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For Liz

And courtesy of Marcus: the famous sofa-baignoire:

A small Parisian gallery with paintings on the walls and a sofa made out of an old claw-foot bathtub. The front of the tub has been cut away and a seat cushion upholstered in red velvet added

I was pretty skeptical when I first sat down on the thing — there’s no back cushioning whatsoever, so one leans back against the side of the tub. The odd thing is, though, that it works; the angle of the tub is exactly right for leaning back, the narrowness of the tub makes the sofa less deep than most, so relatively shorter folks like myself can sit all the way back comfortably, and the seat cushion was a great combination of firm and cushiony.

Either that or I was just so jet-lagged I’d have fallen asleep on a pile of bricks. But it’s still a pretty groovy piece of furniture.

(By the by, the four small framed pieces over the sofa-baignoire are Marcus’s. Alas, the majority of his work in the show is not contained within this shot. About which work, more shortly.)


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