I’m not going to claim “better way”; I’ll just describe what I do. There’s definitely a manual-step in this, but over the years I’ve yet to find where the aggregated time taken in that manual step is greater than the time taken to find a technical solution. That’s perhaps more because I’m quick/time doesn’t even register than because there _isn’t_ a solution, but I don’t know.

* personal account (gmail.com): all non-work related appointments, time blocks, etc

* work account (company domain w/ google apps): all work-related appointments, time blocks, etc

* how I view my calendar, on phone: typically I have all the calendars turned on (my personal, my work, partner’s personal)

* how I view my calendar, on desktop: at work, typically through the g-apps cal view, with gmail cal visible (so I get alerts for the g-apps cal view); at home, typically through the gmail cal view with g-apps cal visible (the point here is that no matter if it’s one click to view gmail cal or g-apps cal, it’s still the “right” calendar for the context, and it’s still just one click).

*because no matter how I’m looking at the calendar (iow, no matter which is the primary), they’re linked such that I can copy one to the other in one click (“copy to my calendar”), if I need to block off a personal time block in the middle of a workday.

All of that is to say: I still maintain separation of personal and work account. I see what I need to see, work people see what they need to see, and if there’s something on the former that needs to be on the latter _for the work people to see_, then I copy it. But it’s not often that’s the case (a couple times per month?), so the fake-myself-out view of the calendars all-in-one for me, works (for me).