Another aspect to revealing/concealing : what does is mean that those readers who might know *you* better from your blog persona could be unknown to you ?

What are the ramifications of using distancing mechanisms with those in your physical reality–who could more easily give back input, even unexpectedly, unwantedly (comments from the point of view of a non-blogger of the lurker type–I rarely leave messages, other than recently on your blog).

In fact I sense another persona–the one that you show to those who know you in the non-virtual way and to whom you’ve given the Shit-key. How does this person/persona interact with the two others (and the rest…)

I’m actually having a hard time putting down my thoughts, as I get different reactions to different parts of your post. When I reread the end part, I feel like we’re (you’re ?) talking about more intellectual, idea-oriented exhanges. On projects, writings and researches, etc.

But at the start of the post, you recounted the reaction of others who feel they know you better by your blog. There I’m on another plane, and I’m thinking of intimacy and sharing–emotional, relational–but this could be from my mode of functioning. Perhaps this colleague considers knowing what someone is thinking to be knowing that person ?

So I’m trying to figure out where all this intersects : what we are doing, what we are thinking about, what we are feeling (and then all of that in the past tense, too).

And what particular configuration of all that is highlighted by blog-contacts ?

And to return to my original impetus for this comment–what are the implications qualitatives for relationships via blogs ?

(jeez I do so much better doing conversations in person, where it’s easier to interweave topics and to think things through while still making sense.)