Brrrr, kids, really scary, as Count Floyd used to say. Vemos [I´d link, but I´m on a ridiculously slow terminal] sez that the new version is mostly standards-compliant, but I´m not sure that I´ll ever forgive Macromedia for taking EIGHT FECKIN´ YEARS to bother with standards.

Plus every manager at Macromedia I´ve ever known was a raging fuckwit.

Sorry not to be supportive. I´m glad you´re having fun, but I´m scarred from years of 1)living two blocks from the Macromedia World Headquarters, 2) having dozens of friends spit out from the Macromedia system as drained and gutted shades of their former selves, and 3) having computers barf and/or flame out when slapped with crap-ass Flash code.

But I really am happy you´re having fun! And if I have any Flash questions, I´ll know whom to ask (who won´t go pale and have convulsions).