2018 07 01 tweets

After spending 14 of the last 18 days on the road, I am ecstatic to be sitting at the computer in my pajamas, finishing up some last edits on Generous Thinking. I had a great time at #CHCI18, #ELPUB2018, and #DH2019, but omg there’s no place like home. http://generousthinking.hcommons.org

Sun Jul 01 13:13:33 +0000 2018

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Of course, it was #DH2018 I had a great time at. I may be ahead of the curve in some ways but I haven’t headed to Utrecht yet.

Sun Jul 01 13:29:38 +0000 2018

Best library swag ever. Thanks, @mchris4duke! #expectprivacy @mitlibraries

Sun Jul 01 15:42:19 +0000 2018

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Huge congratulations, Jacque! I’ll be excited to see what you get up to there!

Sun Jul 01 18:06:14 +0000 2018

I wrapped things up on Generous Thinking this weekend, and am starting to think about what’s next. http://kfitz.info/wrapping-up/

Mon Jul 02 14:16:27 +0000 2018

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Ha! I will be excited for both of those things!

Mon Jul 02 14:18:19 +0000 2018

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I am hugely, hugely honored by this, @lesliekwchan! It was such a fantastic conference and I’m thrilled to have gotten to be part of it. #ELPUB2018 https://twitter.com/lesliekwchan/status/1013840364556505094

Mon Jul 02 17:52:56 +0000 2018

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Sending all the best for the transition — I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Sun Jul 08 17:21:28 +0000 2018

Replying to @tressiemcphd

Huge, and well-deserved, congratulations!

Mon Jul 09 13:31:44 +0000 2018

Replying to @Protohedgehog, @BrianNosek, @matthewspitzer and @humcommons

Indeed! Humanities Commons is a SHARE Notify provider, so OSF has our feed. The trick is that we’re not all preprints, but I’m sure that could be dealt with…

Tue Jul 10 16:26:05 +0000 2018

Replying to @BrianNosek, @Protohedgehog, @matthewspitzer and @humcommons

We don’t have a specific designation for preprints, but we do have an item type designation of “article” that might work. I’m digging around to see if there are other possibilities.

Tue Jul 10 16:31:44 +0000 2018

Replying to @BrianNosek, @Protohedgehog, @matthewspitzer and @humcommons

Looking more closely, it appears that our OAI feed does not include item type. We’ll need to put this on our roadmap.

Tue Jul 10 16:40:15 +0000 2018

This is what gives me hope for the future of the institution: “These three imperatives—to keep the lessons of our current crisis in front of us, to interrogate and redress all unjust structures, and to create a culture of shared, empathetic ... http://kfitz.info/3148-2/

Wed Jul 11 11:26:56 +0000 2018

Replying to @BerondaM

This is so true. It’s important to recognize those moments when the demand for consensus is a silencing of dissent. We need to know when disagreement must be allowed to linger despite the need to move forward.

Wed Jul 11 13:04:02 +0000 2018

These deans give me hope. Their call for a paradigm shift in higher ed is at the heart of Generous Thinking. https://generousthinking.hcommons.org/5-the-university/ https://twitter.com/CALMSU/status/1017040421845917696

Wed Jul 11 13:45:59 +0000 2018

Replying to @BerondaM

Hahaha! No, I think your question is exactly the right one, and I’m not at all sure I have the answers. Maybe just one potential path forward.

Wed Jul 11 14:00:49 +0000 2018

cc @humcommons https://twitter.com/londonlass666/status/1016756686802116610

Wed Jul 11 16:27:11 +0000 2018

Wow, this looks like a great new program. https://twitter.com/SSRC_org/status/1017068722312314881

Wed Jul 11 16:28:07 +0000 2018

RT @sferna109: People / Gente!!! @achdotorg is seeking peer reviewers for the inaugural ACH conference in Pittsburg in 2019. We need people…

Wed Jul 11 16:40:01 +0000 2018

Replying to @humcommons

Well, heck. We may have to make it so.

Wed Jul 11 17:59:44 +0000 2018

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Okay, these are even cuter.

Wed Jul 11 18:05:11 +0000 2018

Replying to @katinalynn

Hoo, does that status sound familiar. But yes, a definite sign of progress! Sending good retreat vibes your way.

Wed Jul 11 22:50:46 +0000 2018

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Sending you and your family all my best thoughts, Chris.

Fri Jul 13 17:25:04 +0000 2018

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I installed and set it up yesterday — it’s pretty fab! Not least that the developers are French, so “refresh” is “actualize.” :)

Fri Jul 13 18:11:59 +0000 2018

I have this far snuck into all three of my books \(those published and those forthcoming\) by the back window. I’m not sure why I’m surprised to find that the thing I thought I would write next might not be welcoming me in via the front door. But that idea over there…?

Fri Jul 13 18:51:19 +0000 2018

Pondering the path forward, blog- and book-wise: http://kfitz.info/why-not-blog/

Fri Jul 13 21:31:56 +0000 2018

Replying to @ByzCapp

Oh my, yes. Nonlinear. Organic in its discovery practices. Yes.

Fri Jul 13 21:48:53 +0000 2018

Replying to @ChrisAldrich

Wow, this is fantastic — a lot to chew on! More as the thoughts coalesce…

Sat Jul 14 12:56:12 +0000 2018

Replying to @ryancordell

I’ve been pondering this since yesterday. This overemphasis on research productivity is absolutely the case \(and an issue I’ve written a bit about\). But my own personal case comes with a slight wrinkle:

Sat Jul 14 12:58:33 +0000 2018

Replying to @ryancordell

Stepping out of the faculty and into an admin role for 6 years radically inverted my sense of what “productivity” is. And now, back in the faculty \(if in an admin\-intensive gig\) I find myself feeling most guilty about days without meetings/reports/office face-time.

Sat Jul 14 12:59:56 +0000 2018

Replying to @ryancordell

A day spent at home, or in the library, working on My Own Stuff feels like playing hooky. And it’s great! At least insofar as it makes research and writing a pleasure. But it’s still an imbalance.

Sat Jul 14 13:01:01 +0000 2018

Replying to @meganeabbott and @booksaremagicbk

Yay, happy pub day! So sorry I’m not there to celebrate with you.

Mon Jul 16 13:56:59 +0000 2018

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Oof, I’m sort of a day early. Happy Pub Day Eve?

Mon Jul 16 13:58:39 +0000 2018

My modeling clay prototype for a project I hope to work on in the MSU Digital Scholarship Lab. #msudslab @humcommons

Mon Jul 16 19:35:32 +0000 2018

Replying to @anniekjohn

Ooh, now that is an interesting question…

Tue Jul 17 14:25:29 +0000 2018

RT @anniekjohn: Super interesting read. Has me thinking: are blog posts to humanists what preprints are to scientists? #scholcomm https://t…

Tue Jul 17 14:25:32 +0000 2018

Replying to @djp2025

I suspect you might find some folks among the various cohorts of CLIR postdocs. I’ve also done a bit of a back-and-forth, though my trajectory is a little different…

Tue Jul 17 14:31:02 +0000 2018

Oh this. https://twitter.com/hcayless/status/1019675071324016646

Wed Jul 18 20:19:13 +0000 2018

And this one, too. This is an issue I’m hoping to spend some time working on over the next couple of years. https://twitter.com/hcayless/status/1019675572899860481

Wed Jul 18 20:19:37 +0000 2018

I’ve spent the day with some smart MSU folks thinking about our Digital Presence and Public Scholarship Initiative and the ways it might help encourage more process-focused, publicly engaged, dialogic scholarly work: the core of the land-grant mission ... https://kfitz.info/3208-2/

Wed Jul 18 20:45:55 +0000 2018

On Monday, I spent a chunk of the day thinking with smart folks in our Digital Scholarship Lab thinking about the collaborations we might inspire and support. \(And playing with modeling clay\.\) https://lib.msu.edu/dslab/

Wed Jul 18 21:30:54 +0000 2018

Oy. https://twitter.com/unsworth/status/1019699196511834112

Wed Jul 18 21:47:12 +0000 2018

Insomnia is the worst. Woke up this morning at 1.52 and could not go back to sleep for anything. Finally got up and made coffee at 4.00. Tried to nap around 6.00, without much success. Am, shall we say, not at my sharpest today.

Thu Jul 19 13:03:24 +0000 2018

Replying to @plragde


Thu Jul 19 14:32:40 +0000 2018

Sadly, my representative was not a help in this regard. That’s okay; I’ll remember this fall. https://twitter.com/HumanitiesAll/status/1019943401981202432

Thu Jul 19 14:54:27 +0000 2018

Replying to @joelburges

It failed, thank goodness. No thanks to my representative.

Thu Jul 19 15:03:00 +0000 2018

I didn’t whine enough before, apparently, so I’m doing it now. https://kfitz.info/insomnia/

Thu Jul 19 17:22:31 +0000 2018

Replying to @martin_eve

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that! A cruel case of adding insult to injury.

Thu Jul 19 18:08:50 +0000 2018

Replying to @miriamkp

Bad news, is what I call it, if you’ve found yourself standing in front of one of those. :(

Fri Jul 20 00:08:51 +0000 2018

Thinking about connections across a decentralized, distributed web: https://kfitz.info/connections/

Fri Jul 20 12:57:31 +0000 2018

Replying to @cljennings

Yes, so much!

Fri Jul 20 15:40:12 +0000 2018

Earlier today, I did a bit of musing about the decentralized, distributed, and yet radically interconnected future that I hope scholarly communication might have, and a few small steps I’ve been taking in that direction. \(Hint: this is one of them\.\) https://kfitz.info/connections/

Fri Jul 20 18:12:42 +0000 2018

Replying to @elotroalex

I’ll look forward to following!

Fri Jul 20 18:26:28 +0000 2018

Replying to @readywriting

Yes, exactly! And http://kfitz.info is Reclaim-hosted, so it’s very much of a piece.

Fri Jul 20 18:36:10 +0000 2018

Replying to @readywriting

It’s an open question, but one that I think these protocols \(Solid/Webmentions\) are pointing toward: ways of building intentional online conversations and communities.

Fri Jul 20 18:41:19 +0000 2018

Replying to @RyanStraight and @readywriting

Somewhere this all connects around to @dancohen’s post the other day on what email got right: https://dancohen.org/2018/07/17/in-praise-of-email/

Fri Jul 20 18:51:14 +0000 2018

Replying to @kathiiberens and @nickmofo

Thanks for that link, Kathi — just goes to show that the problem isn’t a new one, at all, and that lots of us are trying to figure out a better path. I’ll look forward to seeing your new site!

Sat Jul 21 09:25:01 +0000 2018

More thinking this morning about the distributed web: Feeds and Gardens. https://kfitz.info/feeds-and-gardens/

Mon Jul 23 11:09:50 +0000 2018

Replying to @jgmac1106, @aaronpk and @ChrisAldrich

Ooh, thanks for that link! That’s Aperture that Aaron is writing about?

Mon Jul 23 11:34:51 +0000 2018

Replying to @jgmac1106, @aaronpk and @ChrisAldrich

Hey, I resemble that remark.

Mon Jul 23 11:52:09 +0000 2018

From earlier today, thinking about RSS and cultivating community on the decentralized web: Feeds and Gardens. https://kfitz.info/feeds-and-gardens/

Mon Jul 23 23:40:12 +0000 2018

Replying to @anneperez and @samplereality

Thank you!

Tue Jul 24 00:02:08 +0000 2018

More smart thinking on feeds and the decentralized web. https://twitter.com/samplereality/status/1021529767152103426

Tue Jul 24 00:06:57 +0000 2018

RT @kmapesy: #msudh Woooo! https://twitter.com/msuwrac/status/973185667768442883

Tue Jul 24 12:48:59 +0000 2018

RT @K_Leonard_PhD: Also, my next book is going to be published on @humcommons and be 100% open access for everyone. Yes, it's still going t…

Tue Jul 24 12:50:46 +0000 2018

For the last week-plus, I’ve had The Bee Gees’ “Nights on Broadway” on repeat in my head. It’s not the worst earworm I’ve ever had, but it did finally drive me to look up the lyrics so I had something more coherent than “Blay menemah \(blay menemah\) mmhm nights on Broadway…”

Tue Jul 24 15:08:25 +0000 2018

Replying to @ranti

Happy to share! :)

Tue Jul 24 15:09:59 +0000 2018

Replying to @jackjewers

You know, for years my earworm cure has been one rousing chorus of “Lonesome Loser.” For some reason it drives whatever’s in there out without sticking. But I haven’t deployed it, which seems to imply I’m enjoying the infestation.

Tue Jul 24 15:26:03 +0000 2018

Thinking this morning about social commitments as a prerequisite for sustainability. https://kfitz.info/sustainability-and-solidarity/

Wed Jul 25 13:24:58 +0000 2018

Replying to @MaxKemman

I’m mostly thinking about complex systems. But even simpler ones can have hidden complexities, making it difficult for a single organization to commit resources to their ongoing maintenance.

Wed Jul 25 14:23:58 +0000 2018

RT @samplereality: Did you know? Humanities Commons' CORE has an RSS feed \(https://hcommons\.org/deposits/feed/\), making it easy to see new deposits, li…

Wed Jul 25 15:21:21 +0000 2018

I just finished Track Changes this weekend and can absolutely vouch for this. It’s a compellingly structured and engagingly written book that propels you through its arguments and interventions. https://twitter.com/mkirschenbaum/status/1022169356350971907

Wed Jul 25 18:08:42 +0000 2018

Speaking from \(very, very\) recent experience: this is HARD. https://twitter.com/mkirschenbaum/status/1022174710212317185

Wed Jul 25 18:09:56 +0000 2018

Word to the wise: Gutenberg, at least at the moment, does not permit writing in Markdown. Nor does it accept incoming Markdown from, say, http://micro.blog. Ask me how I know. https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/

Wed Jul 25 18:41:48 +0000 2018

So, trying this again: I posted a few preliminary thoughts this morning about the relationship between sustainability and solidarity. I’d love to hear your ideas, and in particular suggestions for things I ought to be reading. https://kfitz.info/sustainability-and-solidarity/

Wed Jul 25 18:59:01 +0000 2018

Replying to @LibSkrat

Ooh, yes please. Many thanks!

Wed Jul 25 19:11:31 +0000 2018

Replying to @LibSkrat

Fantastic — this is super helpful!

Wed Jul 25 19:17:26 +0000 2018

This strikes me as *spectacularly* ill-timed. https://twitter.com/Dropbox/status/1022183927308419072

Wed Jul 25 21:29:36 +0000 2018

Replying to @ctitusbrown and @CameronNeylon


Wed Jul 25 22:42:38 +0000 2018

Seriously one of the two best things I read last year. https://twitter.com/gmbritton/status/1022548399609065472

Thu Jul 26 18:29:14 +0000 2018

I think I can say, but we’ll find out: @tressiemcphd’s Lower Ed. https://twitter.com/gmbritton/status/1022550393048457218

Thu Jul 26 18:34:38 +0000 2018

Replying to @tressiemcphd

I totally believe you!

Thu Jul 26 19:06:11 +0000 2018

Hey, FYI, these white papers are also searchable and downloadable at Humanities Commons: https://hcommons.org/deposits/?tag=neh+white+papers https://twitter.com/SheilaABrennan/status/1019586307650211840

Fri Jul 27 15:35:24 +0000 2018

Replying to @cplong

The WP-Markdown plugin does the trick — assuming you’re not also using the Gutenberg plugin.

Sun Jul 29 14:56:41 +0000 2018

New tools become tenable only if the attendant social organization of labor changes in concert with the development of the tools, if adjustments are made to the ways that labor and expertise are divided and that resources and rewards are distributed. ... https://kfitz.info/3268-2/

Sun Jul 29 14:58:45 +0000 2018

Dear Internet Services That Allow Account Creation Via Self-Reported Email Addresses:

For the love of Pete, please require email verification before creating the account.

Not the @kfitz who created & is using that @TripAdvisor account, but the one who will be deleting it.

Mon Jul 30 19:12:13 +0000 2018

Replying to @jwolman and @TripAdvisor


Mon Jul 30 19:15:23 +0000 2018

RT @gmbritton: Why have Humanities scholars been so reluctant to embrace #OpenAccess monographic publishing? It’s more than just the reluct…

Tue Jul 31 13:48:05 +0000 2018

RT @cplong: Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem \(TOME\) data repository: http://cplong.net/scholcomm/toward-an-open-monograph-ecosystem-tome-data-repository/

Tue Jul 31 13:48:30 +0000 2018