After reading the entry about the dream about the fear of a psychotic break, I want to point you towards that oasis of sanity you created with your _After the Silence_ entry. I did a search of your blog database with the string “silence”. And found this:


Leading me to want to search for “fun house” [some entries feature “fun”] and “boundary” [no results but there was a very informative entry located by using “border”]_Lost in Space_…


The dream could be read as important and significant augury of the INP may be entering a new phase. The “you” in the dream is not “you” but “your project”. I offer this quasi-Klein reading of an element of the dream being a partial object because of the importance of Gibson’s _Neuromancer_ to your Imaginary New Project. Gibson’s novel is of course the locus classicus of the definition of cyberspace as consensual hallucination. Somewhere I have tried to disentangle the conflation of cyberspace and hyperspace …



For me, the influence of the term “cyberspace” on the slippage (and

substitution) between the terms “hyperspace” and “hypertext” is greater

source of muddled thinking than the use of the term “cyberspace” itself.

Once upon a time there was a valley called “hypertext” […] There was also a nearby mountain called “hyperspace” where […]