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A generous thought, indeed! How might such a commitment change the relationship between the university and the public good? https://twitter.com/gabrielledean/status/969222301735706625

Thu Mar 01 14:48:49 +0000 2018

Delighted to be at @GrinnellCollege today, speaking as part of the Scholar’s Convocation series: http://www.grinnell.edu/about/offices-services/conference-operations/convocation #generousthinking

Thu Mar 01 15:49:04 +0000 2018

I did! Come join the discussion. https://twitter.com/Aisa_OA/status/969258834463199232

Thu Mar 01 19:38:48 +0000 2018

Replying to @micahvandegrift

Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing the next great things!

Fri Mar 02 13:17:02 +0000 2018

Replying to @lesliekwchan

Ooh, thanks! Unfortunately I’m giving a presentation at that time. Will the livestream also be captured for later viewing?

Fri Mar 02 14:21:57 +0000 2018

Replying to @jasonrhody

You mean casserole?

Sat Mar 03 01:39:07 +0000 2018

The irony of having missed this meeting while away giving a talk on Generous Thinking has not escaped me. Hoping to contribute to this work at home. https://twitter.com/HuMetricsHSS/status/969588200011456513

Sat Mar 03 02:02:38 +0000 2018

Replying to @hels

Ah, this makes me sad, mostly because of the degree to which gnocchi speaks to the entirety of my Italian/Irishness. I love it when it’s great. It isn’t great all that often, and yet I am unable to stop trying.

Sat Mar 03 21:54:36 +0000 2018

Replying to @plragde and @EmilyRCWilson

I started reading it at the first of the year. A book a week. It’s astonishingly brilliant. Don’t miss the intro & translator’s note.

Mon Mar 05 18:27:07 +0000 2018

Replying to @kfitz

Thanks, @jbj and @ProfHacker! Looking forward to hearing your readers’ thoughts. https://twitter.com/ProfHacker/status/971125226154192897

Tue Mar 06 21:34:38 +0000 2018

Replying to @jbj and @ProfHacker

Aw, man! I completely missed that! <3

Tue Mar 06 23:44:24 +0000 2018

I am not as good a reader as I thought I was, but I have even better colleagues than I thought I did. https://twitter.com/jbj/status/971148322537918465

Tue Mar 06 23:45:39 +0000 2018

RT @CALMSU: The third annual Global Digital Humanities Symposium, hosted by #MSUDH March 22 & 23 @msulibraries, will focus on areas of crit…

Wed Mar 07 15:57:37 +0000 2018

Replying to @DukeFSP and @chronicle

Hi! It’s Fitzpatrick, but thanks for sharing!

Wed Mar 07 20:18:50 +0000 2018

Replying to @DukeFSP and @chronicle

Huge thanks! I’m excited about the discussions it might inspire.

Wed Mar 07 20:46:02 +0000 2018

RT @thefieldworker: Our job in academics? "cultivate a greater disposition toward generosity, toward community, toward engaging with what i…

Thu Mar 08 14:26:31 +0000 2018

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty

Hey, happy U.K. pub day! I will celebrate on this side in a few days.

Thu Mar 08 18:04:29 +0000 2018

THIS. So much this. https://twitter.com/paigecmorgan/status/971757524583108609

Thu Mar 08 18:35:02 +0000 2018

Replying to @R_Nash and @prolifiko

Thanks for the tip! I’ll look forward to reading.

Fri Mar 09 13:36:26 +0000 2018

Replying to @sherah1918

Thanks for this link, Sheila!

Fri Mar 09 15:31:19 +0000 2018

ICYMI, the draft of Generous Thinking is open for comment until the end of the month. I’m grateful to everyone who’s helping me make the book do the best work it can for the future of the university. #generousthinking http://generousthinking.hcommons.org

Fri Mar 09 19:29:20 +0000 2018

Replying to @jackjewers

Uh, that road we drove down when I visited that went pretty much directly into the Shire? \(Okay, it might look less enchanted when you get out of the car\. I couldn’t say\.\)

Mon Mar 12 21:27:15 +0000 2018

Replying to @jackjewers

Yeah, that was the thing about that drive: you and @CJ_Daugherty seemed no less shocked by it than I was.

Mon Mar 12 21:36:22 +0000 2018

A to-do item popped up in my reminders today: “prepare Spring 2019 book order.”

Happily, I’d included additional comments: “no, really.”

Wed Mar 14 13:15:20 +0000 2018

Very excited about “Traces,” the second issue of thresholds: http://openthresholds.org @openthresholds

Fri Mar 16 14:45:25 +0000 2018

Indeed. \(If you agree, have I got a book\-in\-process for you\.\) https://twitter.com/sharonmleon/status/975093703181262848

Sat Mar 17 20:01:17 +0000 2018

Replying to @kfitz

I’m going to “actually” myself here: you don’t have to agree. Competition, I strongly believe, is going to be our downfall. http://generousthinking.hcommons.org

Sat Mar 17 20:07:27 +0000 2018

Replying to @cplong and @BreneBrown

Absolutely. Those habits of vulnerability are necessary to real scholarly curiosity and experimentation, and yet all of our assessment mechanisms, at both the individual and the institutional levels, militate toward competition.

Sun Mar 18 17:33:52 +0000 2018

RT @kmapesy: The Global Digital Humanities Symposium is TOMORROW & FRIDAY! Follow the conversation at #msuglobaldh and the Livestream at ht…

Wed Mar 21 17:46:26 +0000 2018

Replying to @kfitz

That sense of social media’s psychological gravity is hard to overcome, and yet it feels necessary right now. Hoping to join you in this return to blogging, @dancohen. https://twitter.com/dancohen/status/976503981328486405

Thu Mar 22 20:29:23 +0000 2018

RT @shannonmattern: New in @publicseminar: I wrote about the ethical dimensions of our publishing venues + media of "generous scholarship,"…

Thu Mar 22 20:32:18 +0000 2018

RT @lnakamur: #msuglobaldh lansing peeps and others, come to this conference April 6! Keynote by @kfitz on her new book Generous thinking.…

Thu Mar 22 20:37:59 +0000 2018

So looking forward to this, and so sorry I couldn’t be at #msuglobaldh today! https://twitter.com/lnakamur/status/976904738338983938

Thu Mar 22 20:38:30 +0000 2018

A quick reminder that commenting remains open on Generous Thinking through the end of March. Which is weeks and weeks away, I’m quite sure. #generousthinking http://generousthinking.hcommons.org

Fri Mar 23 12:22:40 +0000 2018

Replying to @kfitz

Huge thanks to those who’ve read and commented over the last several weeks. I’m enormously grateful for the time and the feedback, #generousthinking in action.

Fri Mar 23 12:23:50 +0000 2018

RT @ava: On this day in 1965, young people marched from Selma to Montgomery for the right of all citizens to vote. They marched and they tr…

Sat Mar 24 22:06:22 +0000 2018

RT @mariachong: Why don't people want ethicists, critics, accountability? THEY DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHEN THEY'RE WRONG. https://t.co/woGMnw4S…

Sat Mar 24 23:36:58 +0000 2018

RT @ProfHolloway: Feel such pride and hope with the focus of #MarchForOurLives. But also profound sadness that the deaths of black children…

Sat Mar 24 23:45:46 +0000 2018

Replying to @jackjewers

Aaargh I forgot you guys are here. We’re heading out tomorrow morning. I leave you both good weather and an amazing post-march, post-launch glow. @CJ_Daugherty

Sun Mar 25 00:43:35 +0000 2018

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty and @jackjewers

Surely we can come up with a reason to get you to mid-Michigan!

Sun Mar 25 00:55:13 +0000 2018

Replying to @jackjewers and @CJ_Daugherty

You seem to be good at catching marches on arrival here!

Sun Mar 25 00:55:53 +0000 2018

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty and @jackjewers

Not the worst plan!

Sun Mar 25 00:58:15 +0000 2018

Replying to @jackjewers and @CJ_Daugherty

There are not enough hearts for that. :)

Sun Mar 25 01:00:36 +0000 2018

This whole thread, but especially this. And especially with respect to scholar-governed, independent, not for profit communications infrastructure. https://twitter.com/wilbanks/status/977908590425108480

Sun Mar 25 14:29:38 +0000 2018

TFW your leisurely 2-hour layover stretches into hour 6, with \(at least\) 2 to go.

Sun Mar 25 23:12:17 +0000 2018

Replying to @plragde

ORD, alas.

Sun Mar 25 23:14:58 +0000 2018

Replying to @plragde

Could absolutely be worse. \(Also, I have the memory of an amazing dinner at Ki last night to keep me from hating the entirety of the trip\.\)

Sun Mar 25 23:16:38 +0000 2018

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty

Is me. Most definitely.

Sun Mar 25 23:16:54 +0000 2018

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty

Heh. It’s all Duke v. Kansas around here. I might see if I can stream it.

Sun Mar 25 23:20:00 +0000 2018

Replying to @BryanAlexander

ORD. It was nice knowing you.

Sun Mar 25 23:37:19 +0000 2018

Replying to @CapitolClio

So. Many. Times.

Tue Mar 27 21:12:45 +0000 2018

I am utterly, utterly without words. https://twitter.com/DavidEggert00/status/978750345361920000

Tue Mar 27 21:55:39 +0000 2018

Thanks one more time to all the amazing commenters who engaged with #generousthinking. I am so looking forward to starting the rethinking and revision process with the benefit of your kind critiques. http://generousthinking.hcommons.org

Wed Mar 28 12:42:06 +0000 2018

Replying to @kfitz

\(That this revision process is slated to begin on what is both Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day seems entirely appropriate: a new start, with recognition that one may have made more than a few goofs\.\) #generousthinking

Wed Mar 28 12:42:22 +0000 2018

RT @ReclaimMSU: Our statement on this week's events. The full policy proposal can be found at http://reclaimMSU.com/policy-proposals https://t.co/BcTA1BS8…

Thu Mar 29 13:31:54 +0000 2018

RT @ReclaimMSU: .@MSUPresEngler refers to faculty as "you girls." https://t.co/DRixSihPgI

Sexual violence continues at MSU in part because…

Thu Mar 29 13:32:10 +0000 2018

Michigan Publishing is hiring a community manager for Fulcrum, its open-source publishing platform. Come join them — and become part of a growing Michigan digital publishing collaborative! http://careers.umich.edu/job_detail/155512/community_manager_fulcrum

Thu Mar 29 14:45:54 +0000 2018

Huge congratulations, all! This is super exciting. https://twitter.com/mkgold/status/979702231099432960

Fri Mar 30 12:52:37 +0000 2018

RT @paigecmorgan: Hey, if you're a member of @achdotorg, don't forget to vote in the current elections! There are excellent candidates all…

Fri Mar 30 17:00:45 +0000 2018

Replying to @miriamkp

I have heard it rumored that one can get ahold of an old version of the Kindle app. Not that I would do that. But someone who would do that would need to keep getting ahold of that old app because it will auto-update — but only once per session.

Fri Mar 30 17:43:39 +0000 2018

Replying to @miriamkp

Anyhow, I’ve heard that books downloaded via the restored old app can still be opened.

Fri Mar 30 17:44:33 +0000 2018

Replying to @samplereality and @miriamkp

Ooh, that’s good to know.

Fri Mar 30 17:47:18 +0000 2018