I know what you mean about the in-person conversations, Marcus — you and I have had enough of those super-late-night meaning-of-life braided conversations in which sense need not be made, but instead kind of grows organically. (As an aside: the amusing thing in your comment, for me, is not at all the difficulty of your attempts to recreate in writing that interwoven structure but the ways that your French is impinging on your English prose: “implications qualitatives,” I assume being “qualitative implications”?)

But you raise a good question: has the need for this kind of revelation-through-blog (or perhaps character-creation-through-blog) developed in part because of the series of extremely intimate interpersonal relationships that I’ve left behind over the years — college friends, grad school friends, those few with the key — and because of the whole long-distance relationship situation? And, having developed, does this space for character-creation and connection lessen the need to find that kind of intimacy IRL?

Perhaps. But is there a qualitative difference between that reticence and the much celebrated reclusiveness (or reserve) of writers or artists in other historical moments, working in other formats?

I don’t want to over-blow the meaning of my distancing mechanisms. All this is just to say that sometimes they’re functional, and sometimes they get in the way.

(See you in a few days. We’ll talk.)