp.me/p2w8Sh-FK

Sun Dec 29 13:29:20 +0000 2013

Replying to @Ted_Underwood

Indeed. Of course, I could be wrong.

Sun Dec 29 14:20:24 +0000 2013

Replying to @Ted_Underwood

Not \(just\) being funny there; it could represent a failure of my own experience rather than of grad school itself.

Sun Dec 29 14:21:08 +0000 2013

Some very smart questions & thoughts from @brettbobley @elotroalex @jmittell & @cplong on my recent peer review post: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/blog/tools-and-values/#comments

Sun Dec 29 14:25:52 +0000 2013

Replying to @RohanMaitzen and @Ted_Underwood

Absolutely! Developing an open enough voice as a blogger requires being prepared for your inevitable wrongness.

Sun Dec 29 14:38:46 +0000 2013

Replying to @cplong and @PubPhilJ

Fantastic! I’ll look forward to hearing more.

Sun Dec 29 15:56:23 +0000 2013

Replying to @Ted_Underwood, @ayjay and @nowviskie

I completely agree, but would suggest that there is a quite charged politics around the notion of humility.

Sun Dec 29 16:11:44 +0000 2013

Replying to @Ted_Underwood, @ayjay and @nowviskie

I also regret that this conversation isn’t being captured in the comments on the post itself…

Sun Dec 29 16:12:52 +0000 2013

Replying to @ayjay

Interesting! I really long to drag the conversations back the other direction, where they can play out more ruminatively.

Sun Dec 29 16:14:44 +0000 2013

Replying to @KLeuner, @Ted_Underwood, @ayjay and @nowviskie

Exactly what I’m working on. I don’t want to let this slip away.

Sun Dec 29 16:22:34 +0000 2013

Replying to @ayjay

Thank you! I do appreciate it.

Sun Dec 29 16:26:43 +0000 2013

Replying to @karikraus

Thanks, Kari!

Sun Dec 29 17:37:08 +0000 2013

RT @MLACommons: Want to build something from #mla14 program data \(XML/JSON\)? Grab the source code for http://mla14.org at https://t.c…

Mon Dec 30 20:15:40 +0000 2013

Replying to @warnick and @briancroxall

Looks cool - like it could handle 95% of what I’m using Evernote for, w/o locking my stuff in a proprietary format.

Mon Dec 30 20:45:10 +0000 2013

Replying to @warnick and @briancroxall

I’ve sort of adjusted to it, mostly by simplifying \(shutting off the sidebar, going to snippet view\).

Mon Dec 30 20:50:17 +0000 2013

Replying to @warnick and @briancroxall

Hmm. But I assume they’re all exportable \(or drag and droppable\) to plain text?

Mon Dec 30 20:50:54 +0000 2013

Replying to @warnick and @briancroxall

Which is exactly what I hate about Evernote. Export? Sure! To ENEX. Or crap HTML. Useful, that.

Mon Dec 30 20:53:24 +0000 2013

Replying to @warnick and @briancroxall

Nice. I’ll have to test out the demo.

Mon Dec 30 20:54:12 +0000 2013

Replying to @briancroxall

You have no idea how much I envy you that first reading.

Tue Dec 31 02:30:53 +0000 2013

RT @MLAconvention: What are your favorite Chicago restaurants? Post your recommendations to the #mla14 convention attendees group! http://t…

Tue Dec 31 19:04:55 +0000 2013

The only thing I wanted to finish and failed in 2013 is Bleeding Edge. \(About 25% to go\.\) I feel pretty good about that.

Tue Dec 31 22:30:26 +0000 2013

\(Okay, there are huge lists of things I didn’t manage to do, but that’s the only thing I swore I’d complete and didn’t\. See?\)

Tue Dec 31 22:31:21 +0000 2013

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Tue Dec 31 22:36:38 +0000 2013

Replying to @ricksva

Pynchon’s latest.

Tue Dec 31 22:42:43 +0000 2013

Replying to @eetempleton

Oh no. I hope you feel better quickly!

Tue Dec 31 22:47:39 +0000 2013

Replying to @eetempleton

Truly. **knocks wood**

Tue Dec 31 22:49:18 +0000 2013

Ah, we've hit the point at which having a really great dinner and being home in front of the tv by 7.45 is the best possible New Year's Eve.

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