Possibly a generic issue — the blog, from weblog, retains the flavor of the regularized, daily recording of observations and occurences –and here of course my TV Land of a brain supplies simultaneous points of reference: Shatner and Stewart narrating their episode-framing log entries; and Lisa Simpson sitting down at her desk: “Dear Log…”

This dual association is perhaps useful (he typed pedantically): two antecedents of the blog are in the journey’s journal and dutiful homebody’s diary. (Yes, I know, blogs aren’t necessarily online journals and verse vice). That’s interesting to me, since it links us to staying-at-home and traveling, which is in a way the double nature of cyberspace, inward-turned and outward-linking.

But you already knew that — I began this comment by saying that the blog is “generically” linked to place because of its antecedents. And that I think that it affects me, at least, by sneakily making me think I should record “what goes on” in my neck of the woods. (An absurd notion, since the only location favored with more journalistic attention is wherever Ashton and Demi happen to be.)

But having thought about that dual tug a little more leads me even further — gets me thinking about the way that something like this here post-a-comment form un-log-i-fies the blog. It’s less journal-like with every post. Mine, for example,is now pretty much a weekly game show, rather than a sensible record of extended thought and/or trenchant observation.

None of which answers your question. Put it this way — many of the blogs I see, even the “political” or “subject matter” ones are flavored, often overtly, with geography. Blogs, to be more than just yammering-sites, require something that reaches out to the life beyond the keyboard; hence our pictures of both our backyard and our vacations. Hence our chronicling of ephemera and our long travelogues. The more I think about it, the more I wonder how much of those two elements — the trip-to-Alaska and the weird-guy-I-always-see-on-the-bus — are the seminal blogstuff.

Dammit, I still haven’t answered your question…