As usual I appreciate the great food for thought that you serve up. I chuckled inwardly when I thought that what we need is “more better”. The solecism sent me to the dictionary and found

solecism | ?s?l?s?z(?)m |
* a grammatical mistake in speech or writing.
* a breach of good manners; an instance of incorrect behaviour.

The cultural change will need to encompass an examination of who gets to decide what counts as improper. Indeed we can query along with Derrida the binary of the improper/proper.

Derrida contends that this inconsistency between the proper and the improper senses of spirit is unstable at its point of origin, as there is an inner connection between them. (Derrida 1989, 96-98) << Source: page 261 Heideggar with Derrida: Being Written, “Derrida’s Avoidance” by Dror Pimental.

It breathes new meaning into the expression “school spirit”.

As ever,