Hmmm. Because I was not conversant with the terminology of golf, I had to look up the expression “to take a mulligan.” In so doing I wondr how the “do over” could be applied to a span of time as long as a term or a semester. The mulligan usually refers to doing over a single shot in a round of golf? If the mulligan applied to the whole semester then the round would be multi-semester? Would a day in the semester represent one degree of the arc of a swing? I now imagine the learned blogger of Planned Obsolescence as a Duchamp-like figure off the staircase and on the links.

Were there not moments of levity this past semester?

If you want a quick fix of pure delight see the ping pang pong pung entry on Weez blog. Or a serene scan through some of the illustrations there. Perhaps Elouise could loan you a few to perk up the space of Planned Obsolescence? Jill Walker has also been doing neat stuff with digital snaps. Oh, just be iconoclastic and let the ekphrasis of commentators people your blog with Duchamp parodies.

I do hope the next hour brings you some joy (every time you reread this sentence).