I just spent what was probably too much time (given my busy-ness, ahem) trying (and failing) to find what I recall was an opinion-like piece in the NYT some time ago (2 months?) about the problem of wearing our busy-ness as a badge of honor.

When I read it, I recall thinking that e.g. Facebook is kind of the antithesis (but not the antidote) of this. At least among my FB friends, the cries of “I am busy, hear me roar!” are very few; the posts boasting of leisure, on the other hand, abound. (And those that are probably fairly neutral still make me think of leisure, since they’re taking time to post on FB.) I catch myself looking at the nth post relating to someone’s leisure activities and thinking, “Don’t you people work?” Of course they do. And probably too hard, which is probably why posting about leisure on FB is such a release.