LG: Call for Respondents

Friends, in support of the revision process for Leading Generously, as well as my broader research into the conditions for creating transformative change within institutions of higher education, I am inviting participation from scholars, librarians, administrators, and academic staff members at all levels who are willing to discuss their experiences with me. Your responses will help me broaden the range of examples and perspectives I discuss in the forthcoming book.

Participants will be interviewed via Zoom, with questions provided in advance, and interviews will be recorded for my research purposes only. Respondents will have the opportunity to determine whether they want their comments to be attributed or to be anonymized, and I will share the resulting manuscript with them once the study is complete.

If you are willing to participate in such an interview — or if you know of an academic leader with whom you think I should speak, someone who has worked toward transformative change in an institutional context — please contact me at kfitz at kfitz.info.



  • Ranti Junus
  • Dr. Amanda Visconti
  • David Wacks
  • Zachary Davis
  • Educopia
  • Brandon Locke
  • Library Publishing Coalition
  • Zoe Wake Hyde
  • UR Mellon DH Fellows
  • Katherine D. Harris
  • François Lachance
  • Generation R
  • Monica Keane
  • Amanda Koziura
  • Erin O'Meara
  • Andi Buchanan
  • Humanities Commons
  • Bonnie

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