Would a glass of warm milk help you get some sleep? Assuming you want a bit more sleep.

You don’t have to blog a respons to the next question but you might want to write it up somewhere handy for you to refer back to. When at Claremont in the current work/profession site of your living, how do you unwind before attending to getting a good night’s sleep? When you are located in that place where the personal sphere of activity is played out, do you have a similar or different routine for unwinding and balancing sleep with waking hours?

This asking about how do you begin to do a certain activity is a sense a temporalization of Weez’s framing the problematic in terms of knowing when to stop. I have a hunch that while you have been unable to write you have been “composing”. Is there an expectation when the parts of your life will become integrated that the time to be devoted to your personal relationship will cut into your “composition” time? Is this about budgeting? Anticipating a redistribution of travel time?

Again you don’t have to answer the question. It may not be the one most appropriate to your situation, your academic or personal situation. I have been very careful to observe a wholistic situation — you may indeed be faced with a set of situations. The plural construction would indeed complicate any resolution.