:slips in between the crickets:.

I’m here, although, as my dorm Internet connection is presently about as functional as a hole in the wall, a bit late. I’ve been reading here since I found the link from your college-hosted homepage. I find the entries both thought-provoking and useful in a more functional sense (ie, “she says she’s been in her office, so she’s clearly not in England any more and maybe now would be a good time to drop by and grab my paper.”) I also like gaining more glimpses into what college life looks like from the other side, so to speak. As a child of faculty, I have some idea of what it must be like as a teacher, but the unfortunate side effect of this is that I tend to project my father’s views of college onto most professors until I learn otherwise. Hearing other perspectives helps me stop doing this.

I’m not really willing to call my online journal a weblog, since that particular term seems to imply writing for the purpose of addressing the world at large, rather than writing for one’s self that happens to be on the Internet because it’s more convenient for accessing from multiple locations that way. I’m still faintly confused that anyone except for a few good friends would find my journal interesting enough to read. Still, it wouldn’t change at all if I knew a professor was reading it, any more than it’s changed because I know my parents both read it or because I know random strangers read it. It’s undeniable that its contents are quite different from anything I’d write in a private paper journal, but that’s been true from the first post.