I saw the show in NYC and expecting to see Bruce doing what he does best which is acoustic, but instead I got a combination of River Dance and A PBS fundraising special. Which is real funny because tonight wouldn’t you know I flipped on PBS and there was Bruce dancing in step with his 30 piece band.

I dig Pete Seeger and I dig Woody G. but this was not tribute, it was an indulgence for the big B. What is the world coming to when folk music is a 30 piece band with a brass and string sections.

Perhaps some people want to see Bruce dance with his new friends but I was expecting to hear Bruce play his guitar and hear him sing. You could not hear his voice over this 6 so call back up singers who don’t understand the concept of backup singing.

I have not heard played the CD but I’ve seen the concert and the PBS special and both were contrive and unspontanious.

I’m going to see Dylan in about 4 weeks and I can only hope he leaves the horn section at home and that folk can be performed without the River Dance PBS fundraising production.

Give me Nebraska. Give me my cash back. Give Seeger his songs back.