1. because regular readers rarely use categories… check your log analysis for verification. usually category users are people who come to the site from a search engine with a topic in mind then click the category that they think relates to the topic. at least, that’s what my log analysis tells me.

  2. Since we’re talking about broken things:

    On your main index page, in Firefox 1, using Windows XP, your central area that has all the entries floats UP and covers your header almost completely.

    I’ll try to remember to check this on my home machine if it does it there too.

    Things work fine in individual entries (at least the comments template).

    In the realm of helping each other out – where did you get the plug-in the you use below to guard against spam (the word-image generation thingie)?

  3. Ergh. Thanks for the heads-up, Jason; I’ll see if I can figure out what the deal is. (Anybody else having that issue?)

    The CAPTCHAs, alas, are a built-in feature of ExpressionEngine, so I can’t recommend an easy plugin for MT to you, but I’m sure somebody’s built one. And I highly recommend implementing something like that — it’s possible that the CAPTCHAs have dissuaded some more casual folks from commenting, but they’ve cut my comment spam to almost nothing.

    **frantic knocking on wood**

  4. Ok, really odd – if i use the “back” browser button or refresh, your header and body readjust to proper alignment. So it only happens on the first view.

    Probably nothing to stress yourself over.

    Thanks re: the CAPTCHA – I’m sure there must be something out there for MT, although I think it’s the trackback spam that’s currently killing us. *sigh*

  5. Does MT have any trackback-throttling mechanisms? EE has a couple of cool ones — one that allows you to set the span of time that must elapse between pings, and another that randomizes the trackback URL (the one that I think is most important), adding a one-use only random string of digits to the end of the address, which means that an actual human has to get and copy the URL manually in order to successfully ping you.

    That’s the good news. The sacrifice is that there is no trackback auto-discovery function — if you just link to me, relying on your system to automatically ping me without using the randomized URL, I won’t actually get the ping. But… well, it was a small price to pay, I think, for not having to clear up all those bot pings every morning.

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