I’m sure that the now almost-signature oh-this-just-a-little-boring entry line is designed to illicit closer reading. I reread the short entry and tried to understand where the heart attack might stop 🙂

The heart-racing lead me to reflect upon John Donne and conduct a WWW search which revealed that Benjamin Britten had set to music the lyrics of the Holy Sonnets including “Batter my heart”

http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/donne/sonnet14.htm [with a repro of a painting by Cranach depicting the trinity]

And to an essay by Paul Saffo http://www.saffo.com/roadfromtrinity.html

quote>”Funny how the mountains always inspire our work,” Robert Oppenheimer is said to have remarked to a toiling colleague while looking up at the Oscuras from Ground Zero during a rare break in the race to rig the Trinity device.

The MPs added to the farce by bringing up a HumVee-mounted fire-pumper to wash off the monument, even though the liquid thrown by the protester had promptly evaporated into the dry desert air. The result was a media circus of the absurd: a poor sergeant under orders dutifully hosing off an invisible fluid as the erstwhile hippies chanted, “You can never wash it off.”