“The challenge for literary scholars, I would argue, is not to return to the kind of naive, untheorized reading that Pippin seems to espouse, but instead to find ways to express the significance of theoretical insights to a wider audience.”

-I couldn’t agree more. This is precisely what I am trying to achieve as a scholar of literature. There are many theorists of literature who have been able to achieve this goal (Terry Eagleton comes to mind.)

I also blogged about Pippin’s silly piece (http://clarissasbox.blogspot.com/2010/10/new-york-times-dispenses-advice-to.html). To me, his article is part of a concerted assault on the institution of tenure in the Humanities. He presents scholars of literature as ignirant quacks, which makes it so much easier to justify firing tenured literature profs (as happened at SUNY Albany and U of Southern Mississippi.)