Fascinating — arguably moreso than the similarly structured lists of Grrrrrreat Books that there was so much fuss over.

Where IS the Joy of Cooking? And no Future Shock? Apparently Invisible Man is just for us serphistercates — didn’t influence anyone else.

Theresa suggests that Judy Blume and Lee Iacocca are both missing.

There’s a sense here that the “influential” books are often those that bring an important idea or finding into mass-cultural circulation, like Watson’s The Double Helix. It’s almost as if the book’s name or author had to pass into cocktail-party -level conversation to be considered. Stanley Milgram’s ideas (again, my psychologist wife points outs) are arguable as influential than many of the other psychological figures on this list — but his name, unlike Reich’s or Jung’s, didn’t pass into common currency.

Thinking of more would be a very fun game.

And hey — where are the fundamentalist Xtians? Where’s The Late Great Planet Earth? WHERE’S CHARIOTS OF THE GODS????