Oh, and there’s probably also some critical-theoretical point to be made about the phenomenological difference between reading (and I mean going over and over a line and flipping through pages reading) a play, any play, and seeing it performed, and especially a difference between seeing it performed in a high school gym in 2008 versus seeing it performed in a Chicago playhouse in 2008 versus in Kathmandu in 2008 versus in the Globe several centuries ago, and that maybe of all these reading experiences Franzen truly does prefer or appreciate textual, papery, Arden-bound dramatic texts to performative ones (he might want to be transported back to Shakespearean England to see an ‘authentic’ production, though, just for kicks [and dinosaur petting]) – it doesn’t seem outlandish to me that someone would prefer reading Shakespeare’s works to seeing them performed (I sort of do), or that their reasons for that preference would be sophistic (I sort of don’t think mine are), and in fact doesn’t even seem too outlandish that someone might prefer, for her own reasons, reading a script to watching a film, so maybe we should all give Franzen a break here.

I dunno what does everyone else think.