Do I still count if I am no longer your student? At any rate, I don’t read this to bother or restrict you, nor to gain insight into the mind of a purported superior or whatever similar assertion one might make, but just because I am interested in the subjects in which you are interested. I probably wouldn’t have found it without the real life connection, but that’s not really relevant, especially now that I don’t see you at breakfast every day.

More generally, do you think you censor yourself any differently here than you do in the classroom? Obviously there are things you are not likely to say to a freshman intro class that you might say to a small seminar of interested seniors, but aside from that I think there’s a certain filter that separates one’s interactions with one’s friends from interactions with colleagues and acquaintances (and students), regardless of the medium used. As far as I can tell, which is not far of course, PO is just a more focused opportunity for you to explore the issues and concepts that interest you most, both personally and academically – not a diary type blog.

That said, the interaction of “real life” and the internet always kind of creeps me out, regardless of circumstances. I wonder if that will still be true in 5 years.