Haven’t seen F911 yet, but my impression of Bowling for Columbine sounds like it would apply here, too; it’s a combination of preaching to the choir and cheap shots that are, in my opinion, no less reprehensible just because the targets are guilty of the same crime. An example from Columbine: in addition to making me uncomfortable, Moore’s picking on a senile Charleton Heston isn’t even particularly effective, since he (Moses) doesn’t seem capable of coherently representing himself. It’s easy to make smart people sound stupid (see the Daily Show) but it’s REALLY easy to make stupid people sound stupid, and when you do it just because they happen to be conservatives it makes you look like a dick.

My concern is mainly that I ought to wholeheartedly love Moore. I’m solidly in his demographic, and generally speaking I agree with his sentiments. But they’re couched in such a repellent way that I have a lot of trouble cheering his success. If we’re trying to convince the “undecided” to side with the Dems, maybe we should show a bit of restraint. Not a ton, but enough to distinguish us from those on the right willing to imply a connection between Hitler and Kerry.