So, I’d kept my two cents in my pocket until after my mother left town (speaking of matricidal tendencies…) so that I could answer at leisure — and I see, Kathleen, that you’ve said most everything that I wanted to say.

Of course, I’ll go ahead and say it anyway, just to hear myself talk.

I agree about “MediaCommons” being not quite right. For one thing, you new-media types don’t hold the intellectual property to mourning/reforming the monograph system. Okay, maybe you do, but ya shouldn’t.

Also, I’m tremendously in favor of the one-name wonder (a la Eudora). That adverb-adjective (Tightly Wound, Easily Distracted) or adjective-noun (Crooked Timber, Critical Mass….Planned Obsolescence) nomenclature has been too thoroughly claimed by the blog, even if “Comparatively Literate” is easier to pronounce than “Farrar Straus & Giroux.”

And I like Electra not only for the reasons you mention (esp. the deep meaningfulnessitude), but also for its quiet nod to naming tradition (Ada, Eudora).