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Yes! You can create such a web presence at Humanities Commons, with a rich professional profile connected to a repository, linked to a growing community of humanities practitioners worldwide. http://hcommons.org https://twitter.com/hralperta/status/1256258199243624449

Fri May 01 16:29:32 +0000 2020

RT @CLIRDLF: We are now hiring for the new DLF Senior Program Officer. Learn more about the position and how to apply on the DLF blog! http…

Fri May 01 17:57:31 +0000 2020

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Every. Day.

Fri May 01 20:17:35 +0000 2020

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I think I had this one!

Sat May 02 16:50:37 +0000 2020

MURDER HORNETS??? We get it, 2020, we get it. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/02/us/asian-giant-hornet-washington.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytimes

Sat May 02 20:07:32 +0000 2020

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Just finished teaching it in ENG211H. The students wrote *amazing* papers about it. And a bunch of them have the rest of the trilogy lined up to read, too!

Sat May 02 20:17:56 +0000 2020

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Happy to share. :(

Sat May 02 20:28:09 +0000 2020

RT @gmbritton: How do we solve the social and political crisis in America? The university may be the answer. https://jhupbooks.press.jhu.edu/title/generous-thinking @kfitz…

Mon May 04 18:55:29 +0000 2020

Just watched a most adorable bunny come hopping through my yard, sniffing all the newly budding plants, finally stopping to eat tf out of the one dandelion. That bunny is my new hero.

Mon May 04 20:41:18 +0000 2020

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A million years ago, at another institution, I chaired a search for a joint position in sociology and media studies. I could not convince my soc colleagues that they should consider PhDs in communication.

Mon May 04 23:36:38 +0000 2020

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The search did not succeed. And I found myself explaining through gritted teeth that sociology and communication had divorced in the 80s and that comm got the kids, and THAT’s why we weren’t seeing classically trained sociologists doing media studies.

Mon May 04 23:40:19 +0000 2020

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“The Internet is not people!”


Mon May 04 23:45:51 +0000 2020

Help! I’m looking for really good examples of asynchronous online conferences. Ideally I’d like to find a public-facing site that presents conference materials \(papers and/or posters\) for discussion. Send links and huge thanks!

Tue May 05 15:58:47 +0000 2020

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Thank you!

Tue May 05 16:44:20 +0000 2020

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Nice! Thanks for this.

Tue May 05 17:14:52 +0000 2020

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Thank you!

Tue May 05 19:13:28 +0000 2020

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I’d love to see it — do you have a link?

Tue May 05 21:22:19 +0000 2020

Replying to @cantus94


Wed May 06 01:10:22 +0000 2020

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Thanks so much for all these links! I’m very much looking forward to digging into them.

Wed May 06 16:33:28 +0000 2020



“Public spending, for public universities, is a bequest o…

Thu May 07 12:41:33 +0000 2020

RT @BerondaM: Having an expressed "commitment" &/or "good intentions" do not \(nor have they ever\) necessarily equate\(d\) to a lived commitme…

Thu May 07 13:22:47 +0000 2020

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I’m so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great man.

Thu May 07 21:25:27 +0000 2020

Ooh, looking forward to reading this! https://twitter.com/scott_bot/status/1250453809521967105

Fri May 08 11:44:54 +0000 2020

I had an appointment for a routine physical next week, and was trying to figure out how to call and tell my doctor’s office “the last place on earth I want to be right now is a medical facility waiting room.” +

Fri May 08 15:53:37 +0000 2020

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I just got a call from them saying, sheepishly, “we’re not bringing patients in right now, so we can either do a tele-medicine thing or reschedule for the end of June.” +

Fri May 08 15:53:51 +0000 2020

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End of June it is. And thanks for not making me do the awkward part!

Fri May 08 15:54:11 +0000 2020

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Yep. I’m not optimistic about end of June, but I’ll just keep pushing it out as need be, I guess.

Fri May 08 16:08:36 +0000 2020

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Absolutely! I’ve opted to hold out for an in-person appointment for the time being because it’s just a regular checkup — nothing particular going on — but my doctor wants bloodwork in advance, and I’d *really* prefer to avoid that right now.

Fri May 08 16:31:24 +0000 2020

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That’s really good to know!

Fri May 08 17:09:52 +0000 2020

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I am super-partial to the DLF Code of Conduct: https://www.diglib.org/about/code-of-conduct/

Fri May 08 19:57:01 +0000 2020

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Online, there are the Humanities Commons Guidelines for Participation: https://hcommons.org/guidelines/

Fri May 08 19:57:54 +0000 2020

Sending love to all the mothers I know, and to all of you who are celebrating your mothers, to all of you who are missing your mothers, to all of you longing for the mothers you should have had. ❤️

Sun May 10 12:00:22 +0000 2020

RT @thearmchaircom: I’ve noticed that with every killing of an unarmed black person, there are white folks who decide that they want to “fi…

Sun May 10 15:25:39 +0000 2020

Replying to @histoftech and @shannonmattern

You are so not wrong. That “eh, I’ve got tenure, I’ll be fine” rests on so much confidence that the institution will continue to exist… it’s terrifying. But so much before that: “I’ll be fine” belies such a narrow focus…

Mon May 11 22:22:14 +0000 2020

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There’s such a lot of “such” in that… sigh.

Mon May 11 22:41:21 +0000 2020

RT @hralperta: @scott_bot @clancynewyork @jotis13 @kfitz @kmapesy Obviously @heatherfro's blog post is still one of the best guidelines for…

Tue May 12 00:28:51 +0000 2020

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Shouldn’t that be “Farrar & Rinehart” or “Farrar and Rinehart”?


Tue May 12 19:46:54 +0000 2020

Same! ❤️ https://twitter.com/egaly/status/1260283102011719681

Tue May 12 23:06:21 +0000 2020

Aw, that was good. https://twitter.com/kfitz/status/1260295404136083456

Tue May 12 23:24:47 +0000 2020

Replying to @robinsloan and @mlastyle


Tue May 12 23:31:40 +0000 2020

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So many annoying people like me ready to point out foibles. It’s a good thing they like me.

Tue May 12 23:34:45 +0000 2020

It’s not an *actual* baby platypus, alas, but I am definitely imagining new swag options, eh, @humcommons? https://twitter.com/ScotKnitter/status/1260193530733002754

Wed May 13 18:26:02 +0000 2020

This is amazing. Huge respect to the MLA and its generous members for this effort! https://twitter.com/PaulaKrebs/status/1260573177358495744

Wed May 13 18:37:32 +0000 2020

This thread. This this this. https://twitter.com/JoyAnnReid/status/1260685847839625219

Wed May 13 22:09:22 +0000 2020

Especially this part. https://twitter.com/JoyAnnReid/status/1260685850213580802

Wed May 13 22:09:47 +0000 2020

I was once in an elevator with Meryl Streep and Carrie Fischer. And didn’t notice. I had to be told afterward. https://twitter.com/MavenofHonor/status/1260626632395685889

Thu May 14 12:34:38 +0000 2020

RT @BerondaM: Among things I wish #leaders would fully embrace: Boldly declaring a thing does not "make it so". Our energy as leaders is be…

Thu May 14 17:41:18 +0000 2020

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty

My god. All those people. Breathing the same air. Unthinkable.

Thu May 14 21:18:45 +0000 2020

RT @abbymullen: I know I’m a bit late to the party, but my first post-semester read feels extremely relevant in these days. Thanks @kfitz f…

Fri May 15 01:34:47 +0000 2020

Replying to @abbymullen

Thank you, Abby!

Fri May 15 01:35:17 +0000 2020

RT @BatsInLavender: Exciting news: I'm now the Assistant Project Manager for @HuMetricsHSS and the MESH Network https://www.meshresearch.net/ as…

Fri May 15 15:02:51 +0000 2020

Replying to @BatsInLavender, @HuMetricsHSS, @CALMSU and @msulibraries

We are ecstatic to have you on board! Looking forward to doing great stuff!

Fri May 15 15:03:24 +0000 2020

RT @hralperta: 🌻 Oh hello it's friday and there are eighty-eight volunteers in the alt-ac support network database 🌼


Fri May 15 21:18:35 +0000 2020

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I only want to note that there’s Another Style Guide who got here Over Three Years Ago. 💅🏻

Fri May 15 21:26:48 +0000 2020

RT @CALMSU: #MSUCAL is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ruth Nicole Brown as the Inaugural Chairperson for the Department of Afri…

Fri May 15 22:09:10 +0000 2020

Welcome Dr. Brown! Really looking forward to working with you here @CALMSU. https://twitter.com/CALMSU/status/1261378381066756096

Fri May 15 22:10:29 +0000 2020

RT @hralperta: New! May 2020: the alt-ac support network is a database of former phds who have pursued careers off the faculty tenure track…

Sat May 16 15:14:54 +0000 2020

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The house we’re in now was filled with peeling late-70s Laura Ashley wallpaper when we bought it. We took all the walls back to off-white. I think of that every time I consider painting: will this scream “2020” to the next buyer?

Sun May 17 20:31:26 +0000 2020

“However, if a school’s cost-benefit analysis leads to a conclusion that includes the term *acceptable number of casualties*, it is time for a new model.“ https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/colleges-that-reopen-are-making-a-big-mistake/611485/?utm_source=feed

Sun May 17 20:35:49 +0000 2020

RT @erupton: @kfitz "...rushing to reopen our society and our schools is a mistake that will ultimately result in hundreds of thousands of…

Sun May 17 21:02:35 +0000 2020

RT @k8dee16: Professor @JulianChambliss demonstrates his deep knowledge of Superman while looking debonair. Great work! @CALMSU @cplong

Mon May 18 21:25:53 +0000 2020

Replying to @nicolesjchung

Oh, Nikki. I’m so, so sorry. Holding you in my thoughts. 💙

Tue May 19 01:05:59 +0000 2020

Replying to @DrYoFiggy and @cplong

Soooooo well deserved!!!

Tue May 19 13:41:34 +0000 2020

Replying to @jmjafrx

Building platforms and pathways to facilitate the work of others.

Tue May 19 16:29:06 +0000 2020

Replying to @audreywatters

Audrey, I am so, so sorry.

Wed May 20 00:43:15 +0000 2020

This is an amazing thread, and not just because of the kind words about my post here. Scroll up and down for some truth on graduate education today. https://twitter.com/catsonatardis/status/1263138962748649472

Wed May 20 21:47:24 +0000 2020

Replying to @paigecmorgan

I would highly recommend a site at @humcommons using the CommentPress plugin. It’s what I used for https://generousthinking.hcommons.org.

Thu May 21 13:44:06 +0000 2020

One sure way to get started on a long-term project you’re putting off is to have the top-level item on your to-do list be a very short-term project you’re dreading even more.

Thu May 21 15:53:29 +0000 2020

Replying to @BerondaM

Huge congratulations to him, and all best wishes for the exciting path ahead!

Thu May 21 17:29:09 +0000 2020

RT @quinnanya: @paigecmorgan @kfitz @humcommons I was surprised and delighted to see that plug-in included in the Humanities Commons site f…

Fri May 22 17:00:17 +0000 2020

Replying to @CJ_Daugherty

WHOA. So amazing!

Sat May 23 15:06:37 +0000 2020

I hereby pledge my support for any university president who deals with their current budget crisis by furloughing their football and basketball coaches.

Sun May 24 17:20:43 +0000 2020

Replying to @kfitz

I mean, one of the criteria for staff furloughs being considered by my own institution is reduction in need for the work.

Sun May 24 17:37:50 +0000 2020

Replying to @kfitz

And maybe before we decide that furloughing cafeteria workers is a good step in the interest of campus health we might consider the threat that stadiums and locker rooms pose.

Sun May 24 17:38:29 +0000 2020

Replying to @cant_b

True. On the other hand, the administration is finding the wherewithal to renegotiate with the unions, so…

Sun May 24 18:33:06 +0000 2020

Replying to @mkirschenbaum

I’ll be right there.

Sun May 24 18:50:34 +0000 2020

Replying to @LVTroost

Indeed. I started my career at a D3 and it was a whole different environment.

Sun May 24 22:39:52 +0000 2020

Replying to @amandalicastro

I’m guessing y’all are D3? It’s a pretty significant difference, it’s true.

Mon May 25 14:33:22 +0000 2020

Replying to @goldisacks and @ftrain

Do yourself a favor and don’t look at a map of New Orleans. There is a huge chunk of the city in which the West Bank is east of the East Bank.

Mon May 25 14:36:22 +0000 2020

This. This is not a mistake, or a misunderstanding. This is an assault with intent to kill.

White women, this is on us. https://twitter.com/sandylocks/status/1265107625152143360

Tue May 26 12:52:39 +0000 2020

I’m enormously grateful to @ryanaboyd for connecting to Generous Thinking in the introduction to this excellent essay on the futures of the university. Now is indeed the time to see how generous we can be. https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/zoom-and-gloom-universities-in-the-age-of-covid-19/

Tue May 26 19:36:14 +0000 2020

A great list of antiracism resources. \(I’d add @DrIbram’s How to Be an Antiracist and @tressiemcphd’s Thick to the solid list of books\.\) https://twitter.com/MsPackyetti/status/1265314497151078402

Tue May 26 20:27:41 +0000 2020

This, for the university. https://twitter.com/cheriehu42/status/1265276725916848130

Tue May 26 21:24:19 +0000 2020

RT @ShaneClaiborne: His name is George Floyd. Murdered on camera by Minneapolis police, as bystanders pleaded with officers not to kill hi…

Tue May 26 21:25:07 +0000 2020

RT @mary_churchill: Rockstar! Buy her book. Read her book. Make your department read her book. https://twitter.com/triciamatthew/status/1265236007101833216

Tue May 26 23:34:20 +0000 2020

RT @actualham: @audreywatters "We must ground our efforts to plan for the fall--to plan for the future-- in humanity. Do not confuse the ha…

Wed May 27 14:29:59 +0000 2020

RT @Apereo: Opening keynote, Open Apereo 2020 - @kfitz ,author of ‘Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University’ on ‘Coll…

Thu May 28 11:37:11 +0000 2020

Replying to @joshgreen

I bought a chest freezer in mid February and felt mildly silly about it for about a month. And then I felt like a supergenius.

Thu May 28 12:04:20 +0000 2020

RT @hralperta: Remember #GenerousThinking? Let's do that again but for all the parts of higher ed we hope survive the pandemic. We can call…

Thu May 28 12:33:35 +0000 2020

RT @JoyAnnReid: Donald Trump always tells you exactly what he is. Believe him.

Fri May 29 21:12:51 +0000 2020

“But by pushing for a return to campus in the midst of a pandemic, these institutions are sending a clear message to the chronically ill and disabled: Finances and prestige are more important than the safety of those who are most vulnerable.” https://www.chronicle.com/article/Faculty-Are-Not-Cannon-Fodder/248879

Fri May 29 21:53:29 +0000 2020

“For all the talk of disability awareness on campuses, higher education can be quite hostile to those who are ill and disabled.” https://www.chronicle.com/article/Faculty-Are-Not-Cannon-Fodder/248879

Fri May 29 21:53:33 +0000 2020

RT @BatsInLavender: I was fortunate to take part in an anti-racism program in Spring 2019. I can't recommend Doing Our Own Work highly enou…

Sat May 30 13:47:07 +0000 2020

Replying to @jeddobson and @humcommons

We’re working out the issue now — sorry for the inconvenience!

Sat May 30 16:55:42 +0000 2020

RT @BerondaM: Can you imagine being PROUD beyond reason and simultaneously SCARED beyond reason when your brilliant Black son graduates hig…

Sat May 30 19:40:39 +0000 2020

Replying to @BerondaM

I’m thinking of you, Beronda. Listening and learning, and ready to fight for a better world.

Sat May 30 19:41:50 +0000 2020

RT @DrIbram: I want to make some things plain. Police violence has historically been the source of the violent rebellions of Black people a…

Sat May 30 19:43:16 +0000 2020

Enormously grateful to have read this last weekend. https://twitter.com/boreta/status/1266764970013782017

Sat May 30 20:00:45 +0000 2020

RT @Dr_B_Pearl: Center Black voices now. Black folks know what we need and how to best support us. Please don't tell us how to do anything.…

Sat May 30 20:07:54 +0000 2020

Replying to @BatsInLavender

Happy birthday! May the year ahead bring a better world.

Sun May 31 12:55:11 +0000 2020

RT @clairewillett: not to be the white asshole who just got here five minutes ago & is already like "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS,…

Sun May 31 13:25:25 +0000 2020

RT @BerondaM: Thinking about this as institutional letters of acknowledgement & commitment to "stand with" Black students/staff/faculty rol…

Sun May 31 13:56:18 +0000 2020

RT @PaulaKrebs: Starting a @humcommons site for resources for teaching in/about the current state of the US—texts, lesson plans, activities…

Sun May 31 17:06:44 +0000 2020

RT @PaulaKrebs: Majority scholars, please do not ask scholars of color to do this work—help collect and amplify the work they have already…

Sun May 31 17:06:54 +0000 2020

RT @PaulaKrebs: The site is https://antiracistresources.hcommons.org/

Sun May 31 17:13:15 +0000 2020