2017 05 01 tweets

RT @jasonrhody: Pleased to see a small increase for @NEHgov in the spending bill. Now let's push for even more in FY18. #savetheNEH

Mon May 01 17:24:03 +0000 2017

RT @MLAnews: Tomorrow at noon \(EDT\), @mlastyle helps you master #mla8 in a live webinar! Haven't signed up yet? Visit https://t.co/aeNkJi2a…

Tue May 02 13:41:49 +0000 2017

Replying to @jadedid

From the Louisiana perspective: “all y’all” is not a simple plural \(which is in fact y’all\) — it’s used to say “every last one of you.”

Thu May 04 16:17:02 +0000 2017

RT @humcommons: New essay on electronic literature, up for open peer review on MLA Commons! https://twitter.com/MLACommons/status/860251656088408064

Fri May 05 13:57:55 +0000 2017

RT @humcommons: Our repository, CORE, is currently home to 1,999 papers, presentations, syllabi, maps, books, & more... but whose will be t…

Fri May 05 15:27:06 +0000 2017

RT @humcommons: New to Humanities Commons & want to know how to make it work for you? Come to our webinar! Fri May 19, 12:00 EST.


Fri May 05 16:19:40 +0000 2017

RT @France24_en: 🔴 #BREAKING - Emmanuel #Macron elected president of France \(with 65\.1% of the vote\)

Sun May 07 18:07:00 +0000 2017

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This is a monster thread. I hope @kpanyc blogs it somewhere \(@humcommons?\) bc it’s too important to let disperse in the Twitter firehose. https://twitter.com/kpanyc/status/861260826359078912

Sun May 07 19:36:20 +0000 2017

Replying to @hels

Whoa. Congrats!!!!

Wed May 10 01:35:54 +0000 2017

Replying to @MikeFurlough

That particular form of resistance may well be futile.

Fri May 12 13:45:55 +0000 2017

Replying to @MikeFurlough


Fri May 12 13:50:18 +0000 2017

RT @CLIRDLF: #Afrofuturist community archives/timescapes organizer Rasheedah Phillips to keynote #DLFforum! https://www.diglib.org/forums/2017forum/keynotes/ #Commun…

Fri May 12 17:00:21 +0000 2017

Replying to @BryanAlexander and @themba

Maybe, but there was a NERCOMP that @michaeldroy brought me to which is the place I remember meeting @themba…

Sun May 14 14:08:56 +0000 2017

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Hey, congratulations! That’s fantastic news.

Tue May 16 20:32:40 +0000 2017

RT @humcommons: If you've been using Humanities Commons and like what you see, please help us get the word out! Tell, tweet, or e-mail one…

Thu May 18 12:53:56 +0000 2017

RT @mlastyle: Check out our new Spanish resources for teaching MLA style! https://style.mla.org/teaching-resources/ #mla8 #mlahandbook

Thu May 18 14:22:51 +0000 2017

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This is excellent news! Congrats to @alison_mudditt and @PLOS. I am eager to see what’s ahead! https://twitter.com/PLOS/status/865266298158161920

Thu May 18 20:22:16 +0000 2017

RT @aaupresses: Of interest to @aaupresses https://twitter.com/MLAnews/status/862394428002095105

Fri May 19 13:13:24 +0000 2017

RT @rgfeal: This is not acceptable, and every member of the academic community \(and beyond\!\) must fight it. The @HumanitiesAll will guide u…

Fri May 19 13:13:44 +0000 2017

RT @humcommons: Just over two hours until our first Humanities Commons webinar! 12pm Eastern. Come with questions! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4137123988163987971?source=HCTwitter…

Fri May 19 13:51:28 +0000 2017

Replying to @patrick_mj and @ORCID_Org

You totally have an ORCID, unless you are also fond of using the ATM machine.

Sat May 20 20:17:24 +0000 2017

I am deeply grateful to Chairman Bro Adams for his service to the humanities and his support for the public value of all our work. @NEHgov

Mon May 22 18:46:44 +0000 2017

Replying to @kfitz

This is important and exciting! Congrats @CLIRnews and @CLIRDLF! https://twitter.com/CLIRnews/status/866739774748594176

Mon May 22 21:57:46 +0000 2017

A phenomenal set of career development resources that will benefit graduate students, departments, and many others. https://twitter.com/MLAconnect/status/867016708963389440

Tue May 23 16:19:25 +0000 2017

RT @MLAnews: Faculty mbrs: How can you & your dept help grads exploring a range of careers? Check out the new @MLAconnect guide! https://t.…

Tue May 23 16:20:13 +0000 2017

A million years ago, I was the assistant to the director of creative affairs of a large studio’s TV department. +

Tue May 23 17:06:01 +0000 2017

Replying to @kfitz

This was late in the era of the Movie of the Week. The studio had sold one of the networks a series of MotW starring @sirrogermoore. +

Tue May 23 17:06:08 +0000 2017

Replying to @kfitz

My boss had me look for possible vehicles for adaptation. I read and wrote coverage on a dozen mystery/detective novels and scripts. +

Tue May 23 17:06:13 +0000 2017

Replying to @kfitz

I wasn’t involved in any of the meetings, and I never got to meet the man himself. But my boss told me that in the key meeting +

Tue May 23 17:06:18 +0000 2017

Replying to @kfitz

with the studio and the network, @sirrogermoore picked up one of my reports and said “I rather like this one.” +

Tue May 23 17:06:26 +0000 2017

Replying to @kfitz

And then read what I had written out loud. +

Tue May 23 17:06:35 +0000 2017

Replying to @kfitz

That is the closest to Hollywood greatness I will ever come. I remain utterly overwhelmed to imagine my words in @sirrogermoore’s voice. -

Tue May 23 17:06:41 +0000 2017

RT @nowviskie: Read it and weep. Then fight. #savetheNEH https://twitter.com/rbthisted/status/867066258700816384

Tue May 23 17:22:32 +0000 2017

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty and @sirrogermoore

It was a MOMENT.

Tue May 23 17:23:16 +0000 2017

This is an outrage. We cannot let this stand. #SavetheNEH https://twitter.com/rbthisted/status/867066258700816384

Tue May 23 18:26:22 +0000 2017

RT @jasonrhody: To our colleagues @NEHgov, @NEAarts, & @US_IMLS, please know that we all appreciate & value your commitment to public servi…

Tue May 23 20:07:45 +0000 2017

Yes. https://twitter.com/jasonrhody/status/867099502804652032

Tue May 23 20:08:28 +0000 2017

RT @jasonrhody: NOTE: want to show your support for @NEHgov? Submit a ton of applications. Don't stop. Show how necessary they are to your…

Tue May 23 20:09:19 +0000 2017

RT @nowviskie: Keep your applications coming! Because when the #TrumpBudget fails, our friends at NEH & @US_IMLS will be waiting to support…

Tue May 23 22:10:51 +0000 2017

RT @HumanitiesAll: Appropriations Chair @USRepRodney responds to Trump budget: Congress, not president, has power of purse: https://t.co/1H…

Wed May 24 10:49:15 +0000 2017

RT @humcommons: Woohoo! We are delighted to welcome our 9,000th member, Ashley Thomson of @LaurentianLib ! Time for more dancing cats! htt…

Wed May 24 16:25:56 +0000 2017

Replying to @kfitz

Congratulations, @dancohen! Looking forward to following what’s ahead for you and @dpla! https://twitter.com/dancohen/status/867727545881444352

Thu May 25 13:04:04 +0000 2017

Replying to @timmaughan and @savasavasava

Hey! Congratulations! Such lovely news.

Thu May 25 15:27:54 +0000 2017

RT @humanistsatwork: Recently, @MLAconnect launched a toolkit for PhD programs. We're proud of our part & hope faculty continue the work! h…

Thu May 25 19:28:39 +0000 2017

Replying to @luca_barra, @jmittell and @minimumfax

Okay, that is the COOLEST.

Fri May 26 15:37:08 +0000 2017

This article makes use of the brilliant work done by students in @cunygcdi on http://nehimpact.org. #SavetheNEH https://twitter.com/WilliamFenton/status/868165446553436160

Fri May 26 18:26:08 +0000 2017

Replying to @WilliamFenton and @cunygcdi

Thank you for a great article!

Fri May 26 18:33:36 +0000 2017

Dinner tonight: roast pork loin, cheese grits, and stewed okra, tomatoes, and chickpeas. I’d post a picture but it didn’t last long enough.

Sun May 28 22:10:38 +0000 2017

RT @humcommons: Woot! We're now indexed by BASE, which means uploads are picked up by @OA_Button, @unpaywall, etc. More readers & open scho…

Mon May 29 14:28:52 +0000 2017

Replying to @rgfeal and @AP

And then there is the matter of evacuation, which the zoo was, and I sincerely hope the visitors were not.

Mon May 29 18:14:04 +0000 2017

Replying to @CameronNeylon, @F1000Research and @TAC_NISO

You are most welcome. It’s a thorny and important set of questions!

Tue May 30 13:44:08 +0000 2017

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty

Good grief. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Are… you here? It all just sounds unfortunately here-like.

Tue May 30 13:47:42 +0000 2017

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty

Ugh. I don’t know why I think of there as somehow exempt from that kind of thing. But it’s definitely NOT you.

Tue May 30 13:51:59 +0000 2017

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty

Ahahaha I bet he did!

Tue May 30 14:18:23 +0000 2017

RT @NEHgov: Find out what grants we have given in your state by using the #NEH Impact Index. Type in your zip code and voilà! https://t.co/…

Tue May 30 15:40:32 +0000 2017

RT @NMAAHC: A statement from our Founding Director Lonnie Bunch on the noose found in our history galleries today.

Wed May 31 22:38:15 +0000 2017