Hey KF — worry not over the lag time between posts. P.O. is all about the quality, baby!

Re Barbara Ehrenreich: my defense of her project notwithstanding, you are 100% right about the way the post-Tom Wolfe/Norman Mailer mode of journalism seems perpetually doomed to getting in the way of its own reason for being. Even when the story is a good one, even when it’s well told, it’s more and more the case that, as you say, the narrator gets top billing, and his/her noodlings drown out all else. And, as I said, I imagine the stage version you described as being an A-1 bad idea.

You’re also right about the West Wing, which entered serious senesence (sp?) a couple of weeks ago, when CJ was shown MCing some repellent Rock the Vote party at a House of Blues — they had her wearing a short t-shirt, fashionably showing bellybutton.

Now, I’m the last person to ask Allison Janney to cover up her midriff, but the PRESS SECRETARY OF THE WHITE HOUSE does not show belly. Not in this universe, not yet.

It was a small thing — and all the faults you’ve named, Kathleen, are much more damning. But for me it was a sign that all quality control has been lost.