Hmmm. Much food for thought.

George: Only the Mabel Mercer is of a time frame that would put it in my parents’ musical library. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her. In fact, the longer I think about it, the more I think it’s a 5th Dimension album I’m seeing, because of the particularly groovy “5th” graphic on the album cover. (Of course, I’ve looked at some 5th Dimension discographies online, and haven’t found the graphic I’m remembering, either. So I haven’t a clue where it’s from.)

Steve: Thanks for the info. Zodiaq sounds pretty much like the same stuff as Silestone, just with a different manufacturer. I don’t know, though; for the color we’re looking at, the Zodiaq looks a little… synthetic. The granite’s got more depth. But I’m still thinking it over, at this point.