Looking good! Hmm, names… Eudora, yes, for similar reasons to yours. Safari, which evokes what we’d like our surfing to be even if it’s overly romantic. And… pretty much no other software I can see on my hard-drive; the names are all awful.

Websites… After Dinner, The White Shoe Irregular, Fluffy Battle Kitten… it’s so hard to stand out from the sea of blogs that the name is almost irrelevant; you just want it to be non-cheesy. Best to avoid puns, although I do like ‘Twist of Fait Accompli’. I was always proud of Walking West.

Organisations… no, can’t think of anything particularly inspiring there. Barnardo’s? Actually UK banks aren’t bad: Barclays, Lloyds. Shades of the McSweeney’s quirky-surname thing, I guess; which brings us back to Eudora. How about finding a suitably inspirational historical figure and naming it after them?